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Yellowstone Prequel 1923 (What to Know)

The 1923-set Yellowstone prequel offers an engrossing voyage into the Dutton family saga’s beginnings, examining the wild terrain and the establishment of the renowned Yellowstone ranch. 

The story takes place in the context of an America that is changing quickly in the early 20th century, encapsulating the essence of a country undergoing change.

Fans will be able to gain a deeper grasp of the multifaceted individuals and the historical events that built the Yellowstone universe from this much-awaited prequel.

Keep reading to know all the exciting details about the Yellowstone prequel 1923.

Back Story

The series is set during the Prohibition era, following 1883 but before Yellowstone today, as Montana goes through a financial crisis.

The official summary for the series states that 1923 will introduce a new generation of the Dutton family and delve into the early 1900s.

It was a time when the Mountain West and the Dutton family who lived there were plagued by pandemics, a severe drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

Audie Rick played young John, the surviving youngster viewers had already met in 1883 and who would go on to become John Dutton Sr.

First Full Length Trailer

During Yellowstone Season 5’s fourth episode, the full-length trailer for 1923 debuted, giving us a much clearer picture of the plot of the upcoming show.

 By 1923, the Duttons have established themselves on their ranch, but they are about to face another “range war” since landowners, ranchers, and developers all seem to be vying for a piece of the property.

Official trailer of Yellowstone prequel 1923.

And even while you would think it’s a horrible idea to have to square up against Harrison Ford for a few acres, it doesn’t compare to the wrath that Cara, played by Helen Mirren, appears to be going to inflict on those who cross her. 

The trailer not only featured Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in their first scenes together within the Yellowstone universe, but it also had a voice over that seemed remarkably familiar. 

After a montage of various dramatic shootouts and tense scenes, Elsa (Isabel May) from 1883 introduced the new series by explaining that the Dutton family has always been cursed with or follow bloodshed.

Why The Year 1923?

A cover picture of Yellowstone prequel 1923 featuring Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)
A cover picture of Yellowstone prequel 1923 featuring Jacob Dutton and Cara Dutton. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)

The creator explains that he chose 1923 as the year to trace the Dutton family lineage because the next prequel chapter in the Yellowstone universe takes place during a period of significant drought, Prohibition, and rapid expansion, when the Wild West was actually starting to emerge as a significant resource centre.

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Hollywood’s biggest talents have been enlisted to assist tell the narrative of Taylor Sheridan’s new television series.

ActorCharacterRole Description
Harrison FordJacob DuttonYellowstone ranch patriarch, James Dutton’s brother, married to Cara Dutton.
Helen MirrenCara DuttonMatriarch of the family, wife of Jacob Dutton.
James Badge DaleJohn Dutton Sr.Jacob Dutton’s right-hand man, eldest nephew.
Darren MannJack DuttonDevoted rancher, great-nephew of Jacob Dutton, son of John Dutton Sr.
Marley SheltonEmma DuttonObedient wife of John Dutton Sr., mother of Jack Dutton.
Brandon SklenarSpencer DuttonBrother of John Dutton Sr., nephew of Jacob Dutton. Witnessed World War I.
Cast of Yellowstone prequel 1923.

Other Cast Members Outside The Dutton Family

  • Michelle Randolph in the role of Elizabeth Strafford, a determined and strong young lady who is engaged to a member of the Dutton family.
  • Brian Geraghty as the ferociously devoted ranch foreman Zane.
  • Aminah Nieves plays a young woman attending a government residential boarding school named Teonna Rainwater.
  • Julia Schlaepfer in the role of Alexandra, a British woman who travels overseas and meets a Dutton.
  • Sebastian Roché in the role of School for American Indians chief priest Father Renaud.
  • Robert Patrick as the Dutton family friend Sheriff William McDowell.
  • Jerome Flynn as the tough-minded Scottish brogue Banner Creighton, the head of the sheep men in the area.
  • Jennifer Ehle portrays Irish nun Sister Mary O’Connor, a teacher at the Montana School for American Indians.
  • Timothy Dalton, who plays wealthy and ruthless Donald Whitfield, who is accustomed to getting his way.
  • Peter Stormare plays the sailor Lucca, who has spent decades at sea and is smart despite his age.
  • Tim Dekay plays rancher Bob Strafford in Montana, who is expecting his daughter to marry one of the Duttons soon.
  • Amelia Rico as Issaxche, a woman from the Crow tribe who longs to be with her family again.
  • Joseph Mawle in the role of Captain Shipley, a British cargo ship captain with a wealth of experience at sea.

Delays In Production

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, which had been in effect since May 2 2022, was posing a serious obstacle to the much-anticipated production of the second season of “1923”. 

The series, written by Taylor Sheridan, asked for a 10-day extension to use Butte-Silver Bow’s facilities. Production was originally slated to begin in Butte, Montana. 

