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Hardy Songs That Are Worth Listening

Hardy Songs That Are Worth Listening

Music has the ability to transcend time and profoundly affect our spirits. There’s a distinct subset of songs referred to as “Hardy Songs” that have been produced throughout the ages. 

Michael Wilson Hardy, better known as Hardy, has established himself as a leading figure in the music business thanks to his unquestionable talent, moving lyrics, and contagious melodies.

Hardy has enthralled audiences all over the world with his unique fusion of country, rock, and pop elements. 

In this article, we examine some of Michael Wilson Hardy’s most compelling songs and the narratives that go with them as we explore his musical prowess.

Hardy Performing At A Concert (Image Credit: @Hardy)
Hardy Performing At A Concert (Image Credit: @Hardy)

Early Years And Musical Influences

Hardy, whose early life and musical inspirations had a significant impact on his career, was an American country music singer and songwriter.

On September 13th, 1990, he entered the world in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Hardy’s family fostered his love of music while he was growing up in a small village.

He was exposed to a wide variety of genres, such as country, rock, and gospel, thanks to his father’s guitar playing and his mother’s participation in the church choir.

By fusing the storytelling element of country music with the raw intensity of rock, Hardy created his own distinctive songwriting style. And he was influenced by musicians such as:

  • Hank Williams Jr.
  • Alan Jackson
  • Tom Petty
  • The Foo Fighters

His childhood in the country gave him a strong sense of authenticity and a strong sense of connection to his heritage, which he frequently weaves into his relatable and genuine music.

After graduating from college, Hardy moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he originally concentrated on creating songs for other musicians. He was praised for his contributions to popular songs, including “Up Down” and “Simple.”

Hardy’s Debut

Hardy made his music debut in 2018 with the song “Rednecker,” which showcased his distinct fusion of rock and country influences.

His debut EP, This Ole Boy, was released later that year, fueled by the success of the song. Hardy continued to release singles and EPs, including Hixtape, Vol. 1, in collaboration with various musicians.

Hardy’s Musical Style

The songs of Hardy display a distinct fusion of country and rock influences, and they are distinguished by memorable hooks, relatable lyrics, and narrative.

Through accessible subjects like small-town life and personal travels, his music connects with listeners. Hardy’s songs represent his origins and strong connection to his heritage, with genuineness at their core.

His attractive stage appearance and dynamic performances further increase the impact of his music. The finest of country and rock are combined in Hardy’s own musical style, resulting in songs that attract listeners with their catchy melodies, relatability, and sincere storytelling.

Hardy Performing In Front Of A Jampacked Audience (Image Credit: @hardy)
Hardy Performing In Front Of A Jampacked Audience (Image Credit: @hardy)

What Are Some Songs That Were Also Written By Hardy?

Here are a few well-known hit tracks featuring Hardy:

Up Down

Up Down by Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen was released in 2017 and quickly rose to prominence on country radio.

The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. This song is a celebration of the fun that comes from letting free and having a good time.

It exudes a carefree vibe and exhorts listeners to accept life’s highs and lows with optimism.


When Florida Georgia Line released “Simple” in 2018, it topped the charts. The song demonstrated his aptitude for writing memorable and accessible country-pop choruses.

It focuses on the significance and appeal of simplicity in life. It also implores listeners to take pleasure in the little things and find happiness in straightforward situations and connections.

God’s Country

Blake Shelton’s 2019 single “God’s Country” was a huge success and peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.

It was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful. It pays honor to the strength and beauty of rural areas and the hardworking people who live there. It serves as a celebration of rural life’s tenacity and sense of spirituality.

One Beer

A Hardy, Lauren Alaina, and Devin Dawson collaboration, “One Beer,” became a popular song in 2020 thanks to its mellow storytelling and universal themes of love and life.

This moving song weaves together multiple generations to present a tale that touches on issues like young love, unplanned pregnancies, and the fallout from decisions made in a small town.

