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Jordan Davis’s Next Thing You Know (Through Life and Love)

Jordan Davis, the acclaimed country music artist, has struck a chord with audiences through his emotionally charged song, “Next Thing You Know.” Released as the third single from his album Bluebird Days, this country ballad takes listeners on a poignant journey of love, from the first encounter to the golden years.

The song released on February 21, 2023, its central theme revolves around the notion that life is full of unexpected moments that shape our journey. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of how quickly things can change, often taking us down paths we never imagined. This song is co-written by Davis, Chase McGill, Greylan James, and Josh Osborne.

In this article, Jordan Davis’s poetic masterpiece “Next Thing You Know” will be discussed. It is a passionate exploration of life’s most intimate moments that resonates powerfully with listeners on an emotional level.

What Is Jordan Davis Known For?

Jordan Davis, born on March 30, 1988, is a celebrated American country pop singer and songwriter. Known for his heartfelt tunes, he’s part of Universal Music Group Nashville’s MCA Nashville division.

Davis made waves with albums like “Home State” in 2018 and “Bluebird Days” in 2023, along with chart-topping singles. He is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, and attended Louisiana State University to earn a degree in environmental science before relocating to Nashville in 2012.

2018 saw “Singles You Up,” his debut single, reach the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Beyond music, Davis is a family man, married to Kristen O’Connor, with three adorable children.

Chart Performance Of “Next Thing You Know” In 2023

Chart (2023)Peak Position
Canada (Canadian Hot 100)35
Canada Country (Billboard)1
US Billboard Hot 10023
US Country Airplay (Billboard)2
US Hot Country Songs (Billboard)7
Unveiling the Song’s Journey on Charts, from Canada to the Heart of the US Country Airwaves.
Jordan Davis performing Next thing you know
Next Thing You Know” captures the essence of a lifetime romance, resonating with fans on a profound level.

How “Next Thing You Know” Was Created?

Embark on the journey of crafting a country masterpiece with Jordan Davis and his songwriting collaborators. Discover the emotions, inspirations, and creative process that birthed the timeless narrative of “Next Thing You Know.”:

Songwriting Session Of Inspiration

In a Nashville basement on June 14, 2022, Jordan Davis, alongside Greylan James, Chase McGill, and Josh Osborne, embarked on a songwriting journey.

The session birthedNext Thing You Know,” sparked by McGill’s title suggestion. Emotions flowed as they transformed a simple bar encounter into a heartfelt narrative, leaving the room with tears and a song destined for greatness.

From Title To Timeless Tale

Next Thing You Know” wasn’t just about chance meetings; it aimed for a grand portrayal of a lifetime romance.

Davis, inspired by McGill’s title, envisioned more than fleeting glances. The song unfolded like chapters, capturing love’s essence from the first meeting to marriage, parenthood, and beyond. Each verse, using the title, navigated life’s twists, creating a timeless tale.

Unconventional Arrangements

When it came to recording, producer Paul DiGiovanni and the team embraced unconventional arrangements.

Acoustic guitarist Ilya Toshinsky played dual guitar parts for depth, and Derek Wells added a dreamy solo. Drummer Nir Z’s bare-handed snare drumming and synthesized talking drum added unique textures.

DiGiovanni’s meticulous approach ensured the song’s emotional core shone, creating a sonic masterpiece with a smooth runway to the final chorus.

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Impact And Recognition

Next Thing You Know” by Jordan Davis has left an indelible mark on country music, earning recognition through its emotive storytelling.

Country Music Association Nominations

The song’s excellence is further underscored by its nominations at the Country Music Association Awards.

Next Thing You Knowearned nods in the Single, Song, and Video of the Year categories at the prestigious 57th Annual Country Music Association Awards, solidifying its position as a standout composition in the country music landscape.

Fan-Driven Radio Release

The decision to release “Next Thing You Know” to country radio in response to fan demand showcases the power of listener connection.

The fan-driven release strategy highlights the song’s organic appeal, as enthusiasts actively sought its presence on the airwaves. This grassroots support contributed significantly to the track’s success and popularity.

A Samsung earphone plugged into a phone to listen music
The song’s unconventional arrangements and emotional storytelling have earned it nominations and widespread acclaim.

Music Video Inspiration

The music video for “Next Thing You Know” is a visual masterpiece, drawing inspiration from cinematic gems like Blue Valentine and The Tree of Life.

Directed by Running Bear, it skillfully weaves together three distinct periods, capturing the essence of a lifetime romance. The inclusion of personal moments with Jordan Davis and his family adds a heartfelt touch, enhancing the video’s emotional impact.

