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Who Is Troy Gentry? (Here’s What to Know)

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, on April 5, 1967, Troy Lee Gentry was destined to spend his life enmeshed in the rich, soulful sounds of country music

Being up in a household where songs were as common as everyday conversation, Gentry’s affinity for music became an integral part of who he was. 

Troy was raised surrounded by the rich musical legacy that would eventually influence his incredible career, from the moving songs that reverberated through the Kentucky hills to the guitar strumming that took place during family get-togethers.

In this article we will explore some prominent moments in Troy Gentry’s life.

Troy’s Family

He had two daughters and was contentedly married. Troy wed Angie McClure at the end of 1999. Together, they have a daughter, Kylee, who was born in November 2002. Taylor was a daughter he had from a prior marriage.

The Formation Of Montgomery Gentry

Let’s go on the exciting journey to find out more about the formation of the famous band Montgomery Gentry!

Prior to creating the duo Montgomery Gentry in 1990, Troy Gentry was a member of a trio.

The group Early Tymz was made up of Troy, Eddie, and Eddie’s cousin John Michael Montgomery. 

After John Michael made the decision to go solo, Eddie and Troy formed a partnership that they initially called Deuce before renaming it Montgomery Gentry. But his first plan was to go it alone.

After John Michael departed from the trio, Troy also briefly went it alone. When he was having trouble finding work while attempting to pursue a solo career, he returned to Eddie Montgomery.

The year 1999 saw the emergence of Troy Gentry and Eddie Montgomery as the explosive combo known as Montgomery Gentry in the country music world.

Montgomery remembering Troy on his 5th death anniversary. (Image credit: montgomerygentry/instagram)
Montgomery remembering Troy on his 5th death anniversary. (Image credit: montgomerygentry/instagram)

When combined, they would provide a unique sound that connected with listeners and permanently altered the genre.

The two released their first hit, “Hillbilly Shoes,” and their Top 5 follow-up, “Lonely and Gone,” both off the album Tattoos & Scars, after signing with Columbia Records’ Nashville branch in 1999

They were nominated multiple times in the years that followed and won the ACM Duo of the Year award the following year. “She Couldn’t Change Me,” their No. 2 single from 2001’s Carrying On, was the result of their subsequent album. 

With the release of two Top 5 successes, “My Town” and “Speed,” Montgomery Gentry truly found their footing in 2002. These songs fused the electrifying edge of Southern rock with popular country themes of small town life, family, and savouring the good times.

Some Chart Toppers

The discography of Montgomery Gentry features numerous tunes that topped the charts and shaped a period.

“My Town”“My Town”2002
“Gone”“Some People Change”2006
“Hell Yeah”“Some People Change”2006
“Lucky Man”“Tattoos & Scars”1999
“Speed”“Carrying On”2001
“Roll with Me”“Back When I Knew It All”200
The duo’s hit songs.

He had a positive energy on tour, Gentry brought his wicked sense of humour with him. He couldn’t help but make jokes on the talkback mic even in the middle of a concert, throwing the audience into helpless hysterics.

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Troy’s Hunting Scandal

Before he ran afoul of the police for hunting a bear without permission, Troy was an enthusiastic hunter.

Troy purchased “Cubby,” a black bear, from the Minnesota Wildlife Connection in 2004. From inside an electrified enclosure, he fired a shot at the bear. 

Troy admitted his guilt in November 2006 and consented to a $15,000 fine as well as a five-year ban from hunting and fishing in Minnesota. In addition, he had to surrender the plush bear and the bow he had used to kill it.

Troy’s Last Opry Performance

Montgomery Gentry performing at the Grand Ole Opry. (Image credit: opry/instagram)
Montgomery Gentry performing at the Grand Ole Opry. (Image credit: opry/instagram)

The country duet, which featured Gentry on guitar and Eddie Montgomery on vocals, put up a fantastic performance and were obviously enjoying every second of it. 

Who knew it would be their last performance? But life had different plans for Troy. Therefore, August 19, 2017 was Troy Gentry’s last Grand Ole Opry appearance.

A Tragic Death

The singer-guitarist of Montgomery Gentry was in an helicopter crash near Medford, New Jersey.

On September 8, 2017, six years ago, Gentry went on a helicopter flight prior to a performance in Medford, New Jersey. 

The tragedy that claimed the 50-year-old guitarist for Montgomery Gentry’s life was ultimately attributed to pilot error and a breakdown by maintenance staff. 

It went down close to the Flying W airfield & Resort’s runway, which is a tiny airfield and recreation area.

The National Transportation Safety Board made the cause of the helicopter crash that killed country music artist Troy Gentry last year public on Tuesday, blaming pilot error.

