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What Are The Best Country Songs Of 2000s? (Explore)

Country music holds a special place as one of the most cherished music genres, originating from the rural areas of the South and West.

What sets country music apart is its storytelling lyrics, often centered around themes such as love, heartbreak, everyday experiences, and rural life.

The main instruments in this genre include the guitar, fiddle, harmonica, banjo, bass, drums, and piano.

Country music also has subgenres that provide a diverse range of styles for fans to enjoy, such as bluegrass, country pop, bro-country, Americana, country rap, and more.

The Top Country Songs from The 2000s Era

The early 2000s brought us some amazing songs that continue to be popular and loved by many, even today. It’s always great to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the nostalgia these songs bring.

Below, I’ve listed some of the best ones:

Live Like You Were DyingTim McGraw
It’s A Great Day To Be AliveTravis Tritt
How Do You Like Me Now?Toby Keith
My Front Porch Looking InLonestar
That’s What I Love About SundayCraig Morgan
The Good StuffKenny Chesney
That’s The WayJo Dee Messina
Living And Living WellGeorge Strait
You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like ThisToby Keith
You’ll Think Of MeKeith Urban
Something MoreSugarland
My Best FriendTim McGraw
It’s Five ‘OClock SomewhereAlan Jackson And Jimmy Buffet
One More DayDiamond Rio
When The Sun Goes DownKenny Chesney
Mississippi GirlFaith Hill
If You’re Going Through HellRodney Atkins
Suds In The BucketSara Evans
Here For The PartyGretchen Wilson
Who I AmJessica Andrews
Jesus, Take The WheelCarrie Underwood
She’s Not Just A Pretty FaceShania Twain
Long Time GoneThe Chicks
Don’t Worry ‘Bout A ThingSHeDAISY
I May Hate Myself In The MorningLee Ann Womack
Raining On SundayKeith Urban
I Drive Your TruckLee Brice
Austin Blake Shelton
Need You Now Lady Antebellum
Early 2000s Songs
Tim McGraw- Live Like You Were Dying

Which Artists Were The Famous Country Stars of The 2000s?

The popularity of songs in the early 2000s owes a lot to the talented artists behind them. We were lucky to have these artists, and their contributions were significant.

Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable musicians:

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney performing on stage with a crowd around him
Image credit: Kenny Chesney/ Instagram (kennychesney)

Born on March 26, 1968, Kenny Chesney is a popular American country singer who has won the hearts of millions, making a name for himself as one of the most talented and well-known artists in the music world.

Kenny has 19 studio albums, 2 live albums, 2 greatest hits albums, and 70 singles. Many of his songs have reached the top of the Billboard charts.

With 8 Entertainer of the Year awards and various others, he has proven his significant role in the industry.

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw playing guitar on stage
Image credit: Tim McGraw/ Instagram (thetimmcgraw)

In the country music scene, there’s a renowned singer named Tim McGraw, born on May 1, 1967. He has given us wonderful songs that resonate with our emotions and life experiences.

Tim has 16 studio albums, 13 compilation albums, and 74 singles. His incredible talent is reflected in the numerous awards he has received, including 3 Grammys and 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, among others.

Keith Urban

Keith Urban performing on stage with a crowd around him
Image credit: Keith Urban/ Instagram (keithurban)

Keith Urban, born on October 26, 1967, is an Australian-American country singer and songwriter with a strong and loyal fanbase. He consistently delights his fans with his talent.

With 11 studio albums and 37 singles, Keith Urban has left a significant impact on the world of country music. Keith has received numerous awards, such as 15 Academy of Country Music Awards, 13 CMA Awards, 4 Grammys, and more.

George Strait

George Strait holding a whiskey bottle and smiling
Image credit: George Strait/ Instagram (georgestrait)

George Strait, the American country singer and songwriter born on May 18, 1952, is another superstar in the country music realm.

He pioneered the neotraditional country style, staying true to country roots during a time when others were exploring fusion genres like country-pop.

With an impressive discography of 30 studio albums, 3 live albums, 11 compilation albums, and numerous singles, George Strait stands out.

36 of his albums have achieved gold certification, a significant accomplishment, with many reaching the No.1 spot on the Billboard charts. His awards include lifetime achievement awards, CMA awards, and more.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain sitting on a stool in a balcony
Image credit: Shania Twain/ Instagram (shaniatwain)

Shania Twain, born on August 28, 1965, is a Canadian country singer and songwriter who has become one of the best-selling artists in the music industry. She excels in the country-pop genre, and her name is widely recognized.

