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MereleFest 2022 (An Extravaganza of Creativity)

MereleFest 2022 was a magnificent occasion that enthralled fans of music, art, and culture from all over the world. To provide an unforgettable experience, this great festival gathered together talented artists, musicians, and entertainers.

MereleFest 2022 was a breathtaking fusion of music, art, and culture. The festival covered a broad scope of classifications of music, like world, jazz, rock, and pop. Past the celebration of diversion, there were live shows and a collection of various types of expressions.

In this article, we will delve into the highlights, attractions, and overall ambiance of MereleFest 2022, exploring why it became a must-attend event for music and art enthusiasts.

About MerleFest

MerleFest has started in 1988 to pay homage to Eddy Merle Watson, a young guitarist who faced an unfortunate young death. Another reason for finding this festival was to provide funding to Wilkes Community College.

The essence of MerleFest lies in its celebration of “traditional plus” music, a blend of Appalachian roots music and various other genres that the festival’s co-founder, Doc Watson (father of Eddy Merle Watson) referred to as his unique style.

The magic of MerleFest lies in the unforgettable moments that unfold throughout the festival. It’s those spontaneous collaborations between unexpected musicians, the sight of a shooting star illuminating the Watson Stage, or that one performance that touches the hearts of everyone in the audience.

A blend of country music genres grabs crowds of people to MerleFest every year.

These are the moments that create lasting memories for all who attend. Celebrated at Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, MerleFest holds deep significance as it serves as the primary fundraiser for the WCC Foundation.

The funds raised support scholarships, capital projects, and educational initiatives, ensuring that the festival’s impact extends far beyond the four days of celebration.

An Immersive Musical Journey

At MerleFest, where music’s power is highlighted, an unforgettable musical experience takes place. This event offers a varied and enthralling experience, from the soul-stirring melodies of bluegrass to the foot-tapping rhythms of rock and everything in between.

Unexpected collaborations are discovered, magnificent performances are seen, and you feel the harmonies in your spirit. MerleFest is a celebration of the transforming power of music, urging you to let go and become enchanted by it while making lifelong memories.

The World Of Visual Arts

The vibrant world of visual arts at MerleFest can immerse you in a kaleidoscope of creativity as renowned artists showcase their masterpieces alongside emerging talents. From captivating paintings to awe-inspiring sculptures, each exhibit tells a unique story, resonating with emotions and imagination.

To witness the fusion of traditional and contemporary art forms, and to reflect the festival’s spirit of innovation, the world of visual arts at MerleFest invites you every year to explore, admire, and connect with the transformative power of artistic expression, leaving you inspired and enriched.

Interactive Workshops

MerleFest is to unleash your creativity and develop your abilities. In these engaging, professionally-led programs, you learn about ceramics, photography, songwriting, and other subjects.

A Multifaceted Lineup

In a warm and inspiring environment, you learn novel techniques, revive your enthusiasm, and connect with other artists, at the same time bring out the best of your artistic abilities and advance your skills.

Savoring The Culinary Experiences

The interactive sessions at MerleFest can develop your creativity and talents.

You can learn about making pottery, taking pictures, writing songs, and other subjects in these engaging workshops taught by experts. You also learn new techniques, revive your excitement, and connect with other artists in a warm and inspiring environment.

Why Do People Go To MerleFest?

MerleFest, established in memory of Merle Watson, son and musical collaborator of Doc Watson, has evolved into a vibrant celebration of traditional music and its diverse offshoots.

Originating in 1988, this festival pays homage to the rich heritage of traditional music while embracing its contemporary manifestations.

Who Is The Founder Of MerleFest?

Doc Watson, in the year 1988 started this festival for the first time in memory of his lost son and guitarist. Another reason for the establishment of this fest was to fund Wilkes Community College.

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What Is The Mascot Of The MerleFest?

At MerleFest, you’ll encounter our beloved mascot, Flattop, the friendly raccoon. This choice of a raccoon stems from the logo of Merle Watson’s band, Frosty Morn, which featured a raccoon.

Flattop received his name through a naming contest, a perfect tribute to the Watsons’ exceptional skill with the flattop guitar.

Merlefest 2022

MerleFest 2022 concluded with a whirlwind of outstanding performances that left attendees buzzing with excitement.

Notable highlights included a surprise set by Old Crow Medicine Show, a lively late-night dance party with We Banjo 3, and The Wayback’s mesmerizing tribute to “Workingman’s Dead.”

The festival kicked off on Thursday with an incredible R&B-infused performance by Durand Jones & The Indications, and Friday saw Sierra Hull captivate the crowd.

At the weekend they featured a fusion of genres, with Greensky Bluegrass, Emmylou Harris, and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band delivering unforgettable shows.

As the last notes faded away, MerleFest 2022 undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all who attended.

Watch this video of Merlefest 2022 for more information.

MerleFest 2022 Wrap-Up, Music, Moments, and Memories

A Glimpse Into MereleFest 2022

DateLineupAdditional Artists
Thursday, April 28Josh TurnerTenille Townes, Durand Jones & The Indications, Trampled By Turtles, The Steel Wheels, Donna The Buffalo, Fireside Collective
Friday, April 29Natalie HembyRissi Palmer, Alison Brown, Jim Lauderdale, Greensky Bluegrass and more
Saturday, April 30Old Crow Medicine ShowNitty Gritty Dirt Band, 49 Winchester, Shannon McNally, and more
Sunday, May 1Emmylou HarrisRissi Palmer, Alison Brown, Jim Lauderdale, Greensky Bluegrass, and more
MerleFest 2022 showcases a variety of acclaimed artists across different days of the festival.

When And Where Was Merlefest Held In 2022?

From April 28 through May 1st, Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, hosted MerleFest; a terrific musical experience on campus.

How Many People Attended The Merlefest 2022?

MerleFest benefits the local economy significantly by drawing an enormous audience of 75,000 to 80,000 people to Wilkes Community College and the surrounding area.

Who Played In Merlefest 2022?

MerleFest 2022, featured a stellar lineup of over 100 artists performing on 13 stages.

The weekend is packed with talent, including the legendary Emmylou Harris, the energetic Old Crow Medicine Show, the soulful Allison Russell, and the captivating Josh Turner.

As the days unfold, the lineup only gets stronger, with noteworthy acts like Greensky Bluegrass, Sam Bush Band, Natalie Hemby, and Trampled By Turtles.

The wide range of musical genres and artistic forms catering to diverse tastes and preferences is the essence of this fest.

Each day offers a unique blend of musical brilliance, showcasing a diverse range of genres and captivating performances that will leave you wanting more.


  • MerleFest 2022 showed a lineup of over 100 artists performing across 13 stages.
  • From Emmylou Harris to Old Crow Medicine Show, the lineup is filled with renowned names and rising talents. The festival lasts for four days, and each day offers a wide variety of performances.
  • Bluegrass, Americana, country, and folk are just a few of the many genres that attendees may anticipate hearing. The musical journey gets stronger as the weekend progresses, building up excitement and anticipation.
  • MerleFest promises unforgettable moments, captivating performances, and a celebration of music in all its forms.
  • With artists like Josh Turner, Trampled By Turtles, Natalie Hemby, and more, MerleFest 2022 is a must-attend event for music enthusiasts.

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