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Dutton Family Tree (Lineage of Yellowstone’s Iconic Clan)

If you like gripping drama and fascinating characters, you’ve definitely heard of the Dutton family from the hit TV show “Yellowstone.”

With the fifth season’s final episodes looming, the confirmed return of the prequel series “1923,” and the recent release of “1883,” there’s no shortage of Dutton family drama to delve into.

  • The Dutton family is central to the drama of “Yellowstone,” spanning generations and captivating viewers with their complexities.
  • John, Kayce, Beth, Jamie, and Rip are pivotal characters within the Dutton dynasty.
  • The family tree includes John and Evelyn’s legacy, as well as Kayce and Monica’s son, Tate.
  • Prequels “1883” and “1923” provide glimpses into the Dutton family’s origins and historical context.

In this article, I will break down the convoluted web of familial connections within the Dutton saga, helping you navigate the sprawling family tree with ease. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

The Dutton Dynasty: A Quick Overview

At its core, “Yellowstone” revolves around the Dutton family, owners of the sprawling Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in Montana.

The series follows their struggles to maintain their ranch amidst external pressures, internal conflicts, and the ever-changing landscape of the American West. The Dutton family has successfully captured the hearts of viewers with their complex dynamics and deep-rooted connections over generations.

The Dutton family is central to the drama of “Yellowstone.”
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Key Characters And Relationships

  1. John Dutton: As the patriarch of the Dutton family, portrayed by Kevin Costner, John is a steadfast defender of the ranch’s legacy. His decisions shape the fate of the family and the ranch.
  2. Kayce Dutton: As John’s son, Kayce (played by Luke Grimes) grapples with his military past and the challenges of being a father and a rancher.
  3. Beth Dutton: Portrayed by Kelly Reilly, Beth is the sharp-tongued daughter of John, known for her fierce determination and complex relationship with her family.
  4. Jamie Dutton: Wes Bentley brings Jamie to life, the adopted son and outsider of the family, who struggles to find his place within the ranch and the family’s power dynamics.
  5. Rip Wheeler: Although not a biological Dutton, Cole Hauser’s Rip is an integral part of the family as the ranch’s loyal foreman and Beth’s love interest.
  6. Evelyn Dutton: The matriarch of the family, portrayed by Gretchen Mol, Evelyn’s presence is significant even after her passing, as her values and legacy shape the family’s choices.
  7. Monica Dutton: Kelsey Asbille’s Monica marries into the Dutton family through her relationship with Kayce, bringing a Native American perspective and challenges to the forefront.

Navigating The Family Tree

Here’s a simplified family tree represented as a data table with captions for better clarity:

1stJames DuttonPatriarchA farmer from Tennessee who ventured West in 1883
1stMargaret DuttonMatriarchJames Dutton’s wife, strong leader
2ndElsa DuttonDaughterSpirited and passionate, narrator of “1883”
2ndJohn Dutton Sr.SonSettled in Montana after family’s journey
2ndSpencer DuttonSonBecame a big game hunter and returned to America
3rdJack DuttonGrandsonMarried Elizabeth, potential future grandfather
2ndClaire nee DuttonSisterJoined the family’s journey and died by suicide
3rdMary AbelNieceClaire’s daughter, who died on the wagon trail
1stJacob DuttonBrotherBecame the family patriarch after James
2ndJohn Dutton IINephewA direct descendant of James and Margaret
3rdJohn Dutton IIIGrandnephewOwner of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch
3rdLee DuttonGrandnephew (Deceased)The oldest son, killed in a skirmish
3rdJamie DuttonGrandnephewLawyer, adoption revelation, complex relationships
3rdBeth DuttonGrandnieceFierce and determined, corporate shark
3rdKacey DuttonGrandnephewFormer Navy SEAL, complicated relationship with John
3rdMary Abel’s childGreat-great-nieceChild of Mary Abel, details not provided
Key members of the Dutton family and their relationships across generations in the “Yellowstone” series universe
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Exploring the Extended Universe: “1883” and “1923” Prequels

  1. “1883”: This prequel series transports viewers back to the late 19th century, showcasing the Dutton family’s origins and the challenges they faced during their journey to Montana. The show introduces a young John Dutton and explores his experiences prior to establishing the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.
  2. “1923”: The confirmed return of this prequel series promises to dive into the era that shaped the Dutton family’s values and principles. Set in the roaring ’20s, the show is expected to provide insights into the legacy that eventually led to the events of “Yellowstone.”
Learn more about the Dutton Family Tree: ‘Yellowstone’ ‘1923’ and ‘1883’ Character Connections.

Navigating The Yellowstone Universe

In the vast realm of “Yellowstone,” the Dutton family stays central to the story. The family’s rich relationships and layered personalities continue to attract spectators as the series evolves and additional prequels reveal insights into their history.

With the fifth season’s final episodes approaching and the frenzy around “1923,” viewers are in for an exciting trip as the Dutton saga comes to a close.

Is There A Real-Life Dutton Family?

The Dutton family isn’t directly based on a real family. Instead, John Dutton, their patriarch, might draw inspiration from notable ranchers like W.T. Waggoner and Bill Galt, as per Horsey Hooves.

Is Spencer Dutton John Dutton’s Father?

Spencer Dutton, as played by Tim McGraw in “1883,” is the younger son of James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill).

He is also the younger brother of John Dutton Sr., making him one of John Dutton’s grandfathers through the genealogy of James Dutton, John’s great-grandfather.

Prequels “1883” and “1923” provide glimpses into the Dutton family’s origins and historical context.

How Are All The Dutton Family Members Related?

Portrayed by Kevin Costner, John Dutton III leads the Yellowstone family. He becomes Montana’s Governor and has four kids: Lee, Beth, Kayce, and Jamie (adopted). His wife, Evelyn, died riding horses.

What Is The Dutton Family Lineage in Yellowstone?

John, born to James and Margaret Dutton, was a child when they settled in Montana on the future Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Later, he teamed up with his uncle Jacob and had a family with Emma, and a son named Jack.

What Country Is Dutton From?

The name Dutton comes from English origins, tied to villages in Cheshire and Lancashire. There’s also a US branch from a German family, originally DERTING or DARTING in spelling.

Who Is The 7th Generation Dutton?

The Dutton bloodline concludes with Tate Dutton. Interestingly, Jamie Dutton’s child is likely the youngest family member by name. Tate signifies the seventh Dutton generation.

What Religion Is The Dutton Family?

The Duttons are part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Their musical expertise spans bluegrass to classical genres.

Gaining recognition for their remarkable talents, they’ve established two Dutton Theaters. These accomplishments have brought them increased attention and fame in the music world.

As the Dutton family drama unfolds across various series, their lineage continues to be a source of fascination for fans.


  • The Dutton family saga in “Yellowstone” and its prequels is a captivating tapestry of relationships and history. The Duttons are at the heart of the hit series, with John as the central figure.
  • From James Dutton’s journey in “1883” to John Dutton III’s leadership, their legacy unfolds. Intricate relationships weave through generations with characters like Kayce, Beth, and Jamie.
  • The family’s English origins and German roots add depth to their diverse heritage. Tate Dutton, the youngest family member, marks the end of the patrilineal line.
  • The Duttons’ affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is noteworthy. Their musical talents, spanning genres, have led to the creation of two Dutton Theaters.
  • With each season and prequel, the Duttons’ fame and story continue to enthrall audiences.

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