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Keith Urban included lyrics about oral sex in American Idol finale song and nobody noticed

Trent Harmon falling

Well. Well. Well. Looks like Keith Urban has a sexy side even his biggest fans might not have been ready for.

When Trent Harmon was crowned the Season 15 winner of American Idol last month, he sang a song called Falling. Turns out the song was a complete surprise for the singer in more ways than one.

He tells Rolling Stone Country in a new interview that right before the show he found out that American Idol judge Keith Urban co-wrote the tune.

“I actually didn’t know that going into [recording the song],” he says. “Two or three hours before the finale, Keith told me. So right before I went out to sing it, I shook his hand and said, ‘If I win this thing, you did it.'”

But that wasn’t the only surprise, or the biggest. Turns out that a verse of the song was a bit too risque to make it onto the family-friendly show so they left it out of his performance.

What was so NSFW about it you ask?

Well, it had to do with oral sex.

Yes, really.

The second verse includes: “You slide your fingers through my hair and tell me ‘take it slow’/And I know what you want/And so I go down on my knees/I’m here to please.”

Harmon says that realizing what the lyrics meant left him a bit speechless. “We were listening to [the demo] and reading through the lyric sheet and I said, ‘Oh, wow. Cool, bro!,” Harmon recalls. “I really didn’t know what to say.”

Singing only the first verse of the song was Harmon’s idea, which Urban agreed was “probably for the best!” However, if you listen to or purchase the official release of the song, the sexy verse is there.

Guess Keith Urban wanted to go out with a bang (pun totally intended).

You can watch Trent’s performance of the song on Idol’s finale here. You can check out an unofficial lyric video for the song complete with the second verse below.

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