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Yellowstone’s Family Tree 1923 (The Dutton Clan)

1923 is a follow-up to 1883 and a precursor to Yellowstone that focuses on the Dutton family’s past. Alright, Cowboys of the House! Producer/director Taylor Sheridan’s numerous Western endeavors are not all connected, but these two are.

We’re solidly in a break from Dutton family drama — the fifth time of Yellowstone is as yet scheduled to return for its last episodes this fall (however that timetable could change with the continuous business strikes) — yet that doesn’t mean our brains aren’t on Montana’s most watched family.

Joined with the characters from the prequels, 1883 and 1923 (which is affirmed to return briefly season) there is a great deal of Duttons to monitor. Look on for all that we know (up until this point) about the genealogy of Yellowstone’s most memorable family.

Yellowstone belongs to Dutton family
Yellowstone belongs to the Dutton family

Yellowstone Family Tree Summary Table

Here’s a simplified representation of the Yellowstone TV series family tree in a table format:

CharacterRelationshipConnected Characters
John DuttonPatriarchBeth Dutton, Jamie Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Lee Dutton
Beth DuttonDaughterJohn Dutton, Jamie Dutton, Kayce Dutton
Jamie DuttonSonJohn Dutton, Beth Dutton, Kayce Dutton
Kayce DuttonSonJohn Dutton, Beth Dutton, Jamie Dutton
Lee DuttonSonJohn Dutton, Beth Dutton, Jamie Dutton
Rip WheelerRanch HandBeth Dutton
Monica DuttonKayce’s WifeTate Dutton
Tate DuttonGrandsonKayce Dutton, Monica Dutton
Yellowstone family tree

Explaining the Yellowstone Dutton Family Tree

Yellowstone is a very long story allowing over five seasons and encompassing (so far) a spinoff series. Now explaining here is a quick breakdown of the Dutton family.

Yellowstone Dutton's family tree
Yellowstone Dutton’s family tree

James Dutton

One of the leads of 1883, James Dutton (Tim McGraw) was the first patriarch of the Dutton family and the first to guarantee the family’s home in Montana. Initially a rancher from Tennessee, he voyaged west with his better half and kids in the wake of battling as a Confederate fighter in the Nationwide conflict. He expected to travel further past Montana, yet settled there after the demise of his little girl, Elsa.

Margaret Dutton

A medical caretaker for the Confederate Armed force, Margaret Dutton (Confidence Slope) cultivated next to her better half, James, in Tennessee before the family traveled northwest for a new area. She and James had three youngsters: Elsa, John, and Spencer.

Jacob Dutton

Sibling to James, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Passage) took over focusing on the Yellowstone estate in the mid-1900s. He was one of the main men in 1923.

Cara Dutton

Played by Helen Mirren in 1923, Cara Dutton is Jacob’s spouse and the Dutton family’s female authority following Margaret’s demise.

Claire Dutton

Sister to James and Jacob, 1883’s Claire Dutton (Sunrise Olivieri) was a new widow looking for another home with her sibling’s family and her little girl, Mary Abel. Be that as it may, after Mary Abel was killed by a group beyond Post Worth, Texas, Claire — who had lost her significant other and every one of the seven of her kids — kicked the bucket by self-destruction at Mary Abel’s grave.

Mary Abel

Daughter of Claire Dutton and niece to James, Jacob, Margaret, and Cara, 1883’s Mary Abel (Emma Malouff) passed on out and about west when a group went after the family’s camp in Texas.

A scene from Yellowstone Season 5
A scene from Yellowstone Season 5

Elsa Dutton

The oldest offspring of James and Margaret Dutton, Elsa (Isabel May) filled in as the storyteller of 1883 preceding her passing in the season finale.

Voyaging west at 17 years old with her folks and more youthful sibling, John, Elsa became hopelessly enamored two times out and about — first with cattle rustler Ennis, who was killed by scoundrels, and afterward with Comanche champion Sam, to whom she guaranteed she’d return after her family found their property out west.

However, she was always unable to return to her affection, as she was shot and killed before they could be brought together.

John Dutton I

The most established child of James and Margaret Dutton, John Dutton I shows up in 1883 as a youngster and in 1923 as a grown-up, played by James Identification Dale.

He worked the Yellowstone land close to his, Jacob, and had his own family with spouse Emma and child Jack. He passed on halfway through 1923 thanks to a continuous quarrel between cows, ranchers, and sheepherders.

Spencer Dutton

In spite of the fact that we don’t meet him in 1883, we learn in 1923 that James and Margaret had a third youngster, Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar), who was brought into the world after the family got comfortable in Montana.

A veteran of The Second Great War, he’s a fundamental person in 1923 and the most probable dad of John Dutton II, given Elizabeth Dutton’s unsuccessful labor in the 1923 season finale.

Alex Dutton

A scrappy firecracker whom Spencer experiences passionate feelings for while living in Africa, Alex, at last, weds into the Dutton family and goes with Spencer back to Yellowstone.

In the 1923 season finale, she appears squeamish on board their vehicle transport home. In spite of the fact that it’s conceivable she’s experiencing nausea, it appears to be similarly reasonable that she’s conveying John Dutton II.

