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Best Cody Johnson Songs: (Top 10)

Cody Johnson is a country music singer and songwriter from Texas who has been making waves in the industry for over a decade.

With a unique blend of traditional country and modern rock influences, Johnson has earned a loyal following of fans who appreciate his honest lyrics and powerful vocals.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Cody Johnson songs and what makes them stand out in his discography.

Fan Favorites

Cody Johnson has a loyal fan base that loves his music. Some of his most popular songs are “On My Way to You,” “Dear Rodeo,” and “With You I Am.”

1.On My Way to You

“On My Way to You” is a heartfelt love song that showcases Johnson’s powerful vocals. The song talks about finding true love after a long journey and how it makes everything worth it. Fans love the emotional lyrics and the way Johnson sings them.

2.Dear Rodeo

“Dear Rodeo” is a nostalgic song that pays tribute to Johnson’s rodeo past. The song talks about the highs and lows of rodeo life and how it shaped him as a person. Fans love the honesty and vulnerability in the lyrics and how Johnson’s voice conveys the emotions perfectly.

3.With You I Am

“With You I Am” is a romantic song that talks about how being with someone you love makes everything better. Fans love the catchy melody and the way Johnson’s voice sounds on the chorus. The song has become a fan favourite and is often requested at Johnson’s concerts.

Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson – the legend.

Chart Performance

Song Title Peak Chart Position
On My Way To You#9 (Billboard Country Airplay)
Dear Rodeo#24 (Billboard Country Airplay)
With You I Am#40 (Billboard Country Airplay)
Chart Performance of Fan Favorites Songs.

Overall, these three songs are some of Cody Johnson’s most beloved songs among his fans. They showcase his talent as a singer and songwriter and have helped him build a loyal following.

Critically Acclaimed Tracks of Johnson

Cody Johnson has been praised for his songwriting and storytelling abilities. The following tracks have received critical acclaim for their lyrics, melodies, and overall impact.

4.Doubt Me Now

“Doubt Me Now” is a powerful track that showcases Johnson’s determination and resilience.

The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to keep pushing forward despite the obstacles they may face.

The chorus, “Doubt me now, but watch me work,” has become a popular mantra among Johnson’s fans. The track’s energetic instrumentation and Johnson’s passionate vocals make it a standout in his discography.

Doubt me now Song.

5.Monday Morning Merle

“Monday Morning Merle” is a tribute to the legendary Merle Haggard. The song’s lyrics describe the impact Haggard had on Johnson’s life and career.

The track’s stripped-down instrumentation and Johnson’s emotive vocals create a poignant and heartfelt tribute to the late country music icon.

7.Diamond in My Pocket

“Diamond in My Pocket” is a love song that showcases Johnson’s romantic side. The track’s lyrics describe the joy and happiness that comes with finding the perfect partner.

The song’s catchy melody and upbeat instrumentation make it a fan favourite at Johnson’s live shows.

Overall, these tracks demonstrate Cody Johnson’s songwriting prowess and ability to connect with his audience.

Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson’s songs are catchy.
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New Releases of Johnson


Cody Johnson’s latest album, “Human,” was released in 2023 and has been a hit among fans.

The album features 12 tracks, each showcasing Johnson’s signature blend of traditional country and modern rock. The title track, “Human,” is a poignant ballad that explores the complexities of the human experience.

With its heartfelt lyrics and soaring melody, it’s no wonder the song has become a fan favourite.


“Stronger” is another standout track from Johnson’s “Human” album. Johnson’s powerful vocals and driving guitar riffs make this song a must-listen for any fan of modern country music.


“Treasure” is a slower, more introspective track from Johnson’s “Human” album.

The song is a tribute to the people and things that truly matter in life, and Johnson’s heartfelt delivery is sure to resonate with listeners.

With its beautiful melody and touching lyrics, “Treasure” is a standout track on an already impressive album.

Overall, Cody Johnson’s “Human” album is a must-listen for any fan of modern country music.

With its blend of traditional and modern elements, this album showcases Johnson’s unique talent and vision.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to country music, “Human” is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Deep Cuts of Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson has plenty of great and well-known songs, but some of his best work can be found in his lesser-known “deep cuts.” These songs may not have received as much radio play, but they are just as deserving of attention.

Here are a few standout deep cuts from Cody Johnson’s discography:


“Fenceposts” is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Johnson’s powerful vocals and songwriting abilities.

The song tells the story of a man who is reflecting on his life and the choices he has made.

The chorus is particularly moving, as Johnson sings, “I’m just a man, I’m not a saint / But I’m trying to do the best I can / And I hope when I’m gone / They remember me by these fenceposts.”

Wild As You

“Wild As You” is a fun, upbeat song that is sure to get listeners tapping their feet. The song features catchy lyrics and a lively melody that will have fans singing along in no time.

Johnson’s vocals are particularly impressive on this track, as he effortlessly navigates the song’s various tempo changes.

Half a Song

“Half a Song” is a poignant ballad that showcases Johnson’s ability to capture complex emotions in his music.

The song tells the story of a man who is struggling to move on from a past relationship.

The chorus is particularly moving, as Johnson sings, “I’m half a song, I’m half a man / Without you here, I’m just half of what I am.”

Give a Cowboy a Kiss

In this poignant ballad, Cody Johnson masterfully captures the complexities of a cowboy’s emotional world.

Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson takes listeners on a vivid journey .

The lyrics delve into the dichotomy of the tough exterior synonymous with cowboys and the underlying need for tenderness. Johnson’s storytelling unfolds with vivid imagery, portraying the challenges and solitude of the cowboy life.

The song likely weaves a narrative that resonates with listeners through its relatable portrayal of longing for affection amid the rugged landscapes and harsh realities of a cowboy’s journey.

Expect a harmonious blend of traditional country sounds and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing Johnson’s ability to convey genuine emotion.

The Only One I Know (Cowboy Life)

In this anthem to the cowboy lifestyle, Cody Johnson takes listeners on a vivid journey through the unique experiences that define a cowboy’s existence.

The lyrics paint a rich tapestry of life on the open range, celebrating the freedom, camaraderie, and deep connection to the land. Johnson’s delivery is likely infused with a genuine appreciation for the cultural heritage of the cowboy.

Through his storytelling, expect to feel the pride and love that the artist associates with this way of life.

“The Only One I Know (Cowboy Life)” is poised to resonate not only as a musical piece but also as a homage to the enduring spirit of the American West.


  1. Cody Johnson’s songs stand as a testament to the authenticity and storytelling prowess of country music.
  2. With a blend of traditional country sounds and heartfelt lyrics, Johnson captures the essence of the cowboy lifestyle, exploring themes of love, resilience, and the unique experiences tied to the American West.
  3. From chart-topping hits like “On My Way to You” to emotionally charged ballads such as “Dear Rodeo,” his catalogue reflects a genuine connection to both the roots of country music and the contemporary country scene.
  4. The artist’s ability to resonate with fans through relatable narratives and soulful performances solidifies his place as a compelling figure in the country music landscape.
  5. As Cody Johnson continues to evolve and contribute to the genre, his songs remain a poignant reflection of the rich cultural heritage and timeless stories embedded in country music.

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