Wynonna Judd uses a little dirty pool to wrangle an apology from a fellow blogger

Suck it up
This story is kind of laughable in how silly it is, and yet it irritates me to no end because I've been in the exact same boat many times before myself. 

On Friday, The Tennessean ran a photo on their Facebook page of Wynonna Judd, someone who I've always respected in the past, showing off her hand that had notes written on it. Turns out they were notes for the national anthem as she was performing the song at the Vanderbilt game that night. 

Wy juddThey asked their Facebook fans: 

Wynonna shows national anthem 'cheat sheet' at Vanderbilt game http://tnne.ws/1cokCqR . Would you rather an artist have a cheat sheet or mess up the words to the national anthem? 

Many people had opinions on the subject and there are loads of comments on the picture, both good and bad. Skip ahead a day or two and in comes Country Music Tattle Tale who ran a story with the headline: "Wynonna Judd uses cheat sheet to perform national anthem." 


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