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George Strait Jr. (Like Father, Like Son)

The son of country music artist, songwriter, and actor George Strait is known as Bubba Strait. Unlike his father, he is not famous as a country music artist. He is identical to the rodeo rider and also wrote songs for other artists. Bubba is the second child of George Strait, born in 1981. He started his rodeo career in the early years after graduation.

Bubba Strait, the son of country music star George Strait, is the epitome of the proverb “Like father, like son.” He developed a love for team roping and, of course, country music, the two things his father enjoyed most.

In addition, Bubba was often considered exceptionally good at them. Thus, it is not unexpected that the legend of country music is pleased with him. Oh, and he appears to have inherited his father’s good looks as well.

I am glad to explore more about George Strait Jr. and his life. Before that, let’s learn more about his father, George Strait Sr.

George Strait

Bubba and music
Bubba and music

George Strait is popular in the country music world as a music artist, songwriter, and actor. He opened his eyes in 1952 in Texas, US. Strait introduced neo-traditional music styles into the industry and enlarged the music world while it was inspired by country pop styles. George Strait is also known as the King of Country Music because of his top hits and other services.

George married Norma Strait in 1971, Jennifer and Bubba were two kids of George Strait, but Jenifer lost her life in an accident. The Strait family organized a foundation in the name of Jennifer, which works for poor people and child laborers.

Some prominent songs of George Strait are:

  • Unwound release in 1981
  • All My Ex’s Live in Texas released in 1987
  • I Cross My Heart released in 1992
  • Check Yes or No released in 1995
  • Go On From 2000
  • Loves Gonna Make It Alright released in 2011

George Strait is a popular name in introducing neo-traditional style of music. We cannot elaborate his work on a quick note.

Now, let’s go to the point and read about George Strait Jr.

Early Life and Career

As we read above Bubba was born in 1981, in San Antonio. He is the only son of his parents. Bubba graduated from the Texas. He was passionate about rodeo and started his career in roping. He attended PRCA as the roping master.

On the other hand, his love for music and songs he got from his father. He started to write songs with his father. George also sang his written songs; they produced, directed, and released the songs together. He co-wrote some of the songs as well.

Personal Life

George Strait Jr. married Tamara, who is an eminent real estate agent by profession. She also runs a famous hospital’s children’s center and other social foundations.

The couple married in 2010 and has two children. They are settled in Texas, concentrating on their careers and spending their lives happily.

They welcomed their first child in 2012, George Harvey Strait III, the proud grandson of George’s family. After a few years, their second child Jillian Louis Strait was born in 2016. They are the only grandchildren of George and Norma Strait.

Life is complete with his love
Life is complete with his love
NameSongwriter, rodeo master
ParentsGeorge Harvey Strait and Norma Strait
SiblingsJennifer Strait
ProfessionSong writer, rodeo master
Date of birthMay 14, 1981
Date of marriage2010
Place of birthTexas, US
A short description of his life
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Bubba Strait’s Work

Bubba wrote songs for his father and for other singers as well. If we say that he gained popularity because of his father we won’t be wrong. Beside rodeo cowboy, Bubba credits almost thirty songs to his name.

In 2009, album Twang is a good example of Bubba’s work. Another prominent work of Bubba is the Arkansas Dave, which favored him to gain success.

According to Bubba, “Writing with Dad is an awesome experience, we think the same, we discuss themes and we create it.

Some of the popular writings of Bubba are as follows.

Songs by BubbaYear of Release
Living for the Night2009
Out of Sight Out of Mind2009
He’s Got Something Special2009
Drinkin’ Man2011
Shame on Me2011
House Across the Baby2011
Three Nails and a Cross2011
Blue Marlin Blues2011
I’ll Always Remember You2011
Bubba’s song credit

A few of the most profound singles of Mr. Strait Jr. are from the album Here for a Good Time, the album reached number one on Billboard Country Music Chart. Bubba performed a live concert The Cowboy Rides pictured in 2014 during his last tour in Texas.

He also set up the tunes and co-wrote album The Honky Tonk Machine in 2019.

Currently, Bubba wrote for his father’s recent album. Dean Dillon and both father-son are the co-writers for the upcoming album as before. George Strait announced to release of his new album in 2023.

As a Real Life Cowboy

Along with songwriting, Bubba is a member of PRCA stands for Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Interestingly, Bubba invented a memorable combination of real-life cowboy and music and this is enough reason to make him popular.

Bubba participated in 2006 livestock in Houston and also in rodeo 2006.

A cowboy
A cowboy

Bubba Nowadays

Bubba and his family residing in Texas, currently working with his father on his upcoming music album. He is also serving his rodeo career, for this purpose he organized a ranch where he spent most of his time practicing and concentrating on his work.

Bubba Strait’s Net Worth

When it comes to the net worth of Bubba, we first have to know George Strait’s net worth which is approximately $300 million per year. If we took out the estimated net worth of Bubba, it might be $100 million a year.

Where is George Strait’s Son?

The current residents of Texas Hill are George Strait’s son Bubba and his wife Tamara, a successful realtor, along with their two kids, Jillian Louise and George Harvey Strait III.

How Many Children Does Bubba Strait Have?

George “Harvey” Strait III, born in 2012, and Jilliann Louise Strait, born in 2016, are the couple’s two children. Tamara posted a picture on Instagram in May 2022 with Bubba and their children to commemorate Mother’s Day.

What Made George Strait Famous?

Since his 1981 debut, Strait‘s name has grown to be associated with “real country.” He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Since then, he has published five additional albums, including Troubadour, winner of a Grammy Award, and Cold Beer Conversation, his most recent number-one album.

Let’s watch this video about George and Bubba Strait.


  • Bubba Strait is the second child of singer and songwriter George Strait, who is very popular in the music industry.
  • By the year 2023, Strait Jr. is 42 years old.
  • Bubba Strait is also a real-life cowboy and a member of PRCA as the roping master.
  • Bubba co-wrote almost thirty songs with his father.
  • Bubba married Tamara, and they had two children until now.
  • Life is going smoothly, and he is residing in Texas with his loved ones.

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