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The Oak Ridge Boys Defy Age And Fraud (With AARP)

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” For The Oak Ridge Boys, time seems to melt away like butter on a biscuit as they continue to harmonize their way through decades, defying expectations and proving that nothing matters when you’re armed with killer vocals and a passion for justice.

These guys have earned their position in the genre’s pantheon, but they’re not your grandpappy’s country lads anymore. The renowned country music group The Oak Ridge Boys is living proof that becoming older is just a number as they continue to fight to age.

These veteran musicians are taking a position against fraud in addition to being dedicated to making music, even if they are becoming older. They are collaborating with AARP to address the very serious problem of fraud targeting older individuals, rather than just belting out hits like “Elvira” and “Ghost Riders in the Sky“.

We are excited to explore the world of The Oak Ridge Boys, where passionate commitment to upholding their community is combined with four-part harmonies.

In this article, witness the timeless melodies of The Oak Ridge Boys as they harmonize through the ages, proving that their music is not the only thing unyielding, so is their dedication to protecting the elderly from fraud, in collaboration with AARP.

Enduring Legacy Of The Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys’ journey began in the realm of Southern gospel during World War II, solidifying their lineup in 1973. With hits like “Elvira” and “Bobbie Sue,” they’ve sold over 41 million records and conquered country music charts.

A testament to their enduring brotherhood, the quartet, all beyond 70, continues to tour extensively, showcasing their resilience and unwavering passion for creating music. The secret? A harmonious blend of individual differences and a shared love for singing.

Their musical evolution continues with plans for a new album, adopting a front porch attitude. This approach, previously successful with their Christmas album, promises a collection of songs that transcend time and resonate with audiences.

The Amazing Talent

Joe Bonsall (lead vocals), Richard Sterban (bass), William Lee Golden (baritone), and Duane Allen (tenor) make up the quartet. Their distinctive rich, smooth sound is created by the flawless blending of the individual voice textures brought by each member.

Their energetic, throbbing live performances are famous and a testament to their unquestionable musical synergy. The Oak Ridge Boys haven’t simply sat back and enjoyed themselves.

The Oak Ridge Boys at the Grand Ole Opry.
Advocacy against elder fraud with AARP showcases ORBs’ commitment to make a positive impact.

They have accepted the progression of music, keeping their country essence while adding pop, rock, and even disco aspects to their sound. This adaptability has kept them relevant and engaging for generations of fans.

Life On The Road And Onstage Harmony

  • Hardest-Working Act In Show Business

Despite their age, The Oak Ridge Boys maintain a rigorous schedule, performing approximately 150 dates a year. The key to their vitality? A customized Prevost bus that ensures a comfortable journey on the road.

  • Harmonious Onstage And Off

Diverse personalities within the quartet contribute to an amazing brotherly bond. Overcoming ego and nonsense, they now focus solely on the joy of singing, creating a positive atmosphere both on and offstage.

  • Music As Therapy and Escapism

For Joe Bonsall, the youngest member at almost 72, music is therapeutic. The Oak Ridge Boys aim to uplift audiences with a clean, wholesome American show, steering clear of divisive themes and focusing on positive vibes.

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A New Album And Future Plans

In collaboration with producer Dave Cobb, The Oak Ridge Boys are planning a new album. The focus? A front porch attitude, reminiscent of their successful Christmas album, promising an exciting musical journey.

The quartet believes in providing a wholesome show that uplifts people. They maintain a largely older fan base while drawing in new listeners and transferring their musical heritage like a treasured family relic.

Years go by, and The Oak Ridge Boys never tire of singing their biggest hit, “Elvira.” The song acts as a time capsule, transporting both the artists and the audience to their most well-known period, which was 1981.

Advocating Against Elder Fraud With AARP

The Oak Ridge Boys and AARP collaborated to increase public awareness of elder fraud. They recorded the upbeat song “Fraud Fighters,” which has a strong message about avoiding fraud. To stop elder fraud, the Oak Ridge Boys have increased their dedication to justice by working with the Department of Justice and AARP.

Understanding the elderly’s fragility, they actively contribute to awareness-building. Taking a personal approach, the quartet tackles important fraud-related topics, especially the elderly’s susceptibility. Their engagement is more than just a show of support; it shows a sincere desire to change things.

The Boys take part in AARP’s educational initiatives as well, advising on being safe and sharing their own experiences with scammers. They empower millions of individuals to combat fraudsters by using their platform to approach them.

The Oak Ridge Boys, led by Joe Bonsall, see the significance of educating people about scams and fraudulent activities to prevent them from falling victim to deceitful schemes, given the surge of elderly individuals in the nation.

The collaboration has produced tangible outcomes. Since the start of the campaign, older individuals’ awareness of fraud has significantly increased, according to AARP. Listeners are moved to action and are inspired to protect themselves by the Boys’ sincere concern and relevant tales.

A man in front of his laptop got a fraud Alert sign.
The Oak Ridge Boys, recent collaboration in the fight against elder fraud.

The Oak Ridge Boys’ Touring Statistics

The number of shows The Oak Ridge Boys did annually is displayed in the table below, which demonstrates their unwavering dedication to their fans. The pandemic in 2020 presented difficulties, but the group persevered and continued to be a powerful presence on stage.

Their continuous touring as of 2023 demonstrates their commitment to sharing their music with people on an annual basis.

YearNumber of Shows
2020145 (adjusted for pandemic)
The Oak Ridge Boys’ dedication to their audience remains steadfast.

The Encore

The Oak Ridge Boys are a living example of both the value of standing up for what’s right and the transformational power of music. We are all motivated to use our voices to make a difference by their unwavering commitment to fighting fraud and their enduring brilliance.

The Oak Ridge Boys are a ray of hope for a time when senior citizens can live secure and dignified lives thanks to their amazing harmonies and unwavering commitment.

Online scams
Be aware of the scammers.

Their message is very clear: each of us can help keep our communities safe from fraud, and when we band together, we can make the globe a place where everyone feels secure and in control.

A Few Things To Avoid Fraud

  • Scammers use a range of techniques to target senior citizens, including online, telemarketing, and grandparent scams.
  • They could pose as law enforcement officers, troubled family members, or even prospective love interests.
  • Unsolicited calls, emails, or letters requesting personal information or urgent action should be avoided.
  • Anything that seems too wonderful to be true is most often not. Make sure all information is correct before transmitting money or personal information, and take your time making selections.
  • Do not hesitate to refuse an invitation if you believe you are the target of a hoax. Inform your friends and relatives about the fraud and report it to the AARP and the authorities. Recall that your strongest line of defense against fraud is knowledge.
Let’s watch this video.


  • The Oak Ridge Boys, with their timeless melodies and harmonies, are not just a legendary country music group but also champions in the fight against elder fraud, collaborating with AARP to raise awareness and protect older individuals.
  • Beyond being Grandpappy’s country lads, these veteran musicians continue to defy aging norms, maintaining an intense touring schedule, and even planning a new album with a front porch attitude, showcasing their adaptability and enduring commitment to music.
  • The quartet’s brotherhood, formed over decades, transcends individual differences, creating an onstage and offstage harmony that contributes to their resilience and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.
  • Advocating against elder fraud is not just a token effort for The Oak Ridge Boys; it’s a gut-level involvement. Their collaboration with AARP and the Department of Justice reflects a sincere desire to make a difference, addressing serious issues affecting the vulnerable elderly population.
  • As they continue to harmonize through the ages, The Oak Ridge Boys serve as both a musical inspiration and a force for justice, empowering millions to combat fraudsters, protect themselves, and contribute to creating a secure and dignified environment for senior citizens.

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