Chart Performance And Reception

Weekly Chart Peaks

Jordan Davis’s “Next Thing You Know” conquered the charts in 2023, hitting impressive peaks across Canada and the US. The Canadian Hot 100 welcomed it at 35, while the Billboard Hot 100 saw it rise to 23.

In the realm of country music, it secured the top spot on the Canada Country Billboard and soared to number 2 on the US Country Airplay chart, leaving a lasting mark at 7 on the Hot Country Songs Billboard.

Year-End Chart Standings

As 2023 bid farewell, “Next Thing You Know” left an indelible mark on year-end charts. In Canada, it secured the 77th position on the Canadian Hot 100.

The US Billboard Hot 100 recognized its significance, granting it the 47th spot.

Within the country music sphere, the song claimed the 9th position on the US Country Airplay chart and a commendable 16th on the Hot Country Songs Billboard, solidifying its enduring impact.

Audience Reaction And Live Performances

Next Thing You Know” not only climbed the charts but also touched the hearts of listeners. Fans, pouring emotions in YouTube comments, revealed how the song became a tearjerker. Jordan Davis, along with co-writers Greylan James, Chase McGill, and Josh Osborne, crafted a masterpiece during a last-minute session, resonating with audiences.

Live performances showcased the song’s significance, prompting an audible switch to it as the third single from “Bluebird Days.” Davis, acknowledging its special connection, navigates emotional renditions, understanding its profound impact on audiences.

Behind the Scenes of Songwriting

Discover the creative process as Jordan Davis, alongside Greylan James, Chase McGill, and Josh Osborne, penned “Next Thing You Know” during a spontaneous session.

Last-Minute Inclusion

In a serendipitous turn, “Next Thing You Know” became a poignant addition to Davis’s album, emerging from a creative sprint before a pivotal recording session.

The song’s late entry into the mix added an element of spontaneity and urgency to its creation, making it a genuine, heartfelt piece.

Ambitious Storytelling

In an ambitious endeavor, Davis and his co-writers used “Next Thing You Know” to document a lifetime of love.

From the first date through marriage, parenting, and beyond, the song deftly navigates important life situations, providing a complex tapestry of feelings and experiences.

Emotional Moments In Lyrics

Crafted with genuine emotion, the lyrics of “Next Thing You Know” delve into universal experiences, love, parenthood, and the passage of time.

Each verse unfolds with a delicate balance of heartwarming moments and poignant reflections, creating a lyrical landscape that resonates with listeners on a deeply emotional level.

Shadow of a hand holding a rose on a musical note book.
Jordan Davis’s ability to connect with listeners through authentic lyrics showcases the power of storytelling in country music.

Studio Magic

Producer Paul DiGiovanni weaves a sonic tapestry to complement the emotional depth of the song.

From unconventional arrangements to dreamy tones and atmospheric solos, the studio magic enhances the storytelling without overpowering the vocals. The result is a musical journey that mirrors the emotional nuances of life.

Unexpected Single Switch

Originally overshadowed by “Tucson Too Late,”Next Thing You Know” gained momentum due to an overwhelming fan response.

The label’s spontaneous decision to switch singles speaks volumes about the song’s immediate connection with audiences, showcasing the unpredictable yet powerful impact of authentic storytelling in music.

Is “Next Thing You Know” A Good Wedding Song?

Absolutely! Jordan Davis’s “Next Thing You Know” is a wedding song masterpiece.

Following the success of “Buy Dirt,” it’s poised to be a go-to choice, not just for the first dance but also for those special, intimate moments throughout a couple’s journey. It’s more than just a song; it’s a soundtrack for precious moments.

Watch Jordan Davis unravel the tapestry of life and love in “Next Thing You Know.” Grab a tissue; it’s an emotional journey!


  • Jordan Davis’s “Next Thing You Know” is an emotionally charged country ballad that explores the journey of love from the first encounter to the golden years.
  • Released on February 21, 2023, as the third single from his album Bluebird Days, the song quickly resonated with audiences, climbing the charts and earning critical acclaim.
  • Co-written by Davis, Chase McGill, Greylan James, and Josh Osborne, the song’s powerful storytelling and unconventional arrangements set it apart.
  • The track’s impact extended beyond charts, earning nominations at the Country Music Association Awards and prompting a fan-driven radio release.
  • With its poignant lyrics and touching music video, “Next Thing You Know” has become a wedding song masterpiece, capturing the essence of life, love, and family in a truly remarkable way.

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