American Young talk love, setting trends & their comic strip moment: Exclusive

American Young

When you dig into American Young's latest self-titled EP, you'll be treated to perfectly polished pop-country, vibrantly peppered with rock flourishes and dark, electric guitar licks. As their new single "Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight" demonstrates, their folk roots are simply a small component of their overall mainstream-reaching sound. Further on the record, they examine story-song structure, as formulated with the sinister "God Sends A Train," mixed with a haunting melody and searing vocal.

Their remarkable talent is evident throughout the project, and singer Jon Stone will be the first to tell you he knew after the first week of performing together that they had something truly special. "It was new and exciting and powerful. I’ve always been the kind of person that wants to be moved by something. I think we have the type of songs and the sound that’s moving," he shares in an exclusive NashvilleGab interview.


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