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Charley Pride’s Son Tribute to His Father with ”Kiss An Angel Good Mornin”

Charley Pride‘s legacy in country music was profound, marked by his resonant deep voice and emotionally resonant songs that solidified his iconic status.

His groundbreaking achievements in breaking racial barriers within the genre inspired countless fans and earned him immense success.

Although the music world mourned his passing, Charley Pride’s impact remains palpable. Tonight, we pay tribute to his enduring legacy through a special performance by his son, Dion Pride.

Dion carries forward his father’s musical spirit, offering a heartfelt rendition of a song that held deep meaning for their family.

This celebration of Charley Pride’s life and contributions serves as a reminder of the lasting influence he continues to have on the world of music.

Charley Pride, a pioneering Black country singer
Charley Pride, a pioneering Black country singer, broke racial barriers with his warm baritone and became a Grand Ole Opry legend.

Charley Pride’s Legacy

Charley Pride’s career stands as a testament to perseverance and artistic talent. He carved a unique path in country music, becoming a household name despite facing immense challenges.

Pride’s journey was far from easy. As a Black artist in a genre with a predominantly white audience and industry, he encountered racism and resistance throughout his career.

Booking gigs, securing record deals, and even finding acceptance from fellow musicians presented constant hurdles.

However, Pride possessed an undeniable voice and an unwavering determination. His soulful baritone resonated with audiences, and his relatable songs transcended racial boundaries.

Gradually, he began achieving chart success and critical acclaim.

His groundbreaking achievements paved the way for future generations of Black artists in country music.

Beyond his musical success, Charley Pride was a devoted family man. He married his wife Rozene for over 60 years and raised three children.

This aspect of his life further endeared him to fans and reinforced his positive image within the industry.

The Tribute (“Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'”)

For several reasons, the song chosen for the tribute, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’,” carries a powerful weight.

The song picked for the tribute, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’,” was really special. It came out in 1971 and became one of Charley Pride’s biggest hits, topping the country charts and making him a legend in country music history.

Charley Pride's Greatest Hits
Image Source: Reddit

When Dion Pride sang this beloved song, he wasn’t just honoring his dad; he reminded the audience of a treasured part of his dad’s musical legacy.

During the performance, Dion and Lorrie Morgan took turns singing lines, letting each of their unique voices shine.

Dion’s voice was special in its way, but you could hear hints of his dad’s deep voice in it, too. This subtle tribute, maybe without even trying, touched the hearts of everyone listening.

As the song went on, you could feel the emotions in the air. The audience knew the lyrics well, and they felt the love and sadness in the song.

Sharing this special song, mixed with the feelings of a son remembering his dad, made the moment even more powerful.

The performance ended with a beautiful duet in the chorus. Dion and Lorrie’s voices blended perfectly, creating a strong harmony that filled the room.

The audience clapped loudly when they finished, showing how much they loved the tribute. It was a touching and amazing version of a classic song, filled with love and respect for a music icon.

Fans are happy to see Dion continue his dad’s legacy!

Kiss an adngel Good Morning by Dion Pride
Image Source: Twitter

Other than that, the following are some other covers of Charley Pride’s by Dion:

Song TitleOriginal ArtistDion Pride’s Cover Year
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’Charley Pride2020
Is Anybody Goin’ to San AntoneCharley Pride2018
Mountain of LoveCharley Pride2019
I’m Just MeCharley Pride2021
Roll on MississippiCharley Pride2022
Dion Pride’s covers of Charley Pride’s songs

Continuing the Legacy

Dion Pride’s “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'” performance wasn’t just a tribute; it was like keeping his dad’s music going.

Even before starting his music career, Dion was really into his dad’s music.

He got really good at playing lead guitar and keyboards in Charley Pride’s band, and he learned a lot from such a big legend. They even wrote a song together for one of Charley Pride’s albums.

Now that he’s a successful solo artist, Dion carries the family legacy with his own style. He sings his songs, showing his musical style while still being inspired by his dad’s music.

He works hard, playing lots of shows all around, including tours for the USO to connect with fans and inspire them, just like his dad did.

Dion Pride’s music journey shows how strong Charley Pride’s legacy is. By respecting his dad’s music while making his way, Dion makes sure the Pride name keeps shining in country music.

Don’t forget to check out this beautiful performance!

Dion Pride’s and Lorrie Morgan’s “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” by Charley Pride Tribute!
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What year did Charlie Pride Kiss an Angel Good Morning come out?

“Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'” by Charley Pride, a timeless country classic, was released in 1971. Its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics captivated audiences, making it one of Pride’s most beloved and iconic songs.

Who had a US Country No 1 with Kiss an Angel Good Mornin in 1971?

Charley Pride topped the US Country charts in 1971 with “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’,” securing a No. 1 hit with this timeless country classic.

What was Charley Pride’s signature song?

“Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'” was Charley Pride’s signature song, known for its timeless appeal and heartfelt lyrics that resonated deeply with audiences.


  • Charley Pride’s impact on country music showcases talent and resilience, inspiring fans despite the racial challenges he faced during his career.
  • Dion Pride carries forward his father’s legacy with heartfelt performances and by preserving Charley’s music for future generations.
  • Dion’s tribute performance of “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'” deeply connects audiences to Charley Pride’s enduring musical legacy.
  • The song’s lyrics and melody beautifully celebrate Charley Pride’s life and achievements, evoking nostalgic memories for fans.
  • Charley Pride’s children contribute significantly to the enduring Pride family legacy through their own musical endeavors.
  • They serve as inspirations for aspiring Black musicians, promoting diversity and inclusion within the country music industry.

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