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Unveiling the Creators Behind ‘You Make It Easy’: The Collaborative Songwriting Journey

Ever found yourself humming along to the catchy tune of “You Make It Easy”? It’s a song that’s won hearts worldwide, but have you ever wondered about the creative minds behind it?

In the world of country music, it’s not just about the voice that delivers the song but also the pens that craft the lyrics. “You Make It Easy” is a perfect example of a song where the writers deserve as much applause as the singer.

Stay tuned as we dive into the story behind this hit song, unraveling the mystery of who actually penned “You Make It Easy.”.

You’ll get a glimpse into the songwriting process and the talented individuals who made this song a chart-topper.

The Story Behind “You Make It Easy”


Peel back the layers of any chart-topping song, and you’ll often find an intriguing story, ripe with emotion, creativity, and raw talent.

“You Make It Easy” is no different. Embodying all the endearing elements of a classic country love ballad, the journey of its creation is just as heartwarming as the song itself.

The hit was masterminded by an ensemble team of songwriters: Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley. Well-versed in stringing together compelling lyrics, these artisans crafted “You Make It Easy” with an enviable equilibrium between simplicity and depth.

But here’s what makes it interesting: While you’d associate the song with the stardom of Jason Aldean, his role was more of an interpreter than a creator. It’s Schmidt, Wallen, Hubbard, and Kelley who deserve the primary applause.

Their collaborative prowess led to the creation of this hit, which effortlessly resonates with fans.

Taking inspiration from personal experiences and relatable love stories, the songwriters sculpted the lyrics around the warmth of unconditional love.

The impact of their own life stories not only gave the song its soul but also helped it appeal to a universal audience. They instinctively knew the heartstrings to tug and consequently, the song struck a chord with millions.

Trivia alert! Wallen initially considered the song for his album. Yet, recognizing that Aldean’s distinctive voice could bring a unique flavor to the lyrics, he graciously stepped aside.

This decision undeniably played a crucial role in the song’s runaway success.

Despite being thrust into the limelight following the song’s success, these writing wizards didn’t rest on their laurels. The creation of “You Make It Easy” was a stepping stone to their ongoing storytelling journey in the world of country music.

Songwriting Process of “You Make It Easy”

music notes
Music notes

Diving into the unique songwriting process of “You Make It Easy” will surprise you. It’s an amazing testament to collaboration and creative sharing among talented artists.

The magical blend between the four songwriters—Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley—uniquely shaped this song. They didn’t just craft lyrics; they infused personal experiences, emotions, and observations that resonate with many fans, making it universally appealing.

Delving into the song’s creation, you’ll find that its conception was far from a rigid, structured process. It was a fluid exchange of ideas, drawn from personal experiences.

Can you imagine Wallen singing the song instead of Aldean? Interestingly enough, Wallen first intended to perform the song himself. However, recognizing Aldean’s potential to bring a unique touch to the song, he selflessly offered it up.

This decision played a significant role in the song’s overwhelming success, contributing significantly to its widespread acclaim.

Tyler HubbardSongwriter/VocalistTyler Hubbard, one-half of the country duo Florida Georgia Line, co-wrote “You Make It Easy” and provided vocals on the track.
Brian KelleySongwriter/VocalistBrian Kelley, the other half of Florida Georgia Line, co-wrote “You Make It Easy” and contributed vocals to the song.
Jordan SchmidtSongwriterJordan Schmidt co-wrote “You Make It Easy” alongside Hubbard and Kelley, contributing to the song’s lyrical and melodic content.
Morgan WallenBackground VocalsMorgan Wallen, a rising country artist, provided background vocals on “You Make It Easy,” adding depth and texture to the track.
This data table provides insights into the collaborative songwriting journey behind “You Make It Easy,” highlighting the contributions of each creator to the song’s creation and success.

Far from being a one-hit wonder, the success of “You Make It Easy” spurred the songwriters to continue their journey into storytelling through song. The subsequent songs they’ve produced continue to resonate with the depth of emotion, relatability, and universal appeal that characterize “You Make It Easy.”

As a fan, exploring the ins and outs of the songwriters’ decision-making process and their journey rounds out your appreciation of the song. It’s a peek behind the curtain, a deeper dive into the world of songwriting and music production.

While this compelling tale of collaboration and creativity unfolds, it’s safe to say that one song changed the trajectory for these songwriters, setting them on a path of ongoing success in the captivating world of country music.

Meet the Talented Writers


Dip into the world of music with Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley. Four talented songwriters who, together, crafted the magic that’s “You Make It Easy”.

