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Newest Country Songs (2024)

The world of country music has been thriving in recent years, with new artists emerging and established musicians continuing to produce hits.

As we move into the new year, several new country songs are already making waves in the industry. These songs showcase the diversity of the genre and the talent of the artists who create them.

So, let’s dig into the songs.


1.Chris Stapleton – “Starting Over”:

One of the newest country songs to hit the airwaves is “Starting Over” by Chris Stapleton. This song is the title track of his latest album, which was released in November 2020.

The song is a powerful ballad that speaks to the struggles of starting over and the hope that comes with a new beginning.

Stapleton’s soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics make this song a standout in the country music landscape.

2.Keith Urban and P!nk -“One Too Many”

Another new country song that is gaining popularity is “One Too Many” by Keith Urban and P!nk. This duet is a catchy and upbeat track that explores the ups and downs of a relationship.

Urban and P!nk’s voices blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and enjoyable listening experience. With its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, “One Too Many” is sure to become a fan favourite.

3.Aaron Lee Tasjan – “Horror of It All”:

This ain’t your typical tear-jerker ballad. Tasjan’s weathered vocals paint a gritty portrait of regret and missed chances, echoing through a dimly lit bar like ghosts of love lost.

The lyrics, “Like a piece of spat out candy first heartbreak never gonna be the same,” sting with raw honesty, while the driving rhythm builds a tension that explodes in the cathartic chorus.

Imagine Bruce Springsteen channelling his inner Johnny Cash, and you’ll have a glimpse of the haunting beauty of this song.

4.Josh Ross – “Single Again”:

This toe-tappin’ tune flips the heartbreak script, celebrating the bittersweet freedom of starting over.

Ross’s playful lyrics, “Single again, ain’t got a ring, gonna paint the town with everything!” burst with defiance, urging you to dust off your boots and two-step your way out of the blues.

guitar and piano and other musical instruments
Instrument setup for country music.

Think Garth Brooks channelled his inner Alan Jackson, and you’ve got the infectious energy of this anthem for the newly unattached.

5.Ashley McBryde – “Everything Almost”:

McBryde takes the reins here, delivering a gut-wrenching ballad about the agonizing space between wanting someone and knowing it’ll never be.

Her raw, emotional performance, “Closest we get to love is everything almost,” cuts like a steel guitar, reminding us that sometimes, the most profound connections remain just out of reach.

Think Carrie Underwood channelling her inner Miranda Lambert, and you’ll understand the depth of feeling McBryde pours into this song.

6.Charlie Parr – “Boombox

This stripped-down, bluesy gem is a love letter to the simple things. Parr’s gravelly voice weaves a tale of heartache and resilience, his rhythmic banjo picking providing the heartbeat of the song.

The lyrics, “Got my memories and my old boombox, ain’t needin’ nothin’ else,” capture the quiet strength of finding solace in music and the open sky.

Think Johnny Cash channelling his inner Hank Williams, and you’ll get the dusty charm of this back porch serenade.

Boombox Song.

7.Corb Lund – “Redneck Rehab”:

This tongue-in-cheek romp is an ode to down-home living, from fishin’ poles to flannel shirts.

Lund’s playful lyrics, “Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little redneck rehab, flannel shirts and cornbread, that’s the cure I crave,” poke fun at city slickers and offer a warm invitation to his brand of rural paradise.

Think Brad Paisley channelling his inner Alan Jackson, and you’ve got the twangy good times of this foot-stompin’ anthem.

Chart-Topping Hits

Billboard Leaders

The country music scene has been dominated by some of the biggest names in the industry in recent years.

The Billboard charts have been filled with hits from artists such as Luke Comb, Jason Aldean, and Florida Georgia Line. These artists have consistently released chart-topping hits that have resonated with fans across the country.

One of the biggest hits of the year is “Forever After All” by Luke Combs. The song has been at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for several weeks and has quickly become a fan favorite.

Combs has a knack for writing songs that connect with his fans, and “Forever After All” is no exception.

Another artist who has been dominating the charts is Miranda Lambert. Her latest album, “Wildcard,” has produced several hits, including “Bluebird” and “Settling Down.”

Both songs have been at the top of the charts and have received critical acclaim for their catchy melodies and relatable lyrics.