With 6 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 2 live albums, 45 singles, 6 promotional singles, and 6 guest appearances, Shania Twain rightfully holds the title of the “Queen of Country Pop.” It’s no surprise that Billboard referred to her as the “leader of the ’90s country-pop crossover.”

Toby Keith

A backshot of Toby Keith performing on stage with a vast crowd
Image credit: Toby Keith/ Instagram (tobykeith)

Born on July 9, 1961, Toby Keith is an American country singer and songwriter renowned for his ability to sell out arenas, making him a highly popular artist in the country music genre.

With 21 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 69 singles, and 54 music videos, he holds the title of the fifth best-selling country artist in the US.

Many of Toby Keith’s songs have reached the top of the charts, and he has earned numerous awards, including the BMI Country Award.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood performing on stage
Image credit: Carrie Underwood/ Instagram (carrieunderwood)

Born on March 10, 1983, Carrie Underwood is a famous American country singer known for her country, country-pop, and gospel songs. She started her career by winning the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, gaining a lot of attention.

Carrie has released 9 studio albums, 1 greatest hits album, and 29 singles. Many of her songs have become No. 1 hits or made it onto the Billboard charts. She has won 3 ACM Entertainer of the Year awards and 8 Grammys, proving her undeniable talent.

Travis Tritt

A poster of Travis Tritt smiling with his name and "Country Chapel" written
Image credit: Travis Tritt’s official website

Born on February 9, 1963, Travis Tritt is an American country singer who excels not only in country but also in fusion genres like country rock and outlaw country.

His interest in singing was sparked after his church’s Sunday school performed “Everything Is Beautiful.”

With 3 studio albums, 6 compilation albums, and 43 singles, Travis Tritt achieved significant success, with his album earning a 3x platinum certification from the RIAA. He received a Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration Vocals and various other awards.

Lady Antebellum

3 members of Lady Antebellum
Image credit: Lady Antebellum’s official website

Formed in 2006, there’s an American country music group known as Lady Antebellum. The group consists of lead and background vocalist Hillary Scott, lead vocalist and guitarist Charles Kelley, and background vocalist, guitarist, and pianist Dave Haywood. Recently, they have decided to go by the name Lady A.

With 9 studio albums, 2 extended plays, 2 box sets, and 23 singles, many of Lady A’s songs have made it to the Billboard charts.

The trio has been honored with a Grammy Award and numerous other awards, showcasing their musical capabilities.

Lee Brice

Lee Brice on a boat smiling
Image credit: Lee Brice/ Instagram (leebrice)

Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., widely recognized as Lee Brice, was born on June 10, 1979, and is an American country singer and songwriter.

He has consistently upheld his status as a significant figure in the country music scene, never failing to meet his fans’ expectations.

Lee Brice has an impressive discography, including 5 studio albums, 19 singles, and 14 music videos.

His song “One of Them Girls” earned him the Song of the Year award, and he has gained numerous other awards and notable nominations, showcasing his talent and impact in the music industry.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill holding a rifle
Image credit: Faith Hill/ Instagram (faithhill)

Audrey Faith McGraw, widely recognized as Faith Hill, was born on September 21, 1967, and stands out as a highly renowned American country singer.

Known for her fusion genre of country-pop, she is also married to Tim McGraw, creating a household with two of the greatest country singers.

Faith Hill has 7 studio albums, 4 compilation albums, and 46 singles, with her songs becoming massive hits.

Her talent is evident in the numerous awards she has received, including 5 Grammy Awards and 15 Academy of Country Music Awards, among many others.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson with a guitar smiling
Image credit: Alan Jackson/ Instagram (officialalanjackson)

Alan Jackson, born on October 17, 1958, is another renowned American country singer and songwriter. He is particularly famous for his neotraditional country songs and is also recognized for his work in the fusion genre of bluegrass.

With a remarkable discography that includes 22 studio albums, 2 Christmas albums, 1 tribute album, 14 compilation albums, and numerous singles, Alan Jackson has consistently showcased his capabilities.

He has made a significant impact on the industry, establishing himself as one of the biggest names in music.

From winning the CMA Entertainer of the Year award to receiving a plethora of other accolades, Alan Jackson has undeniably proven his exceptional talent.


  • Country music is a beloved genre rooted in rural traditions and features instruments like guitar, fiddle, and banjo.
  • In the early 2000s, some standout country songs include “Live Like You Were Dying,” “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive,” and “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” and many more.
  • Famous artists from the 2000s country era include Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, and more.
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