Emma Dutton

Emma Dutton (Marley Shelton) is the spouse of John Dutton I and mother to Jack Dutton in 1923. She passes on from self-destruction after her significant other is shot and killed right off the bat in the season.

Jack Dutton

The child of John Dutton I and Emma Dutton, Jack Dutton (Darren Mann) works with his dad and extraordinary uncle to watch out for the Yellowstone land during 1923. He falls head over heels for Elizabeth Strafford and weds her in an informal (however lovely) service.

It was initially felt that Jack would become the dad to John Dutton II — episode 5 of 1923 uncovered Elizabeth was pregnant — in any case, given his significant other’s unsuccessful labor in the season finale, it appears to be more probable Spencer and Alex will be Johnny Jr’s. actual guardians.

Yellowstone Dutton Ranch
Montana Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Elizabeth Dutton

Set up as Jack’s old flame in 1923, Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) turns into the soul mate and spouse of the youthful Dutton. In episode 5 of season 1, she discovers she is pregnant, however, she loses in the season finale.

John Dutton II

Apparently the child of Spencer and Alex — or, maybe, once more, Jack and Elizabeth, in the event that they consider — John Dutton II isn’t ensured to show up in 1923, however, he appears as an elderly person in flashback episodes of Yellowstone. He was once the Dutton family patriarch and is the dad of Costner’s John Dutton III.

John Dutton III

The ongoing proprietor of the gigantic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Costner’s John Dutton III is a solid conservative, a tough cowpoke, an overcomer of numerous brushes with death, and the legislative head of Montana.

He longs for no good reason other than the continuation of his family’s territory in the specific state it was passed on to him.

Peter Dutton

In Yellowstone, season 5, John Dutton III reveals to his girl in-regulation, Monica, that he had a sibling named Peter, who kicked the bucket just a short time in the wake of being conceived.

Evelyn Dutton

When the spouse and genuine affection of John Dutton III, Evelyn Dutton (Gretchen Mol) kicked the bucket when her four kids — Lee, Beth, Kayce, and Jamie — were as yet youthful. A horseback riding episode brought about her being squashed, a mishap for which Beth actually faults herself.

Lee Dutton

The oldest offspring of John Dutton III and Evelyn Dutton, Lee (Dave Annable) was constantly intended to carry on the Dutton ranch’s inheritance, yet he kicked the bucket in the meantime of Yellowstone after a fight over taken cows.

Beth Dutton

John Dutton III and Evelyn’s just girl, Beth (Kelly Reilly) is the firecracker of the family, an unadulterated power of nature with slicing gazes and battered bangs to demonstrate it. The possible individuals for whom she’ll assent — if by some stroke of good luck scarcely — are her dad and her better half, the rancher Tear Wheeler.

Rip Wheeler

A cowpoke complete, Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) first showed up on the Yellowstone Ranch as a damaged youngster, where he met and gradually went gaga for his supervisor’s girl. Until now, he is John Dutton III’s most confided-in man.

Kayce Dutton

Everlastingly untethered inside the Dutton family and at one point alienated from his dad, Kayce (Luke Grimes) is the most youthful of the Dutton brood however the first to have his own family. He wedded Monica Long of the Messed up Rock Reservation, and together they had Tate Dutton, whom John Dutton III ultimately develops close with as Kayce’s attentiveness dies down.

Jamie Dutton

Frantic to please and effectively controlled, Jamie (Wes Bentley) is a lawyer and the embraced child of John Dutton III and Evelyn Dutton, whom John later excludes when things get a bit uncertain between them. Jamie’s biological dad was Garrett Randall, who killed Jamie’s mom when Jamie was only a child. Jamie himself kills Garrett when things get sketchy between them.


When a worker of Jamie’s during his mission for state principal legal officer, Christina (Katherine Cunningham) turned out to be momentarily sincerely connected with Jamie and fathered his kid. As of season 5, they appear to at this point not be together.

Monica Long Dutton

Raised on the close Broken Rock Reservation, the faithful and savvy Monica Long Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) is normally dubious of the Dutton family’s aims, however, she has become fonder of them as her child grows up and her significant other, Kayce, falls back inside his dad’s grip. She has functioned as an instructor both on and off-kilter.

Tate Dutton

The main enduring offspring of Kayce and Monica, Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill) is a daring kid who — like his dad and granddad — has experienced incredible hardship at least a time or two. Yet, as one of a handful of the Dutton relatives who appears to see the value in the land however much his progenitors, it appears to be conceivable, while possibly not likely, that the ranch will ultimately tumble to his consideration.

Assuming Yellowstone goes down that course, it would welcome some invite subtlety for the series to investigate, as the blended race child of a rancher and a Local American re-acquires the land once taken from his progenitors.

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  • In disentangling the family tree of the Yellowstone television series, it becomes obvious that direct relations, reliability, and aspiration meet to shape the predetermination of the Duttons.
  • John, Beth, Jamie, Kayce, Tear, and the farm hands structure a mind-boggling organization of connections that reflects the rough territory of Montana they call home.
  • As watchers navigate the story scene, they witness the back-and-forth movement of force, love, and treachery, making Yellowstone a Western show as well as a convincing investigation of the ties that tight spot and the decisions that characterize a family’s inheritance.
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