Song TitleArtistPeak Billboard Country AirplayWeeks on Country Airplay
Forever After All Luke Comb 130
BluebirdMiranda Lambert 1918
Settling Down Miranda Lambert 579
SimpleFlorida Georgia Line 136
Got What I GotJason Aldean 128
Billboard Country Airplay Position of Songs.

Streaming Favorites

Streaming has become an increasingly important part of the music industry, and country music is no exception. Many of the biggest hits of the year have been streamed millions of times on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

One of the most-streamed country songs of the year is “One Margarita” by Luke Bryan.

The song has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify alone and has quickly become a summer anthem for fans across the country.

Another artist who has seen success on streaming platforms is Kane Brown.

His latest album, “Mixtape Vol. 1,” has produced several hits, including “Cool Again” and “Be Like That.”

Both songs have been streamed millions of times and have helped Brown solidify his place as one of the biggest names in country music.

A yellow and orange picture of people dancing and a palm tree
Country music songs can be enjoyed everywhere.

Rising Artists

Breakthrough Performers

The country music industry is always looking for the next big thing, and these rising stars are making a name for themselves with their unique sound and style.

One such performer is Riley Green, a singer-songwriter from Alabama who has been gaining traction with his debut single “There Was This Girl.”

With a voice that’s both soulful and gritty, Green is quickly becoming a favourite among fans of traditional country music.

Another artist to watch is Tenille Townes, a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been making waves with her heartfelt lyrics and powerful vocals.

Her debut single “Somebody’s Daughter” has been praised for its message of compassion and empathy, and Townes has been hailed as one of the most promising new voices in country music.

Debut Singles Success

In addition to breakthrough performers, several artists have found success with their debut singles.

One such artist is Gabby Barrett, whose single “I Hope” has been a hit on country radio and streaming platforms alike.

With its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about a failed relationship, “I Hope” has resonated with listeners and helped Barrett establish herself as a rising star in the genre.

Another artist who has made a splash with her debut single is Ingrid Andress, whose song “More Hearts Than Mine” has been praised for its clever lyrics and emotional depth.

With its stripped-down instrumentation and Andress’ soulful vocals, “More Hearts Than Mine” is a standout track that showcases the young artist’s talent and potential.

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Genre Crossovers

As the lines between genres continue to blur, country music has seen an influx of artists experimenting with new sounds and incorporating elements from other genres.

Here are two notable examples of genre crossovers in country music:

Country Pop Fusion

Country pop fusion has been a popular subgenre for several years now, with artists like Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line leading the charge.

However, in recent years, more artists have been incorporating pop elements into their music, resulting in a fresh and exciting sound.

One such artist is Kelsea Ballerini, whose hit song “Hole in the Bottle” features a catchy pop beat and playful lyrics.

Similarly, Dan + Shay’s “I Should Probably Go to Bed” incorporates electronic and pop elements into their signature country sound, resulting in a radio-friendly hit.

Country Rock Innovations

Rock and country have always had a close relationship, with artists like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley paving the way for future generations.

Country music songs
Country music songs are ever green.

However, in recent years, more artists have been pushing the boundaries of what is considered traditional country music by incorporating heavier rock elements.

One such artist is Chris Stapleton, whose song “Second One to Know” features a driving guitar riff and powerful vocals.

Similarly, Eric Church’s “Stick That in Your Country Song” incorporates a heavy rock sound with socially conscious lyrics, resulting in a powerful and impactful song.


  1. Country music’s new chapter is unfurling, bursting with vibrant voices and bold strokes.
  2. From aching ballads that touch the soul to foot-stompin’ anthems that ignite the dance floor, the genre embraces its roots while venturing into fresh sonic landscapes.
  3. Artists carve their own paths, weaving tales of resilience, love, and heartbreak with heartfelt honesty.
  4. The spirit of tradition hums alongside contemporary influences, proving that country music’s heart beats ever strong and ever adaptable.
  5. So, saddle up, crank up the volume, and open your ears to the captivating sounds of country music’s newest wave.
  6. There’s a rhythm waiting to capture your soul, a story waiting to resonate, and an experience waiting to ignite your boots. Dive in and discover the rich tapestry of country music’s newest offering. It’s a journey worth taking.

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