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When Artists Fall on Stage (And Get BACK UP Again!)

Live shows are exciting, but even seasoned performers can trip and fall on stage. They showcase their human side in this awkward and lovely moment.

Whether it’s a lost step, slick floor, or wardrobe failure, slip-ups happen to pop sensations and rock musicians equally.

It’s easy to picture how embarrassing it must have been to fall on stage in the presence of thousands of people in the heat of the moment.

Many artists, though, have humorously and modestly transformed these occasions into wonderful memories.

So, let’s see how our favorite musicians gracefully and stylishly recovered from some of the most famous on-stage falls in music history.

Artists Takes a Tumble

Luke Comb

On May 20, 2024, at his show at Levi’s Stadium in California, country music singer Luke Combs witnessed a moment that will never be forgotten.

Combs unexpectedly fell off the stage in the middle of his performance, frightening the audience to death.

It happened just as Combs was going to begin singing his hit tune “Beer Never Broke My Heart.”

He landed hard on his bottom as he started to go in the direction of the mic. Many fans wondered if Combs was right after seeing the collective scream of the audience.

But the country singer showed right away that he’s a real pro. Combs got to his feet, smiled hesitantly, dusted himself down, and laughed off the incident.

Making a baseball-style sign to indicate that he was alright, he said, “I’m safe, everybody!” Relieved that Combs was unhurt and astonished by his speedy recovery, the audience burst into applause.

Without a hitch, the performance by Combs was so energetic that the crowd was singing along and jumping in the aisles.

Though it came as a surprise, Combs’ on-stage collapse made the evening even more unique for his supporters.

And it’s obvious from his sharp wit and sense of humor that this country singer can fall and still shine!

Here’s is a video of Luke Comb falling on stage!

Shawn Mendes

In March 2019, pop sensation Shawn Mendes abruptly fell off stage during his captivating performance at the Quebec City Summer Festival in Munich.

Though the audience yelled in disbelief at the abrupt fall, Mendes swiftly demonstrated his genuine skill.

Mendes appeared to trip and fall straight to the stage floor when he sprang off a speaker during his hit tune “Stitches.”

Fans couldn’t help but wonder if Mendes was right after hearing the audience gasp together.

Still, the pop singer moved fast, getting to his feet and making light of the incident. Giving the crowd a warm grin and a thumbs-up, he said, “I’m good, I’m good!”

Mendes shows he is a real performer and his loyalty to his art and his followers is unflinching despite a sudden collapse.

Cardi B

Rapper Cardi B unexpectedly fell off stage in October 2018 during her high-energy performance at the Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas.

After the audience shouted in disbelief at her unplanned fall, Cardi B swiftly revealed her genuine talent.

Cardi B quickly got up from the tumble and moved into a sassy dance move that stunned the audience.

Her extraordinary performance abilities and connection with the audience were shown by her ability to make an otherwise unpleasant situation memorable and amusing.

Cardi B’s position as a brilliant and enduring rap star was cemented when the incident brought to light her tenacity and capacity for rapid thinking.

Harry Styles

Former One Direction star Harry Styles was performing with his fellow musicians at the concert in Manchester, England in November 2017 when he abruptly fell off stage.

The audience screamed at the sudden tumble, but Styles showed right away that he was an actual expert.

During “Kiwi,” Styles was walking his stuff when his foot appeared to slip and he dropped straight to the stage floor.

The audience gave Styles’s fast comeback and endearing smile a round of applause.

The event shown by Styles is still dedicated to giving a show that will never be forgotten.

His talent and determination as a performer are evident in his capacity to think quickly and engage the audience.

Ariana Grande

Pop star Ariana Grande abruptly fell off stage during her energetic performance at the American Music Awards in March 2015.

The audience screamed at Grande’s accidental tumble, but she soon showed her true expertise.

Grande’s high heel was caught in a trapdoor on stage as she was performing her famous song “Bang Bang,” sending her falling to the ground.

Grande recovered her cool quickly and with agility, displaying her skills and dedication to her work.

Her audience was taken aback and she gained even more respect and appreciation for her ability to laugh off the incident and carry on performing with grace and composure.

Grande’s determination and flexibility were brought to light by the experience, which cemented her status as a gifted and permanent pop singer.

Fall on Stage

Billie Eilish

Pop star Billie Eilish abruptly fell off stage during her Coachella Music Festival performance in April 2022.

Her crowd yelled in horror as she unexpectedly fell during her performance of her popular song “Bad Guy.”

Billie wowed the audience with her expertise and her swift thinking and quickness helped her to quickly regain her feet.

Billie carried on easily, displaying her incredible vocal range and enthralling stage presence.

Her success in the field of music has been attributed in part to her aptitude to think quickly and adjust to unforeseen circumstances, which the incident brought to light.

Billie Eilish Falls on

Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry unexpectedly fell off stage in August 2020 while on tour in Los Angeles for the Smile Tour.

She was playing the smash hit “Roar,” when she suddenly fell, shocking the audience.

Katy’s remarkable flair and connection with the crowd were made apparent by her easy ability to shrug off the incident and carry on performing.

With her characteristic zeal and intensity, Katy performed and sang her way through the remainder of the program.

Her admirers were even more impressed by her ability to make an otherwise awkward situation memorable through the occurrence.


When Latin pop star Shakira carried out at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in June 2022, she abruptly collapsed on stage.

Her audience gasped in horror as she unexpectedly fell during her performance of her popular song “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Shakira showed her practiced skill and dedication to putting on an amazing show with her calm mood and easy recuperation.

Shakira’s performance demonstrated her years of experience and skill as she moved smoothly into the following part of the show.

The event demonstrated her capacity for under pressure performance and cool head under duress, even on the surface of unknown challenges.

Fall on stage
Fall during stage performance.


  • On stage, the most professional artists can trip and fall.
  • These musicians, from Luke Combs to Shakira, have shown how calmness and expertise can come through even in the most unforeseen situations.
  • Each artist proved they are real performers at heart by skillfully and humorously bouncing back from the initial shock and embarrassment.
  • Their commitment to their work and their audience appears in their ability to brush off the setbacks and carry on with the act.
  • These falls on stage act as an indication that human situations can happen even in the most well-rehearsed performances, and what counts most is how we react.
  • Thus, keep in mind that even the most unlikely moments might turn into some of the most lasting the next time you’re watching a live performance.

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