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Where Is Hardy From? (Exploring the Roots)

You’ve probably heard the name HARDY blaring through the airways if you enjoy country music. But how much of this amazing artist’s background do you truly know? There’s also not much debate that HARDY’s roots have a big impact on how he crafted his art.

Now, let’s just go straight to the question: Where is Hardy from?

HARDY (full name: Michael Wilson Hardy) hailed from Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States of America.

In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Michael Wilson Hardy, professionally known as HARDY. We’ll explore his connections in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and will also get to know about some of his best songs along with the awards he had won over the period. Let’s get started!

About Michael Wilson HARDY

Incredibly gifted American country music singer and songwriter Michael Wilson Hardy, better known by his professional title HARDY, was born on September 13, 1990, in the city of Philadelphia, Mississippi, to his parents Mike and Sarah Hardy.

Hardy’s impressive songwriting credits include artists like Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane, Blake Shelton, Dallas Smith, Thomas Rhett, and Morgan Wallen; his debut album “A Rock” and the mixtape “Hixtape, Vol. 1” showcased his talent as a performer.

Notably, his recent album “The Mockingbird & The Crow” soared to the top of the country music charts in early 2023. HARDY’s undeniable success is a testament to his remarkable musical abilities.

Which Country Is Hardy From?

HARDY is a native of the United States. In particular, he is an American country music singer and songwriter who was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Where Did Hardy Grow Up?

Hardy was raised in his birthplace Philadelphia, Mississippi.

In this little community, he spent his formative years surrounded by his family’s loving arms and the soothing sounds of country music.

Most musicians, including Hardy, like to play guitar.
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When Did Hardy Become Popular?

A big step forward in HARDY’s musical career came in 2014 when he secured his first publishing deal, all because of a Facebook message from his cousin Dennis Matkosky.

He was given a chance that led to new opportunities and advanced his professional standing. He signed his contract with Relative Music Publishing three years later in 2017, consolidating his position in the music business.

These turning points allowed HARDY’s talent and commitment to shine, shaping him into the renowned country music singer and songwriter we know and love today.

A Rising Star In Country Music

In the world of country music, HARDY is unquestionably a rising talent. He has captured audiences all over the world with his beautiful voice, moving lyrics, and sincere love for the genre.

His transformation from a child from a little hamlet in Philadelphia, Mississippi, to a country music sensation in Nashville is proof of his unwavering talent and commitment.

Hardy keeps on stunning crowds with his actual ability and it is quite safe to say that his star will sparkle considerably more splendidly in the years to come.

A Glimpse Into HARDY’s Roots

The quaint town of Philadelphia in Mississippi holds the key to understanding the man behind the music. Born and raised here, HARDY’s love for melodies began early on; thanks to his dad and their shared music sessions.

From writing his first song during high school for a girl to pursuing a degree in songwriting at Middle Tennessee State University, his passion for country music only intensified. Philadelphia’s influence shaped HARDY’s artistry, making him the authentic and talented country music star he is today.

A Childhood Full Of Melodies

From an early age, his heart jived to the flow of music, nurtured by the loving notes of his dad. Growing up in a household where songs were like lullabies, HARDY’s passion for country music grew and flourished.

Those melodies followed him through many years of his life till now and made him the HARDY we know today.

His upbringing in a musical family played a pivotal role in shaping his passion for country music.

The Musical Journey Route

  • EP Debut and Touring: In October 2018, HARDY released his EP “This Ole Boyand joined Wallen’s tour to promote it, setting the stage for his rise in country music.
  • Hit Singles and Second EP: In 2019, HARDY’s single “Rednecker gained widespread popularity, and he followed it up with a second EP titled “Where to Find Me.”
  • Songwriting Success: HARDY’s talent as a songwriter shone as he co-wrote hit singles for notable artists like Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Chris Lane, and more.
  • Collaborative Mixtape: In September 2019, HARDY released “Hixtape, Vol. 1,” featuring an impressive lineup of 17 artists, further showcasing his collaborative spirit.
  • Debut Album and Tour Plans: In September 2020, HARDY released his debut album “A Rock,” including the single One Beer.”
  • Ongoing Collaborations: HARDY continued to collaborate with artists like Brantley Gilbert and Dierks Bentley, co-writing and featuring in their singles.
  • Musical Evolution: Hardy’s musical journey saw him venturing into new genres, evident in his album The Mockingbird & The Crow,” where he transitioned from Country to Rock, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Hardy In Nashville: Where Dreams Come to Life

Following graduation, HARDY traveled to Nashville to see his sister, which served as the impetus for the start of his music career. In Nashville, he pursued songwriting after seeing the possibility to make his love of country music a career.

He met Florida Georgia Line there at a party, and they eventually collaborated on songs together. After signing with Big Loud Records in 2018, the success of tracks like “Up Down” propelled him to stardom.

HARDY, The Country Music Sensation

HARDY desired to become even more well-known as his standing as a lyricist rose. His first song, REDNECKER,” achieved enormous success and peaked at number one on the charts.

His accessible songs and unvarnished authenticity drew in listeners, and he swiftly rose to popularity in the country music scene.

You can listen and watch to Hardy’s REDNECKER official video above.


Hardy received several prestigious award nominations, including nods from the Country Music Association (CMA) and the Academy of Country Music (ACM), marking his growing recognition in the industry.

Here is the data table for you to look at for a better understanding.

2019Country Music Association (CMA) AwardsSong of the Year for “God’s Country”
2021Country Music Association (CMA) AwardsNew Artist of the Year
2020Academy of Country Music (ACM) AwardsSong of the Year for “God’s Country”
2020Academy of Country Music (ACM) AwardsSongwriter of the Year
2021Academy of Country Music (ACM) AwardsNew Male Artist, Songwriter of the Year, and Music Event of the Year for “One Beer”
2022Academy of Country Music (ACM) AwardsSongwriter of the Year
Hardy’s Acclaim: A Journey of Nominations and Wins

Masterpiece Numbers by Hardy

  1. “REDNECKER” – Released on March 4, 2019
  2. “Hixtape, Vol. 1” (Debut Mixtape) – Released in 2019
  3. “Wait In The Truck” – Released on August 29, 2022
  4. “The Mockingbird & the Crow” – Released on January 20, 2023
  5. “Single Saturday Night” – Released on May 22, 2020
HARDY’s transition from a songwriter to a country music sensation came with the success of his debut single, “REDNECKER.”


  • HARDY, the American country music singer and songwriter, has garnered widespread acclaim with his chart-topping hits and soulful voice.
  • From the release of “REDNECKER” in 2019 to his debut mixtape “Hixtape, Vol. 1,” HARDY has continuously impressed fans with his musical prowess.
  • In 2022, “Wait In The Truck” showcased his versatility, while “The Mockingbird & the Crow” in 2023 revealed a bold shift towards the rock genre.
  • With multiple award nominations and growing recognition in the industry, HARDY’s musical journey is a testament to his dedication and talent. His captivating performances and genuine artistry continue to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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