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Kimberly Woolen (Biography: Love, Dance, and Family 2023)

In the realm of music, a few traditions are not just characterized by the imaginativeness of the entertainers but also by the relentless help and love of the people who stand close by. Kimberly Woolen, the spouse of the late bluegrass music icon Glen Campbell, is a noteworthy example of this. Her biography demonstrates affection, devotion, and the force of standing together through life’s difficulties.

Kimberly Woolen, a name synonymous with strength and resilience, shared an incredible journey with Glen Campbell, spanning decades of love, music, and triumph over adversity. A devoted wife and partner, Kimberly played an instrumental role in Glen’s life, contributing not only to his happiness but also to the harmonious rhythm of his music career.

In this article, I’ll go into the tapestry of Glen Campbell’s wife Kimberly Woolen, revealing how she served as the constant thread that has woven harmony, love, and support through her advocacy work and ongoing initiatives to preserve Glen’s legacy. So stay tuned!

Kimberly Woolen’s Short Introduction

Kimberly Woolen, born on April 3, 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is renowned for her extraordinary journey from a passionate dancer to the beloved spouse of the iconic country singer Glen Campbell. Their love story, despite a notable age difference, captivated hearts.

With three talented children, Ashley Campbell, Cal Campbell, and Shannon Campbell, she forged a remarkable legacy, blending love, music, and commitment in a way that continues to inspire.

A Remarkable Love Story: How Kimberly Woolen Found Love With Glen Campbell

Kimberly Woolen’s life weaves a remarkable love story that defies expectations. Born in Indianapolis in 1959, her path led to an extraordinary encounter with the iconic Glen Campbell.

Kimberly’s journey, from a young dance enthusiast to Glen Campbell’s cherished spouse, is a testament to life’s unpredictability.

This chance meeting on a blind date, arranged by Carl Jackson, transformed her life profoundly. It’s a heartwarming reminder that genuine love knows no boundaries, age, or conventions, creating a love story cherished by many.

Kimberly Woolen’s life is a testament to love, commitment, and resilience.
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Kimberly Woolen’s Early Years: From Indiana To The Dance Stage

It was there at her birthplace that her profound love for dance began to take root. Graduating high school in 1977, Kimberly embarked on a path that would see her transform her passion into a profession.

Her exceptional talent in dance didn’t go unnoticed, eventually leading her to grace the stages of renowned venues like Radio City Music Hall and the Jones Beach production of The Music Man.

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A Passion For Dance: Kimberly’s Journey To Becoming A Professional Dancer

Kimberly Woolen’s life story is deeply intertwined with her unwavering passion for dance. After high school, she set off on a mission towards her long-lasting pursuit. Her commitment to the work of art was obvious, driving her down a way that saw her progress from an aspiring artist to a quintessential expert.

Her exceptional talent and boundless enthusiasm soon garnered attention, earning her coveted opportunities to perform on illustrious stages. Venues like Radio City Music Hall and the Jones Beach production of The Music Man showcased her extraordinary abilities, making her a standout in the world of dance.

Meeting Glen Campbell: The Chance Encounter That Changed Everything

In a serendipitous turn of events, Kimberly’s life was forever altered when she met Glen Campbell on a blind date arranged by Carl Jackson. Oblivious to Glen’s fame, their effortless connection ignited a transformative chapter in her life.

Love Knows No Boundaries: Kimberly Woolen’s Age And Glen Campbell

Kimberly and Glen’s love story defied age-related stereotypes, illustrating that genuine love transcends conventional boundaries. Despite a notable age gap, their connection was authentic and profound.

A Marriage That Lasted Three Decades: Kimberly And Glen’s Unbreakable Bond

Kimberly and Glen’s love story culminated in a poignant wedding ceremony in October 1982 at the North Phoenix Baptist Church, marking the beginning of a union that endured for over thirty years—an enduring testament to their unwavering bond.

Kimberly and Glen Campbell: A Portrait of Love
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The Campbell Family: Meet Kimberly And Glen’s Children

Kimberly Woolen and Glen Campbell’s love story expanded to include a loving family, introducing three children into their lives. Their family portrait includes Cal Campbell, Shannon Campbell, and Ashley Campbell. Remarkably, all of their children inherited their father’s musical talent and passion.

Cal, Shannon, and Ashley followed in Glen’s illustrious footsteps, becoming accomplished musicians in their own right. This musical legacy not only strengthened the family’s bond but also perpetuated the Campbell family’s musical heritage.

The Campbell children’s talents added an extraordinary dimension to their family story, making it a harmonious blend of love, music, and unwavering support that continues to inspire many to this day.

The Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Kim’s Tough Choices And Unwavering Support

In 2009, Glen Campbell’s cognitive abilities began to decline, ultimately leading to an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in 2011. Kimberly confronted agonizing decisions concerning his care but remained resolute in her commitment to his well-being.

A Look Behind The Headlines: Kim’s Decision And The Media Scrutiny

Kimberly’s choice to place Glen in a care facility in 2014, where he could receive round-the-clock professional care, drew considerable media attention and scrutiny. Nevertheless, she steadfastly defended her decisions as being in Glen’s best interests.

Kimberly Woolen, a woman who not only won the heart of a music legend but also shone as a talented dancer and devoted mother (Image Credits:

A Life Of Love And Care: How Kimberly Supported Glen Through Alzheimer’s

Despite the formidable challenges posed by Glen’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Kimberly ensured that their love remained unshaken. They shared meals and cherished moments every night. Kimberly engaged Glen in brain-stimulating activities to mitigate the disease’s progression. Kimberly’s unwavering support served as the bedrock of their enduring bond, a testament to her love and devotion.

Kimberly Woolen’s Vital Information

BirthdateApril 3, 1959
Age (as of 2023)64 years
Place of BirthIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
SpouseGlen Campbell
ChildrenAshley Campbell, Cal Campbell, and Shannon Campbell
Explore key details about Kimberly Woolen, including her birthdate, age, place of birth, spouse, and children, offering insights into her remarkable life.

What Was The Age Difference Between Glen Campbell And His Wife?

When they first met, Kimberly was just 22 years old, and Glen Campbell was 45.

Who Inherited Glen Campbell’s Estate?

Glen Campbell’s estate primarily went to his wife, Kimberly Campbell, along with five of his adult children. However, three children from prior marriages were excluded: William, Kelli, and Wesley Campbell. Check out more about this lovely couple in the video below:

Kim Campbell Honors Legacy of Late Husband


  • Kimberly Woolen’s early years in Indiana nurtured her passion for dance. Her love story with Glen Campbell, despite the age difference, was a profound testament to love’s boundless nature.
  • Their enduring marriage brought three talented children into their lives. Kimberly’s unwavering support during Glen’s Alzheimer’s battle showcased her resilience.
  • Glen Campbell’s estate primarily went to Kimberly and five of their children, excluding three from previous marriages.
  • Although Kimberly Woolen’s net worth remains undisclosed, Glen’s estate was valued at $50 million at the time of his passing.

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