Pilot James Evan Robinson perished instantly upon impact, but Gentry was taken to the Virtua Marlton hospital, which is close, with serious injuries. 

Later that day, at the age of fifty, he passed away with his 30-year companion by his side.

Watch this video to know about Troy’s death.

How did Troy Gentry die?

Troy Was Working On A Song Before His Unfortunate Death

Montgomery Gentry was finishing up their new album Here’s to You, which was scheduled for release on February 2, in the studio a few days prior to the disaster. “Better Me,” a song, had an impact on them both.

The song’s lyrics describe a man whose once-bright flame is beginning to fade. Given what fate had in store, Gentry’s opening words would take on an unsettling foreshadowing. 

As I become older, I’m discovering that God and I are becoming more intimate. With pride, Montgomery says. This musical eulogy was made available as a single shortly after Gentry passed away.

Sudden Tragic Events In Troy’s Like Before He Passed Away That He Was Recovering From

  • After his brother Keith passed away in 2014, Gentry experienced suffering and loss.
  • Their father, Lloyd Gentry, also died on August 13 of that year.
  • Two years ago, Eddie Montgomery’s 19-year-old son tragically died in an accident.
  • Montgomery battled prostate cancer in 2010, with Gentry’s assistance.
  • Angie McClure Gentry, Gentry’s wife, received a breast cancer diagnosis and offered her husband support and understanding.
  • Angie McClure Gentry was cancer-free in 2015.
  • Gentry had hurdles in his career, most notably in 2004 when he killed a bear in a cage during a hunting incident.
  • He pled guilty to a misdemeanour charge and was criticised in 2010 after an animal rights group released video of the incident.

Troy and His Band’s Recognition For Their Charity Work

  • The Academy of Country Music honoured Montgomery Gentry for their humanitarian efforts in the same year. For their efforts with the U.S. military, the T.J. 
  • Martell Foundation, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and St. Jude’s Research Hospital, among others, they were given the organization’s humanitarian award.

Montgomery’s Feelings After Troy Passed Away

Eddie Montgomery was at the airport, waiting for his old friend. He remembers that scene, every day, when the news of Troy’s helicopter crash changed his joy.

Montgomery remained silent in the months that followed, but he started talking about the tragedy and his friend—whom he saw as a brother—in early 2018. 

He would later share in interviews that he and Gentry had discussed what each other should do in the event of an untimely death; he carried out the marching orders, which called for him to preserve the Montgomery Gentry music. 

Then came a new album, a tour, and yet more new music. Having published his debut solo album in 2021, Montgomery, now 59 years old, continues to perform both as a solo artist and as part of Montgomery Gentry.

A picture of Montgomery Gentry posing together. (Image credit: montgomerygentry/instagram)
A picture of Montgomery Gentry posing together. (Image credit: montgomerygentry/instagram)

Celebrities Remembering Troy

Blake Shelton posted an old picture of the two of them from Shelton’s mullet days, taken while they were performing together. Brad Paisley penned, “Troy Gentry, God bless you.” 

Bewildered and heartbroken. “Literally had no words,” as Chris Young put it in a tweet.

“Have known him for a long time and performed with him and Eddie on numerous occasions, with a prayers hashtag.


  • April 5, 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky, of birth.
  • His love of music influenced his life since he was raised in a musical family.
  • Examined significant junctures in his life, such as the establishment of Montgomery Gentry and the impact of his family.
  • Had two kids, Kylee and Taylor, after marrying Angie McClure in 1999.
  • Began as a member of the Early Tymz trio before joining Eddie Montgomery to form Montgomery Gentry in 1990.
  •  Saw popularity with songs like “My Town” and “Hillbilly Shoes.”
  • Featured a few of Montgomery Gentry’s hit tunes.
  • Well-known for his contagious enthusiasm and wicked sense of humour when on tour.
  • Reported on the 2004 bear hunting event that resulted in an apology to the public and legal ramifications.
  • August 19, 2017, Troy’s last visit on the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Pilot mistake was the cause of the September 8, 2017, helicopter crash.
  • Troy Gentry and pilot James Evan Robinson were both impacted; later that day, Gentry passed died.
  • Prior to his passing, Troy was working on the CD “Here’s to You,” which included the moving song “Better Me.”
  • Recognised Troy’s personal struggles, such as family bereavements and health issues.
  • Awarded a humanitarian award by the Academy of Country Music.
  • Eddie Montgomery’s comments regarding the disaster, both at first and subsequently.
  • Fulfilling Troy’s request to have Montgomery Gentry’s music preserved.
  • Well-known people who have shared their pain and memories include Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, and Chris Young.
  • Eddie Montgomery kept up his solo and Montgomery Gentry performances.
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