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Billy Strings Songs (An Overview Of His Best)

Billy Strings Songs (An Overview Of His Best)

William Lee Apostol commonly known as Billy Strings is an American guitarist and Bluegrass artist. He is also a virtuoso of the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. He was Born on October 3, 1992, in Lansing, Michigan. Furthermore, he grew up in Morehead, Kentucky, and afterwards in Muir, Michigan.

While he was still a pre-teen, his parent developed an addiction to methamphetamine. As a result, he left the family home at the age of thirteen and went through a difficult phase of hard drug usage. Later his family reached sobriety and Billy stopped the use of strong substances.

Strings’ musical career started at an early age when he was influenced by his father, Terry Barber, who performed in local Bluegrass bands. Starting to play the guitar at the age of five, Strings immersed himself in the world of Bluegrass, gaining inspiration from many iconic and outstanding artists like Doc Watson, Tony Rice, and Norman Blake.

His aunt gave him the nickname Billy Strings when she recognized his outstanding talent on a variety of traditional Bluegrass instruments.

What made Billy Strings so famous?

Billy Strings, playing guitar in front of a truck
Billy Strings, playing guitar in front of a truck
Image Credits Facebook @Billy Strings

His musical vision stretched beyond traditional boundaries as he added elements of rock, jazz, and psychedelia into his Bluegrass sound.

This unusual combination of genres proved to be an essential contribution to his success and gained him considerable praise. This also resulted in his winning a Grammy Award in 2021 for his album ‘Home’, and he continues to wow audiences with his amazing talents and breathtaking performances.

What kind of artist is Billy Strings?

A band of Musicians playing instruments
A band of Musicians

Billy Strings is mostly recognized as a Bluegrass musician. However, his songs contain elements from different genres, including rock, jazz, and psychedelia. His distinctive technique mixes classic Bluegrass with current influences, resulting in a sound that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners.

Billy Strings’ proficiency in guitar playing, soulful vocals, and inventive approach to the genre have won him a reputation as a dynamic and boundary-pushing performer.

Billy Strings has a diverse and outstanding tracklisting with numerous renowned songs.

What is Bluegrass Music?

Bluegrass music is a tradition-based modernized form of string band music. This genre of music originated in the Appalachian region of the United States during the 1940s and is considered a form of American roots music.

An artist playing banjo
A Bluegrass Artist playing the banjo

It draws its name from the band Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys. A Bluegrass band includes four to seven musicians who sing while playing traditional string instruments such as guitar, double bass, violin, mandolin, steel guitar, and Dobro

What is Billy Strings’ biggest hit?

Dust in a Baggie

Billy Strings’ “Dust in a Baggie”

The song first came out in 2013, but Billy Strings re-recorded it three years later, producing the ultimate version that became his greatest success.

“Dust in a Baggie” is a song inspired by a real-life experience of someone known as Billy Strings, who was recently released from a five-year jail term for meth possession, only to be caught again for a minor amount of the substance and sentenced to 20 years.

Considered one of Billy Strings’ signature tracks, “Dust in a Baggie” serves as a powerful testament to his musical brilliance and creative talent. Within the song, Billy Strings showcases his extraordinary guitar skills.

Billy Strings Top songs

Meet Me At The Creek

Billy Strings “Meet Me at the Creek”

“Meet Me at the Creek” by Billy Strings was released on his album “Turmoil & Tinfoil” on the year 2017. With its energetic ambience, “Meet Me at the Creek” has captured listeners and shown Billy Strings’ ability to make music

In the song, Billy Strings expresses his admiration and appreciation for the simple joys and pleasures of life. The song deals with the concept of finding serenity and freedom by immersing oneself in nature.

Watch It Fall

Billy Strings “Watch It Fall”

This song was released by Billy Strings in his album “Home” in 2019. This magnificent song ponders on the passing of time, and the bittersweet moments that come with change. His expressive and passionate lyrics give a realistic picture of seeing the world around him as it changes.

Through this song, Billy String emphasizes the fact that it is vital to strive toward a better future, or we may soon find ourselves in a position where there is nothing left.

“Watch It Fall” highlights Billy Strings’ ability to merge social criticism with his musical prowess, creating an effective and inspiring song.

Must be Seven

Must Be Seven” is one of the songs on Billy Strings’ album “Home,” which pushed him to mainstream popularity and brought him to a wider audience. The song released in 2019, co-written by Billy Strings and Aaron Allen, is an uplifting message about those who have fought through bad circumstances and turned their fortunes around.

It focuses on a lady and a man who, seven years ago, had to leave their house due to turmoil and misery. The lyrics underline the necessity of being focused on the present and not succumbing to the temptations to look back, acting as a reminder to actively construct a brighter future.

Red Daisy

This impressive song came out in 2021. Red Daisy was another masterpiece by Billy Strings

In this eventful song, he sings about a red daisy on a hill, with sunshine on its petals. He found the daisy drenched in dew one day, and worries about losing it during dreary days or frost.

He sees the daisy as the queen of spring, and swears to preserve it from the winter winds, but is upset when a passing traveler snatches it away.

Know It All

Moving on the list, another great piece of art by Billy Strings is Know It All.

Released in 2017 in collaboration with Allen and Weisberger the song is about embracing all that we don’t know and can’t alter. It is about learning from mistakes and recognizing that life is full of surprises and that no one can know it all.

Taking Water

Taking Water” by Billy Strings is a song released in 2019 that addresses the deterioration and degradation of a place that was once home. The narrator’s hometown has been reduced to ashes and memories, with nothing left except a horrible emptiness.

They explain how neighbourhoods have been abandoned and individuals have perished or fled without any place to stay. Despite this, the narrator underlines that society merely looks the other way and overlooks the situation.

Away From The Mire

“Away from the Mire” by Billy Strings is a compelling song that dives into the hardships and intricacies of life and relationships. It reflects upon a tough era in the protagonist’s life and their relationship with their lover.

This song recognizes the misleading nature of life itself, understanding how it may mislead and confuse us.

Combining these elements, “Away from the Mire” portrays the essence of perseverance and a desire for a brighter future.

Other Songs

Some of the other popular songs of Billy Strings include;

NameAlbumYouTube Link
SummertimeRock Of Ages
Hide and SeekRenewal
Enough To LeaveHome
In the Morning LightRenewal
Show Me the DoorRenewal
Turmoil and TinfoilTurmoil and Tinfoil
Dealing DespairTurmoil and Tinfoil
Billy Strings popular songs


  • Billy Strings, an American guitarist and Bluegrass artist, is a virtuoso of the guitar, banjo, and mandolin.
  • Bluegrass music is a tradition-based modernized form of string band music.
  • His musical vision stretched beyond traditional boundaries as he added elements of rock, jazz, and psychedelia into his Bluegrass sound.
  • Billy Strings has a diverse and outstanding tracklisting with numerous renowned songs.
  • Some of his top songs include; Meet Me at the Creek, Watch It Fall, Must Be Seven, and Red Daisy.

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