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Zone of Death : The Train Station in Yellowstone

Train station Yellowstone is based on a real-life scenario launched in season 1. It is the place that is described as the dead zone for the Dutton family, they dispose and execute the dead bodies of the people they murdered. It is a mysterious place that attracts the viewers. A person who went to the train station never came back again.

Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith) have been throwing bodies into the unknown under the cover of darkness since Season 1. It’s simple to overlook the numerous corpses that those associated with the Dutton brand have concealed over time.

It was first introduced in season 1 Episode 4 titled “The Long Black Train”. A feature that makes it more thrilling is, that the culprit who commits a murder won’t be legally arrested. Let’s read more about the mysterious and thrilling place of train station Yellowstone. Although, here is a brief description of Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Ranch
The Yellowstone Ranch

Yellowstone, a Brief Description

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone is an American neo-Western drama television series that were conceptualized and produced by Taylor Sheridan and his mate John Linson. The series particularly revolves around the Dutton family that lived here from its ancestry.

The family head John Dutton moved to Montana, the largest ranching land of Yellowstone from Tennessee. He wanted to defend and save his land and family from the sources that affected his way of living and growing according to the modern era. He conquered a larger land including America’s first national park and Indian reservation.

The episodes of the Yellowstone series are mentioned below.

SeasonsTotal EpisodesFirst BroadcastLast Broadcast
1920. 06. 201822. 08. 2018
21019. 06. 201928. 08. 2019
31021. 06. 202023. 08. 2020
41007. 11. 202102. 01. 2022
5 (Part One)813. 11. 202201. 01. 2023
5 (Part Two)6November 2024TBA
Episodes of the Yellowstone Series

Now let’s have a look at each season along with the episodes:

Season 1

Overall NumberYellowstone Episode TitleAired Date
1DaybreakJune 20, 2018
2Kill The MessengerJune 27, 2018
3No Good HorsesJuly 11, 2018
4The Long Black TrainJuly 18, 2018
5Coming HomeJuly 25, 2018
6The RememberingAugust 1, 2018
7A Monster Is Among UsAugust 8, 2018
8The Unraveling Part 1August 15, 2018
9The Unraveling Part 2August 22, 2018
Yellowstone season 1 episodes

Season 2

Overall NumberYellowstone Episode TitleAired Date
10A ThunderingJune 19, 2019
11New BeginningsJune 26, 2019
12The Reek of DesperationJuly 10, 2019
13Only Devils LeftJuly 17, 2019
14Touching Your EnemyJuly 24, 2019
15Blood the BoyJuly 31, 2019
16Resurrection DayAugust 7, 2019
17Behind Us Only GreyAugust 14, 2019
18Enemies by MondayAugust 21, 2019
19Sins of the FatherAugust 28, 2019
Yellowstone season 2 episodes

Season 3

Overall NumberYellowstone Episode TitleAired Date
20You’re the Indian NowJune 21, 2020
21Freight Trains and MonstersJune 28, 2020
22An Acceptable SurrenderJuly 5, 2020
23Going Back to CaliJuly 12, 2020
24Cowboys and DreamersJuly 19, 2020
25All for NothingJuly 26, 2020
26The BeatingAugust 2, 2020
27I Killed a Man TodayAugust 9, 2020
28Meaner Than EvilAugust 16, 2020
29The World Is PurpleAugust 23, 2020
Yellowstone season 3 episodes

Season 4

Overall NumberYellowstone Episode TitleAired Date
30Half the MoneyNovember 7, 2021
31Phantom PainNovember 7, 2021
32All I See Is YouNovember 14, 2021
33Winning or LearningNovember 21, 2021
34Under a Blanket of RedNovember 28, 2021
35I Want to Be HimDecember 5, 2021
36Keep the Wolves CloseDecember 12, 2021
37No Kindness for the CowardDecember 19, 2021
38No Such Thing as FairDecember 26, 2021
39Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the RooftopsJanuary 2, 2022
Yellowstone season 4 episodes

Season 5

Overall NumberYellowstone Episode TitleAired Date
40One Hundred Years Is NothingNovember 13, 2022
41The Sting of WisdomNovember 13, 2022
42Tall Drink of WaterNovember 20, 2022
43Horses in HeavenNovember 27, 2022
44Watch ‘Em Ride AwayDecember 4, 2022
45Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and YouDecember 11, 2022
46The Dream Is Not MeDecember 18, 2022
47A Knife and No CoinJanuary 1, 2023
Yellowstone season 5 episodes

What is the Place “Train Station” in the Yellowstone?

