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Kaynette Williams (Some Facts About Blake Shelton’s First Wife)

Kaynette William is a gorgeous school teacher specifically famous as Blake Shelton’s ex-wife. She is rather than an entrepreneur, host, and manager. Before marrying Blake, Williams was not as popular. She was passionate about music from her teenage but her dream didn’t come true, she later became a private school teacher.

In Oklahoma, United States, Kaynette Williams was born on February 20, 1973. In their native Ada, Oklahoma, Kaynette and Blake Shelton got to know one another. They started dating and eventually wed on November 17, 2003, in a small ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Unfortunately, after three years of marriage, they decided to file a divorce in 2006. Their divorce’s specific causes are not well known. Kaynette Williams has maintained a relatively low profile since divorcing Blake Shelton. She has opted to lead a solitary life and is not active in the entertainment sector.

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Early Life

Kaynette Williams has a beautiful personality with blue eyes and golden hair.

Kaynette William was born on 20th February 1973 in Oklahoma’s state of Ada. Her parents are Kay Kast Gern and Fred Gern Snr, with her two more siblings Roggie and Orpha. Kaynette was raised in Ada, where she got her early education and completed her high school.

Her father was a local channel newscaster, whereas her mother was a simple stay-at-home mom. She graduated in human science and finance. Williams is a versatile lady who wanted to try everything like horse riding, singing, entrepreneurship, and hosting.

Her Introduction as Blake’s Wife

They were actually at their teenage when met each other. Blake was fifteen and William just completed high school; they both graduated from the same high school.

After a few years of dating, they got married. It was the time Blake just started his music career. He wrote one or two songs till that time. Blake is a famous American singer and also contributed to Voice USA as the judge. In the year of 2003, they got married.

Who is Blake Shelton?

Blake Shelton is a music icon, songwriter, singer, and celebrity. He belongs to the same town as William and was born in Ada, Oklahoma in 1976. He was passionate about music and showed his interest from the high school.

He wrote his first song at fifteen. After finishing high school, he shifted to Nashville, to pursue his career. He struggled and joined a music company.

After some more years of struggle, he released his debut in 2001 in Austin. It scored high rank at the Billboard country music chart. He then didn’t stop. By releasing different music albums with top rated songs, he became a known music artist.

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Married with Shelton

At the time of their marriage, Shelton publicized his second album The Dreamer. He even used to sing a song from his album at his marriage ceremony.

They got married and they both started to focus on their career. Blake worked on his music and released more new albums, while Wiliam started her school and other works.

She also helped Shelton by becoming her production coordinator in the early days. She also showed herself as a host on the local TV channel.

Shelton used to sing a song at his wedding ceremony
Shelton used to sing a song at his wedding ceremony

Mishap of William’s Life

Shelton and William spent about four years together. They separated in 2006, and they both didn’t reveal much about their reason for divorce.

As a matter of fact, we might say Blake had more to focus on his musical journey and he showed a lack of time and support for her. At some points, William stated that his extramarital affairs and adultery affected their bond.

After the Divorce

When they both separated, William went back to her homeland Ada from Nashville. She resumed pedagogy. She was the elder daughter of her parents; she spent eight years alone after the divorce with Shelton.

Who is Cody Jo Scheck?

In 2015, Kaynette married her mutual friend Cody Jo Scheck. Cody is a champion in rodeo steer riding. Interestingly, he is almost seven years younger than his wife Kaynette.

Cody is famous for steer roping and made a world record in the field. They are living in Kansas where Kaynette is serving as a high-profile experienced teacher, she also hosts school programs and won different awards for her work.

William and Her Life Now

She is a school teacher, living in Kansas with her husband Cody. On the other hand, Kaynette is a feminist who also works for women empowerment and local issues of society.

William and Cody have no children. They are spending their lives peacefully behind the lights of fame.

A Short Detail About William

NameKaynette William
Date of birthFebruary 20th 1973
HometownAda, Oklahoma
ParentsKay Kast Gren, Fred Gren Snr
SiblingsOrpha Williams, Roggie Williams
SpousesBlake Shelton (ex), Cody Jo Scheck (now)
Net worthAbout $ 1 million
A short information about her life

Kaynette’s Net Worth

As the ex-wife of the country music artist Blake, she demanded a huge amount in the name of settlement indeed. Blake has a net worth of $ 100 million per year.

On the other hand, William was not as popular she is still working as an elementary teacher and has a net worth of $1 million yearly.

Kaynette is a famous person
Kaynette is a famous person

Some Hidden Truths

  • William and Blake had known each other from a very early age.
  • At the start of Shelton’s career, they got married.
  • William had no children either from her first marriage or from her second.
  • William sold her wedding gown on eBay after her divorce.
  • She later moved to Kansas when Shelton and his second wife moved to Oklahoma.
  • Shelton sang a song at his wedding Julia for her beloved wife.
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What does Kaynette Williams do for a living?

She is currently a distinguished elementary school instructor. There were also little updates regarding her activities following her divorce from Blake Shelton, despite persistent speculations about her sexual orientation.

How many ex-wives does Blake Shelton have?

Three women—Kaynette Williams, Miranda Lambert, and Gwen Stefani—were wed to Blake Shelton.

What happened to Blake Shelton’s first wife Kaynette Williams?

Currently residing in Kansas, Kaynette works as a teacher. Cody Joe Scheck, a rodeo champion, is her husband.

How rich is Blake?

In addition, Gwen has made money through real estate and her judging duties on The Voice, the program where she first met her future husband. Blake is one of America’s most well-known country musicians, and as a result, he has a net worth of $120 million.


  • Kaynette is the first wife of country music star Blake Shelton.
  • She is a private school teacher by profession and also serves as the host, social worker, and entrepreneur.
  • Blake and William separated after three years of their marriage in 2006.
  • They both resumed their career. In 2015, William remarried Cody Jo Scheck who is the world record holder in steer roping.
  • Cody and Wiliam are currently living in Kansas.

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