With a monthly cost of $75,000 specified in the contract, Civic Centre manager Bill Melvin disclosed a significant delay caused by the current strike. 

The City-County Commission had not yet given its approval, however the Civic Centre board had approved the extension. The WGA strike’s ambiguous duration made further extensions more likely, which affected the timetable of the series. 

The future of “1923” stayed up in the air due to impending strikes in the industry, including one from the Screen Actors Guild, underscoring the wider ramifications of labour problems in the entertainment industry.

Release Date

1923 made its Paramount+ debut on December 18, 2022. Every Sunday, new episodes are released on the streaming platform.

A look of Brian Geraghty as Zane from Yellowstone 1923. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)
A look of Brian Geraghty as Zane from Yellowstone 1923. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)

Many of the cast members attended the premier. However, Sheridan himself was supposedly too busy cutting new episodes of the show to attend the debut.

Where To Stream The Show?

Similar to 1883, 1923 can only be seen on Paramount+.

The First Scene Of 1923

Cara had screamed into the wilderness and killed a man with a shotgun in the opening scene of 1923. 

Viewers then made the connection in the third episode, which showed the scene as a flash-forward to Cara’s reaction to the violent gunfight. 

However, May’s crucial narration was also there in the first few moments of the show.

In the epilogue of 1883, May had filled in the blanks on her family’s fate following her tragic death using voiceover. 

Following the events of 1883, her parents, Margaret (Faith Hill) and James Dutton (Tim McGraw), passed away. James died first. 

However, Margaret sent a letter to Jacob, her husband’s brother, before she passed away. Jacob then located and reared Elsa’s surviving brothers, John Sr. and Spencer.

A scene from 1923 where the members are doing a stunt in which they are pulling an elephant. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)
A scene from 1923 where the members are doing a stunt in which they are pulling an elephant. (Image credit: 1923official/instagram)

Critics View

The new characters and the new timeline have generally received positive reviews from critics. In contrast to the other programmes in the series, 1923 doesn’t concentrate only on the Dutton Ranch; instead, it travels to several locations. 

Most critics gave Teonna’s story high marks, with many seeing it as a significant acknowledgement of the inaccurate portrayals of Native Americans in earlier Westerns.There is an unstoppably strong tension in these sequences.

The ensemble cast’s performances have received a lot of appreciation. Particular praise has been given to Mirren for her nuanced and poignant performance.

 Although Ben Travers of Indie Wire notes that Ford’s performance comes across as stiff, such inflexibility actually results in a disarmingly annoyed version of a Dutton patriarch. 

While some critics point out that Sheridan’s cinematography and repetitious narration are becoming tiresome, many highlight the distinct tale components of 1923, which give the programme a pleasant puzzle-box quality that keeps the series feeling new.

Will 1923 Have A Second Season?

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, Deadline says that there are plans to renew the programme for a second season and that talks to bring back the cast are reportedly already under way.


  • With its intriguing voyage, the Yellowstone prequel “1923” delves into the origins of the Dutton family saga and the founding of the famous Yellowstone ranch.
  •  The series, which is set in the early 20th century, shows viewers how quickly America is changing and offers a window into a country that is going through major change.
  •  A long-awaited prequel experience, fans get a deep grasp of the various personalities and historical occurrences that set the stage for the Yellowstone universe.
  • The show is set in the Prohibition era, bridging the gap between “1883” and Yellowstone today, and it shows Montana enduring drought, pandemics, financial crises, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression.
  • The full-length trailer for the series opens with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren portraying new characters and shows the existing Dutton ranch engaged in a fresh “range war” over its land from multiple groups.
  •  In order to capture the emergence of the Wild West as a vital resource centre, creator Taylor Sheridan decided to set the series in 1923. This decision was motivated by a desire to explore an era characterised by significant drought, Prohibition, and tremendous expansion.
  • Leading actors from Hollywood, such as Helen Mirren, James Badge Dale, and Harrison Ford, play important Dutton family members and introduce new characters.
  • A 10-day extension is requested since the second season’s production is hampered by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. The strike’s ambiguous length prompts concerns about the timeliness of the series and its possible influence on future strikes by other industries.
  • On December 18, 2022, “1923” made its Paramount+ debut. Like “1883,” the streaming service is still the only place where the series can be found.
  •  Cara, portrayed by Helen Mirren, unleashes violence in the woods at the opening of the act, setting the stage for a sequence of flashbacks and narrative disclosures.
  • Positive responses have been given to the inclusion of new characters and timelines, with special praise being given to the investigation of Native American portrayal authenticity. Although some point out stylistic issues, the ensemble cast’s performances—particularly Helen Mirren’s nuanced role—are praised.
  • Plans for a second season are apparently in the works, and talks to bring the ensemble back for more investigation into the Dutton family’s history are said to be underway, although no formal announcement.
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