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Luke Combs nominated for Best Country Solo at the Grammys

Luke Combs is set to perform on the main stage at the 66th Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 4th, 2024.

Get ready for a setlist filled with Combs’ biggest hits, like “Hurricane,” “When It Rains It Pours,” “One Number Away,” and “Beautiful Crazy.” He might even throw in a surprise or two, including a potential collaboration with another country music icon.

Luke Combs is also nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for his song “Fast Car” at the 66th Grammy Awards.

Luke Combs, a seven-time Grammy nominee, is a name that resonates with the essence of country music, like the smooth chords of a steel guitar, he is going to perform at the Grammys.

His songs, woven from everyday life experiences and seasoned with heartfelt authenticity, have captured the hearts of millions.

However, Combs’ journey to Grammy grandeur was not always easy. It is a story of dusty backroads, smoky bar stages, and a relentless pursuit of a dream nurtured in the fertile soil of Boone, North Carolina. 

In this article, I will share Luke Combs’ journey in the music industry with you and provide insights into his upcoming performance at the Grammys. Continue reading to learn more.

Luke Comb with his wife
Luke Comb with his wife

A Sneak Peek into Music’s Pinnacle Night

  • Luke Combs Performance: Prepare yourself for a setlist comprising of Combs’ greatest hits, such as “Hurricane,” “When It Rains It Pours,” “One Number Away,” and “Beautiful Crazy.” Additionally, there might be some unexpected surprises, including a potential collaboration with another country music legend.
  • Award Nominations: Combs is nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for his song “Fast Car,” which won both Song and Single awards at the November 2023 CMA Awards.
  • Other Country Stars: Apart from Combs, there are other country music personalities who are nominees at the Grammys. Jelly Roll and the War and Treaty are also nominated for Best New Artist. Other well-known stars like Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Stapleton are expected to attend the event and possibly give out awards.
  • Memorable Moments: Prepare yourself for moving speeches, heartfelt performances, and perhaps even a few unexpected surprises (remember when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech? Anything could happen!).

From Boone to Boot Scootin

Combs’ musical life didn’t begin with stadium spotlights. It bloomed in the intimate confines of Boone’s music scene, nurtured by the vibrant bluegrass and folk traditions that thrummed through the Appalachian foothills.

He honed his skills playing cover sets in local bars, his soulful voice weaving its magic through classic country tunes and early renditions of his own heartfelt compositions. Each gig and song was a lesson learned, a callus earned on the rough-hewn path to musical evolution.

The Boone years weren’t just about technical mastery; they were a crucible of character. Combs learned to connect with his audience, to weave stories into melodies that resonated with shared experiences, joys, and heartaches.

He fully embraced the blue-collar grit and unpretentious spirit that defines the essence of country music. This raw authenticity, developed in the intimate spaces of Boone, became his signature, setting him apart in the glitz and glamour of the national scene.

Song TitleAlbumYear Released
“Hurricane”This One’s for You2016
“When It Rains It Pours”This One’s for You2017
“One Number Away”This One’s for You2017
“Beautiful Crazy”This One’s for You2017
“Beer Never Broke My Heart”What You See Is What You Get2019
“Even Though I’m Leaving”What You See Is What You Get2019
“Does To Me” (feat. Eric Church)What You See Is What You Get2019
Some of Luke Combs’ popular songs
Tim McGraw and Luke Combs
Tim McGraw and Luke Combs performing at CMA Fest 2019 (Photo via YouTube)

Nashville Calling

In 2014, Combs, armed with a backpack full of songs and a heart brimming with hope, hitched his wagon to the Nashville dream. The Music City, however, wasn’t a paved road to instant success.

He faced the inevitable rejections, the closed doors, the soul-crushing doubts that lurk in the shadows of any aspiring artist’s path.

But Combs, fueled by the fire of his passion and the unwavering support of his wife Nicole, persevered. He played open mic nights, honed his songwriting skills, and networked with fellow musicians, building a foundation of resilience and a community of like-minded souls.

His big break came in the form of independent production deals, allowing him to release his debut EP, “The Way She Rides,” in 2014. The record, raw and authentic, resonated with country music fans, introducing them to a voice that felt familiar yet uniquely their own.

He followed it up with his first full-length album, “This One’s for You,” in 2017, cementing his place as a rising star. The album’s infectious blend of relatable lyrics, catchy melodies, and soulful vocals topped the Billboard Country Charts and earned him his first Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Combs was nominated for Best Country Solo Performance for his song “Fast Car,” which won both Song and Single awards at the November CMA Awards held on November 8th, 2023.

Luke Comb's Poster
Luke Comb’s Poster
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From Rising Star to GRAMMY Staple

Since that first nomination, Combs’ ascension has been meteoric. He’s released three more chart-topping albums, garnering a string of GRAMMY nominations and awards along the way.

His 2020 album, “What You See Is What You Get,” held the top spot on the Billboard 200 for three consecutive weeks, a feat rarely achieved in the fiercely competitive landscape of modern music.

His collaborations with country music royalty like Miranda Lambert and Dolly Parton solidify his place as a torchbearer of the genre’s rich legacy.

But what truly sets Combs apart is his unwavering dedication to his roots. He remains grounded in the values of small-town America, reflected in his music and his genuine connection with his fans.

His concerts aren’t just performances; they’re celebrations, shared experiences where his stories become everyone’s stories, sung back to him in a chorus of voices united by the magic of country music.

Beyond the Grammys: A Legacy in the Making

Luke Combs’ Grammy performance on February 4th, 2024, will be another milestone in his ongoing journey.

He’s more than just a chart-topping artist or a Grammy favorite; he represents an entire genre and gives voice to the hopes, dreams, and struggles of everyday people.

His success is proof that honesty, hard work, and a connection to one’s roots can pave the way to musical immortality.

As the spotlight shines on Luke Combs and his guitar, we are not only going witness a performer and his instruments but also a symbol of the enduring power of storytelling, the magic of shared experiences, and the triumph of the human spirit against all odds.

It’s going to be a glimpse into the soul of a true artist who has earned his place in musical history.

Luke Combs – Fast Car (Official Live Video)


  • Combs’ musical journey began in the intimate settings of Boone’s music scene, where he honed his craft and cultivated his signature authenticity. This foundation of grit and connection with his roots remains a defining element of his success.
  • Nashville wasn’t an easy conquest for Combs. He faced rejections and doubts, but his passion, perseverance, and the support of his wife, Nicole, fueled his journey. This resilience became a cornerstone of his rise to stardom.
  • Combs’ music transcends catchy melodies and technical prowess. His lyrics weave relatable narratives, capturing the joys and heartaches of everyday life. His songs become shared experiences, sung back to him by a chorus of fans who see themselves in his stories.
  • While awards and accolades are a testament to his talent, they only tell part of the story. Combs’ legacy lies in his genuine connection with his fans, his embodiment of the true spirit of country music, and his unwavering dedication to his roots.
  • Luke Combs’ GRAMMY performance will be a crowning moment and a glimpse into a future brimming with potential. His dedication to authenticity, his talent for storytelling, and his connection with his audience will solidify his place as a leader in the world of country music, with a legacy poised to inspire generations to come.

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