By the name train station, it seems that there would be a train platform but that’s not true. The train station is a key symbol for the place that is part of Yellowstone Ranch owned and governed by the Dutton family. It is the specific place that is used to diminish the carcass of the rivals. The train station is a remote location however the chances of bead body findings are zero.

Why do we call the place a train station? The answer to this question is revealed when Lloyd warns Fred, a wrangler from season 5 is the Black long train is at his back or coming on the way. He was actually mentioning his death. Right after his warning to the man, he murdered him and threw his body in the death zone.

Dutton's family members on horses
Dutton’s family members

Where the Train Station Is Located?

When we read about Yellowstone National Park, the remote location is located on the Wyoming border near Montana and counts on Dutton’s family ranch. However, originally the place was a highway turnabout the South of Darby Montana on Sula Peak. In fact, the 50 sq. mile space and the second silver are known to be death zones. In means of no rules, no restrictions, and lawlessness.

The park is a federal place and according to the American law if nobody lives at the place and because of the legal loophole the culprit theoretically runs off the crime he attempted. A place where a crime could be performed but the performer could not be declared for it legally.

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How Many People Have Been Gone There?

Whenever a person is taken to the train station, never be seen again. Up till now, several people have gone through the train station such as Fred a wrangler, Garrett Randall Jamie’s father in season 5, Rowdy a cowboy from season 8, Wade Morrow, Chester Spears, and Clint Morrow.

  • Fred Myers

Fred Myers was a jolly-natured man but argued with Jimmy and continued to belittle him. Rip Wheeler punished him and ordered him to serve as a servant, he denied it and argued repeatedly. Later Rip shot him without any delay at the spot. Lloyd Pierce dropped his miscellaneous at the train station by the pickup truck.

  • Garrett Randall

Garret Randall, Jamie Dutton’s father. Garret killed his wife Phyllis when Jamie was a kid. When Jamie became an adult, Jamie shot his father directly in the side of the head after knowing some hidden truth and disposed of his body at the train station by himself.

Yellowstone series
Watching Yellowstone on Netflix is always enjoyable
  • Rowdy

A cowboy who worked on the ranch had an argument with Rip one night. Therefore, they engaged in a fight and Rowdy got injured badly. Later that night before reaching the hospital he died of fatal injuries. His body was dumped at the train station.

  • Wade Morrow

Another enemy of the Dutton family was their ranching neighbor. Wade stole something possibly a horse in the past from the Dutton’s ranch. In season 3 Wade and Clint Morrow are murdered and their bodies are dumped at the train station by Rip.

  • Chester Spears

Another enemy of the Dutton family was a rambler who was disqualified from the US Army. He and John had a fight and John murdered him and disposed of his carcass in the train station.

  • Clint Morrow

Clint Morrow was the son of Wade Morrow; they were the ranching neighbors to the Dutton’s. He murdered his father in season 3.

John Dutton- the family head
John Dutton- the family head

The reality of the Zone of Death

A land in the Yellowstone National Park that is spread over 50 to 60 square miles in Idaho. As a matter of fact, it is a place with different rules of the constitution. According to the role of law, any crime or offense that happened in the state cannot be litigated under any jury or law. The state touches the board of three massive lands Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. The zone of death in Yellowstone Park has several unique rules that implemented and caught people’s attention.

The idea of the train station is quite resembled to the real theory of the zone of death. Yellowstone is included in the federal land where loophole theory was introduced in the year of 2005 by Brian Kalt. The theory states that the law can work against escapee but don’t have the power to litigate crimes that happened in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park. On the other hand, if the crime happened in the Idaho state the jurors should be from Idaho state. It is the part of 6th Amendment right.

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Last Words

We learned that,

  • The train station in Yellowstone was first introduced in the season 1.
  • It is the place where Dutton disposed of or dumped the dead bodies of their enemies or the people who knew their secrets.
  • A lot of dead bodies are dumped here, however, once a person went there never returned again.
  • The train station philosophy of Sheridan is based on the real-life Zone of Death, which is part of Yellowstone National Park.
  • The death zone is located near the Montana border along Wyoming.
  •  The place is owned by a federal court and theoretically, the land is lawless without a jury or judiciary.
  • The train station is the key word that refers to death.
  • Fred Mayers, Rowdy, Chester Spears and others were disposed of there in different seasons of the series.

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