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Faster Horses 2023 (Festival Of The Decade)

Faster Horses 2023 (Festival Of The Decade)

In a hectic life, where almost everyone is busy with social media, jobs, and other agitated routines, people want some diversion that can provide immense pleasure during the engrossing routine. The music festival is one of the greatest ways to refresh.

Not only do festivals play a significant role in cultural unity, but they also give a positive impact on the economy, society, and environment.

Starting on July 14 and running through July 16, the Faster Horses Festival will feature a host of legendary musical performers. Luke Bryan, Zac Brown Band, and Shain Twain are just a few of the performers who will perform at the annual festival at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn. 30 performers will play during the course of the three-day festival.

How Does Music Affect Human Behavior?

Music naturally influences human behavior. It affects our health and our souls as well. It gives positive energy, and motivation, enhances our mood, and calm our mind.

However, music is a significant icon for bringing people hand in hand. It provides a strong social connection between one another. Musical concerts proffer a single platform where younger and elders show up their inner baby simultaneously.

Now, without any further delay, let’s read about the Faster Horses Festival.

Image Credit: Yvette de Wit / Unsplash

Faster Horses Festival

An American music festival which is held every summer for three days. The festival is organized by Live Nation, one of the famous music companies in town also responsible for other musical live concerts. Faster horses fair held in Michigan, Brooklyn.

People not only from the state but from all over the world participate in the event. The name faster horses came from the quote by Henry Ford, that is, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Other refreshing kinds of entertainment like food stalls, water slides, camping, and jam sessions. You can’t hold your heart to be a part of this music event.


The festival was first held in 2013, after the success and people’s interest the live nation announced the festival for every year in summer at Michigan. The area of the festival is surrounded by lakes and hills and is known as the summer hot spot for the attendees.

The festival where 9 campgrounds, bonfires, jam sessions, 2 big stages, and much more fun is included.

Live Nation Entertainment

A popular leading company that arranged and organized different musical concerts at different times of the year. It comprises other market leaders such as Artists Nation,, Live Nation network, and Live Nation concerts.

The network of these four companies provides tickets and is responsible for musical concerts in America.  

Past Acts and Lineups

Every year lineup depends on the individual and group of artists. Past acts such as Frankie Ballard, Kip Moore, Craig Wayne Boyd, Brett Eldredge, Chris Young, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, and Luke Bryan are the most popular artists who have participated in the event from the last few years.

The festival is usually planned in mid of July, also known as the “Party of the Summer.” People or attendees come and stay here for a whole week.

A night view of the festival
A night view of the festival

Preparation Before the Festival

Tickets or Entry Passes: Tickets are available 2 or 3 months ago before the festival, online or onsite. You can purchase festival entry passes from the festival website as well. However, a one-day pass is not allowed to purchase, so you need to purchase a ticket for all three days.

How to reach the venue? Before reaching the exact venue you have to check the location on the website. The festival is located at the Michigan international speedway near the Brooklyn Hills.

Parking: The separate parking area is organized by the event organizers for the camping attendees. But daytime parking is also available for attendees not planning to stay in camps. Remember that public transport is not available for the festival so you need to arrange your own transportation. 

Camping or restaurants where to stay? If you are planning to stay in a camp you also need to get a pass for onsite camping. Nearby parks are also arranged to stay during the festival. Another good option is to stay in a restaurant, you can use festival transportation such as trams and golf carts to reach the festival location.

Clothing and outfits: As the festival is held in summer, you must pack summer outfits like loose shirts with short jeans or T-shirts. A cap, sunglasses, and joggers are the perfect fit for the event.

Food and drinks: A variety of food stalls are available in nearby areas. If you want to cook your own meal while camping, the campfires are allowed for this purpose. The festival organizers also arrange and collaborate with different food stalls and restaurants to provide the best food during the festival. Alcoholic and other soft drinks are available throughout the festival.

Faster Horses 2023

It’s going to be fun again. For all the music lovers, who are waiting to freshen up their souls and body. The wait is ending now. The Faster Horses Festival is returning to its full of beer and Skittles.

The festival will be held from the 14th to the 16th of July 2023, in Michigan. The special lineup has been announced, which includes some of the biggest artists of the century.

Festival headliners include Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, and Shania Twain. There are so many other entertaining activities, swings, a food court, and live concerts. The festival is also based on some dangerous events and because of these events some mishaps also happened in the 2015 faster horses.

In 2021, a case of sexual assault had been reported. Another tragic scene of three men died in 2021 due to the poisoning of carbon monoxide in the camp.

The year 2023 is counted as the 10th anniversary of the event, so the organizers and attendees have planned to celebrate the fair as much as they can. More than ten thousand people can attend this festival at one time.

An evening view of the festival
An evening view of the festival

Famous Artists Who are Attending Faster Horses 2023

Tickets Availability

Festival tickets are available on the website before few months from the actual date of starting the event. The price of entry passes starts from $249 to $729 depending upon the space available from the main stage.

General Information About the Festival

NameFaster horses
Held on14th to 16th July
VenueMichigan Brooklyn
TicketsEntry pass
Music genreVocal, Stage performances
Price of ticket$249 to $729
A quick review of the faster horses festival
Let’s watch this music video.


  • The faster horses festival is an annual festival held from the 14th to 16th of July of every year.
  • The festival is expected to attract around 20,000 attendees and is set to have its biggest year yet.
  • The headliners of the event include Shania Twain, Zac Brown Band, and Luke Bryan.
  • Tickets and other information about the festival are available at the official website of the faster horses festival.
  • Festivals are good for the means of entertainment and cultural unity, but on the other hand, festivals can have a bad impact on daily life, create a crowd and traffic disturbance, and can cause unsafe behaviors.

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