Jordan Schmidt, a seasoned creative genius, brought expansive songwriting expertise to the table. With his knack for orchestrating deeply meaningful lyrics, he helped shape the core message of the song, nurturing it from a simple concept into a universally relatable masterpiece.

Then there’s Morgan Wallen, an artist who knows how to embody emotions in lyrics. His decision to offer the song to Jason Aldean was no random act; it was a strategic move that ultimately contributed to the song’s success in the country music world.

Pair Jordan and Morgan with Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, and the magic truly begins. Known for their dynamic partnership, Tyler and Brian offered their diverse musical prowess, making the songwriting process a true collaborative effort.

Through this collaboration, the writers managed to weave together their unique styles and personal experiences, instilling a unique depth and texture into “You Make It Easy.”. Such integration brought forth the compelling narrative that fans have since become deeply connected with.

Their combined creativity and skill prove that not only does it take a village to raise a child, but sometimes it takes a team to write a hit. A good story, evocative lyrics, and the right chord progression can create a song to remember.

Dig beneath the surface, and you’ll discover that the process of creating hit songs like “You Make It Easy” involves a blend of talent, passion, and strategic collaboration.

As you delve deeper into the world of these talented writers, there is plenty more to discover and appreciate in their ongoing journey to tell compelling stories through music. Let’s keep exploring.

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Unraveling the Mystery

country music
Country music

As you venture deeper into the crafting of “You Make It Easy,” the harmonious blend of talents becomes incredibly apparent. Each contributor brought a unique flair to the song, creating a symphony that swiftly climbed the country charts and into the hearts of millions.

Jordan Schmidt emerged as a defining force in shaping the song. His talent for capturing emotion and sincerity elevated the song’s essence. His mastery over blending lyrics and melody showcased his talent for turning simple expressions into memorable musical moments. Schmidt’s distinct touch was evident throughout the track.

Morgan Wallen was the savvy strategist who offered it to Jason Aldean. Wallen understood the potential resonance of the song with Aldean’s wide fanbase. Cleverly playing his cards, Wallen’s insights led to this power ballad reaching audiences it possibly would’ve missed otherwise.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, renowned in the industry for their unique vocals and lyrical talents, added their soulful country-style flair. The duo helped craft the heartfelt narrative, striking a chord with listeners who were moved by the song’s simplicity and poignancy.

These artists’ collaborative efforts were instrumental in creating “You Make It Easy,” a testament to their teamwork and shared love for country music. Their combined expertise forged a timeless track that vividly displays their storytelling and musical prowess.

Their work on “You Make It Easy” spins a rich narrative; each artist plays a different role, all vital in the song’s journey from a concept to a beautiful final piece. This blend of styles, voices, and experiences is quite the marvel, proving yet again how collaboration can transform ideas into successful creations.

Songwriters share their process for writing hit music


Who are the songwriters behind “You Make It Easy”?

The songwriters behind “You Make It Easy” are Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley.

What unique contributions did each songwriter make to “You Make It Easy”?

Each songwriter brought a different strength to the process. Schmidt’s ability to capture emotion and sincerity, Wallen’s decision to give the song to Jason Aldean, and Hubbard’s and Kelley’s country-style contributions all helped to shape the song.

Why was it significant that Morgan Wallen offered the song to Jason Aldean?

Wallen’s decision to offer the song to Jason Aldean was strategic and important in the success of the song, as it resonated with Aldean’s style and connected deeply with his audience.

What is the main point of the article about “You Make It Easy”?

The main point of the article is to highlight the collaborative process and the importance of teamwork and creativity in songwriting, as illustrated by the joint effort behind “You Make It Easy.”

How did the collaborative process contribute to the success of “You Make It Easy”?

The collaborative process allowed these songwriters to combine their talents and insights, resulting in a deeply resonant song that effectively showcased their songwriting and musical prowess.


  • So there you have it.
  • “You Make It Easy” is the result of a powerful collaboration between four talented songwriters: Jordan Schmidt, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Hubbard, and Brian Kelley.
  • Each brought their own unique touch to the song, from Schmidt’s emotive lyrics to Wallen’s smart decision to hand it off to Jason Aldean and Hubbard and Kelley’s country charm.
  • Their collective efforts created a song that truly touched the hearts of many, demonstrating the power of teamwork and creativity in songwriting.
  • This behind-the-scenes look at the making of “You Make It Easy” is a testament to the importance of collaboration in the music industry.
  • It’s a reminder that great music isn’t just about a single artist but about the harmony of different talents coming together.

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