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Who Is Zach Bryan’s Current Girlfriend? [Dive Into The Singer’s Love Life]

Zach Bryan’s present girlfriend is Brianna LaPaglia. Brianna officially acknowledged their relationship on her podcast. She is not only Zach’s girlfriend but also a content creator and podcaster.

Zach Bryan, born on April 2, 1996, is an accomplished American country singer and songwriter who has made a mark in the industry. With an exceptional discography, he has consistently charted on the Billboards, achieving top positions.

Studio Album4 studio albums.
Live Album1 live album.
Extended Play2 extended plays.
Singles8 singles.
Zach Bryan’s discography

Notably, his album “American Heartbreak” won the Top Country Album award, among other awards and nominations. Besides excelling in country music, Zach is also skilled in blending genres like alt-country and honky-tonk.

What Is Zach Bryan’s Dating History?

Zach Bryan smoking cigarette with his name written
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Though not boasting much of dating history, Zach Bryan’s romantic journey is still interesting enough to captivate your attention.

  • He tied the knot with Rose in July 2020, but their paths diverged after a year in July 2021.
  • Following this, he dated Debbie Peifer, but their relationship concluded with a post on May 31, 2023, where he addressed the situation.
  • Presently, Zach is in a relationship with Brianna LaPaglia, a connection that began around July 2023 and continues to thrive.

A Detailed Timeline of Zach Bryan And His New Girlfriend’s Relationship?

Brianna LaPaglia and Zach Bryan taking a selfie
Image credit: Brianna LaPaglia/ Instagram (briannalapaglia)

There was considerable excitement, especially in July and August, with social media detectives actively investigating. Eventually, the couple officially confirmed the buzz.

If you’re eager to know the details of how and when their relationship began, as well as what unfolded in between, continue reading to find out.

11th May, 2023

Zach Bryan and Brianna LaPaglia first crossed paths at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Being in relationships at the time, there was no conversation between them during or after the event. Zach was in a relationship with Debbie Peifer.

Interestingly, Brianna, being a big fan of Zach, couldn’t resist asking him for a picture when she saw him at the awards. It’s one of those unexpected love stories where connections happen at surprising moments with unexpected individuals. However, that was the extent of their interaction, as no further encounters were reported, either online or in person.

31st May, 2023

You might be wondering why this particular event is included in the timeline, but it holds significance as it occurred after the breakup of both individuals, ultimately bringing them closer. On this specific day, Zach Bryan shared on his social media about his mutual breakup with his former partner, Deb Peifer.

He emphasized their desire for privacy during this time. This marked the beginning of Zach’s single status, and little did anyone know that Brianna would also become single later, eventually bringing them together. Up until this point, both of them had been leading separate lives without any notable interactions between them.

Who is Zach Bryan’s new girlfriend, Brianna Chickenfry?

23rd June 2023

This situation, to some extent, triggered rumors among people, although both parties have consistently denied any ongoing connection. Even on that day, there was no communication between them, not during the concert or immediately afterward.

Zach Bryan was performing at a concert in NYC’s Forest Hills Stadium, where Brianna LaPaglia, accompanied by her friend Richards, had the privilege of enjoying the concert from the stage. Surprisingly, they even got to sing one of the songs with Zach Bryan. However, this was the extent of their interaction during the concert, and nothing more occurred.

Following the event, two notable things happened:

  1. Firstly, the media, in its typical fashion, made a video of Brianna on stage with Zach Bryan go viral, especially on TikTok.
  2. Secondly, after the concert, Brianna recorded and uploaded a podcast titled “Eat the Rich (Besides Zach Bryan),” expressing gratitude to him and Richards for joining him in the concert and for being so kind.

This marked the beginning of their communication, but it was only ordinary conversations, akin to casual discussions with friends. Importantly, Brianna was still in a relationship at that time. However, following the concert, Brianna also ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Joey. This breakup contributed to the heightened suspicions among people regarding Zach and Brianna.

28th July, 2023

Finally, Brianna confirmed the relationship by posting a podcast. She mentioned that she initially wanted to keep it private, but due to spreading rumors and public curiosity, she decided to address the matter on her own podcast.

Brianna expressed her happiness but clarified that it was nothing too serious; they were just casually hanging out and having fun. She shared that they started seeing each other approximately three weeks before the podcast.

In her words, “It’s fun, it’s casual… just wanted to address it because the whole internet is freaking out, and people are doing stuff.” With Brianna’s confirmation, people became more at ease with the situation.

Brianna LaPaglia sitting on floor and calling.
Image credit: Brianna LaPaglia/ Instagram (briannalapaglia)

4th August, 2023

This marked the first time, aside from her podcast, that she openly discussed her relationship on the BFF podcast. The hosts expressed their dismay at not being informed about the relationship beforehand.

In response, she reiterated that they initially wanted to keep their relationship private, but when the internet discovered it and brought along hate and rumors, she felt compelled to address it.

During the podcast, she also shared an interesting tidbit about the background story behind her first social media post featuring Zach Bryan. She explained that while visiting Oklahoma, Zach’s home state, they went out for ice cream, and in the midst of it, she took a photo of him.

This picture, along with others in a picture dump, ended up being her first post about Zach. These were charming details, but given their preference for a private relationship, they didn’t want to divulge excessive details about their connection.

26th August, 2023

Zach Bryan released his new album, “Zach Bryan,” on August 25, 2023. The following day, his supportive girlfriend showed up to promote and support his album. She even sang along to one of the songs, “Smaller Acts.”

The keen-eyed TikTok community quickly noticed that the line “Friday afternoon at the Mercury Lounge” in the song might be connected to Zach’s relationship with Brianna. This speculation arose because Zach had recently posted a photo of him and Brianna at the Mercury Lounge.

Following this, the timeline concludes, not because they ended their relationship, but because it’s an ongoing and happy commitment. Unlike a brief and casual connection that fades after a few months, this couple is still together, supporting and posting about each other.

They even share affectionate pictures that captivate their fans. People were quick to pass judgment, and I acknowledge that the sequence of their past breakups and then getting together may raise eyebrows. However, it’s essential to consider that it could be entirely coincidental or a “meant-to-be” situation. Therefore, before casting judgments, it’s crucial to think twice and refrain from unnecessary hate comments.

Who Exactly Is Brianna LaPaglia?

Brianna LaPaglia posing for a picture on a black background
Image credit: Brianna LaPaglia/ Instagram (briannalapaglia)

Born on June 17, 1999, Brianna developed a keen interest in social media. After gaining popularity on TikTok, she received an offer from Barstool Sports and ventured into podcasting.

Today, she is widely recognized as a prominent social media influencer, podcaster, content creator, and blog writer. It’s worth mentioning that she has also become known for her relationship with Zach.

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Sum Up

  • Zach Bryan is an American country singer born on April 2, 1996.
  • His dating history includes a marriage to Rose in July 2020, which ended in July 2021. After a brief relationship with Debbie Peifer, he is currently dating Brianna LaPaglia.
  • The timeline with Brianna started around May 2023 and they started dating around July 2023.
  • Brianna is a popular social media influencer, content creator, and podcaster.

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