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George Jones Kids (Life and Legacy of an Icon)

The legendary country music artist George Jones made an enduring impression on the music industry with his timeless compositions and engaging live performances. Even though he was well renowned for his remarkable profession, his personal life, particularly his role as a father, was equally fascinating.

George Jones had four children in total, each from different marriages:

  • Susan Jones Smith
  • Bryan Jones
  • Jeffrey Jones
  • Georgette Jones

These four children experienced unique journeys and made their own choices in life, some of which were influenced by their famous father’s legacy.

In this article, we will dive into the existences of George Jones’ children, offering experiences of their one-of-a-kind journeys and the paths they chose to follow.

George Jones’ Children: A Brief Overview

Child NameMother’s NameBirth YearCareer Path
Susan Jones SmithDorothy Bonvillion1950Private life, family-focused
Bryan JonesShirley Ann Corley1954Auto parts sales in Huntsville, Texas
Jeffrey JonesShirley Ann Corley1954Flooring business in Vidor, Texas
Georgette JonesTammy Wynette1970Singer and songwriter in country music
A quick overview of George Jones’ children, their mothers, birth years, and the career paths they pursued in life

About George Jones

George Jones, who is well-known for his number-one hits “White Lightning” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” had a spectacular career spanning many years.

His personal life was characterized by marriages, divorces, and, most importantly, the joys and difficulties of parenting, while his professional life was a tornado of success and popularity.

You can listen to George Jones’ “White Lightnin'” (from We Ain’t Dead Yet) on this track.

A Glimpse Into George Jones’ Marriages

George Jones, the legendary country singer, was married four times throughout his life:

  • Dorothy Bonvillion (1950–1951): His first wife, with whom he had Susan
  • Shirley Ann Corley (1954–1968): Mother to Bryan and Jeffrey
  • Tammy Wynette (1969–1975): With whom he had Georgette
  • Nancy Sepulvado (1983–2013): His final marriage until his passing in 2013

These marriages were marked by their own unique stories and challenges, contributing to the complexity of George Jones’ personal life.

Did George And Tammy Have Kids?

Tamala Georgette Jones, also known as Georgette, was the only child that George Jones and Tammy Wynette, two legendary country music performers, had together.

She continued her parents’ musical tradition in the world of country music by developing into a gifted vocalist and composer in her own right.

Did George And Nancy Supalvado Have Kids?

George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado did not have children together during their marriage. In spite of the fact that they never had offspring of their own, George’s fourth and last union with Nancy was a long one that went on until he passed away in 2013.

George and Nancy’s relationship can be described by steadiness and friendship; such traits enabled them to enjoy their later years without agonizing over bringing up kids.

George Jones, one of the greatest country singers of all time, not only left behind a rich musical legacy but also a family with diverse paths and unique stories.
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Discovering the Children of the Legendary George Jones

Each of his children had their unique paths in life, reflecting the diversity of experiences that come with being the offspring of a music legend.

Susan Jones Smith: A Quiet Life Away from the Spotlight

Susan, George’s first child from his marriage to Dorothy Bonvillion, lived a life far away from the glitz and glamour of the music industry.

After marrying Harmon Smith, she chose a quiet and happy life. They had two children, Jennifer and Michael, and even had the joy of being grandparents to twins, Laura and Jason. Despite her father’s fame, Susan remained grounded in her family’s presence and cherished moments spent with her loved ones.

Bryan and Jeffrey Jones: Straying from the Music Path

Bryan and Jeffrey, George’s sons from his marriage to Shirley Ann Corley, chose paths that diverged from their father’s music career.

While their father was a country music superstar, Bryan pursued a career in auto parts sales in Huntsville, Texas, while Jeffrey found his niche in the flooring business in Vidor, Texas.

Despite their differences, the brothers came together to pay tribute to their father, reflecting on his down-to-earth nature and the impact he had on their lives.

Georgette Jones: Following in Her Parents’ Footsteps

The youngest child of George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Tamala Georgette Jones, known as Georgette, is the only one among the four children who followed in her parents’ musical footsteps.

With a talent for singing and songwriting, Georgette’s pure voice is reminiscent of her famous mother’s.

A Non-Traditional Path to Music

However, her path to pursuing music was not straightforward. Georgette worked as a registered nurse for 17 years, prioritizing her children’s well-being before embarking on her music career.

Overcoming Musical Insecurities

Over time, she overcame her fear of musical comparisons and confidently embraced her roots. Georgette also penned an autobiography in 2011 titled “Ultimately, the Three of Us, Growing Up Tammy and George.

A heartwarming moment between a family, as George and Georgette share their love for music (Image Credit: Country Now)

Exploring Family Dynamics

She delves into what it was like to experience celebrity guardianship while growing up. The book discusses her mom’s battle with a prescription drug addiction and the challenges of her parents’ tumultuous marriage.

Reconciliation Through Music: “You, Me and Time”

In a touching act of reconciliation, Georgette and George recorded “You, Me and Time,” a song she had written before her father passed away.

The Jones Family’s Perspective on George

Despite the challenges and complexities that fame brought into their lives, George Jones’ children still remember him as a loving family man who left an indelible mark on country music.

Their individual journeys reflect the diversity of experiences that come with being the offspring of a music legend.

Did George Jones Have A Bad Relationship With His Kids?

George Jones’s fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado, received most of his wealth because he had troubled connections with his children from prior marriages. Because of the issues he had had with his older children, he had made the choice to support his current spouse instead of them.

Susan, Bryan, Jeffrey, and Georgette Jones each carved their own place in the world, reflecting the values and lessons instilled by their famous father. (Image Credits: CountryFanCast)

Did George Jones Leave His Kids Any Money?

George Jones left his daughter Tamala Georgette, also known as Georgette, an inheritance of $50,000.

Additionally, his daughter Susan Jones received a substantial $2 million settlement after pursuing a legal claim for a share of her father’s wealth through a lawsuit. These financial arrangements were made to ensure that his daughters received their respective inheritances.


  • George Jones, the legendary country singer, had a complex relationship with his children.
  • His fourth wife, Nancy Sepulvado, inherited the majority of his wealth.
  • He left $50,000 to his daughter Tamala Georgette, who pursued a career in music.
  • Susan Jones, another daughter, received a significant $2 million settlement through a lawsuit.
  • These financial arrangements aimed to provide for his daughters despite the challenges in their relationships.
  • The legacy of George Jones, both in music and family matters, remains a topic of discussion among fans and followers.

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