It emphasizes the significance of making wise choices and the long-lasting effects they may have on one’s life.

Some More Famous Hardy Songs

Here are some of the best songs of Hardy over the years:

Song TitleYear ReleasedAlbumGenre
“Rednecker”2019Hixtape, Vol. 1Country
“Rednecker”2020A RockCountry
“One Beer”2021Hixtape, Vol. 2Country
“Give Heaven Some Hell”2021A RockCountry
“Boyfriend”2021A RockCountry
“Signed, Sober You”2021A RockCountry/Rock
This Table Includes A Number Of Michael Wilson Hardy’s Famous Songs

Emotional Ballads

Although Hardy is best known for his upbeat performances and catchy, uptempo songs, these poignant ballads show his range as a performer and his capacity to express sincere emotions.

Released in 2020, Give Heaven Some Hell is a touching ballad that considers sorrow and the memories of loved ones who have passed away. It’s a moving and melancholy song, thanks to Hardy’s soulful performance and the sentimental lyrics.

Hardy Performance At The End Of Mockingbird & The Crow Tour
Hardy Performance At The End Of Mockingbird & The Crow Tour (Image Credit: @hardy)

On Hardy’s 2018 EP This Ole Boy,” the song Boots is a touching and reflective ballad. It examines the subject of letting go of a previous relationship and coming to terms with it while also considering the importance of certain things, such as a pair of boots that have sentimental meaning.

From his 2018 EP “This Ole Boy,” Hardy delivers the powerful ballad “Sober You,” which deals with the aftermath of a breakup and the challenges of overcoming pain and regrets. It’s a great example of Hardy’s ability to convey raw emotion through his writing.

Collaboration With Artists

One Beer is a catchy country song written in conjunction with Lauren Alaina and Devin Dawson that depicts a story spanning several generations.

Together with their compositional prowess, Hardy, Alaina, and Dawson’s vocals produce a track that is both strong and emotionally stirring.

This song by Hardy and Thomas Rhett, “Nothin’ Out Here,” is included in his “Hixtape, Vol. 1” compilation.

As they give an enthralling performance, the song fuses their respective styles and demonstrates their bond.

Hardy and Scotty McCreery wrote the popular and catchy song “Boyfriend.” Their combined efforts give the song a lively and playful vibe while showcasing their individual vocal styles.

“Up Down” – Although Hardy collaborated with Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen on this song, it was Wallen who is best known for it.

It’s a memorable track thanks to their combined abilities and contributions to songwriting and performance.

Future Of Hardy Songs

Future songs by Hardy show potential for his developing career in country music. Fans may look forward to further releases from him because of his talent and distinctive style, which will push the frontiers of music and enthrall audiences.

Hardy might hone his songwriting abilities further, creating gripping narratives and sympathetic ideas. His artistic boundaries may be expanded by partnerships with other musicians, opening up new musical opportunities.

Fans should anticipate more number-one singles, spectacular live performances, and songs with enduring appeal as he develops.

The possibilities and excitement for Hardy’s music’s next chapter in his artistic career are endless.

Hardy Performing Rednecker Live


  • Hardy, whose real name is Michael Wilson Hardy, is a legendary figure in the world of country music.
  • He creates his own infectious sound by fusing country and rock influences.
  • Hardy’s unique songwriting approach is the product of his upbringing and a wide range of musical influences, from country to rock to gospel.
  • The EP This Ole Boy and the accompanying song “Rednecker” were pivotal in launching his music career.
  • Hardy has penned several number-one songs for various artists, including “Up Down” by Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen and “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton.
  • His most well-known works include the singles “Hometown,” “One Beer,” and “Boots.”
  • Besides Lauren Alaina, Devin Dawson, Thomas Rhett, and Scotty McCreery, Hardy has worked with a number of other popular country performers.
  • His ability to pen heartfelt ballads demonstrates his versatility as a musician.
  • Hardy’s future in country music could bring him even more fame, more exciting shows, and more musical development.

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