10 Terrific Summer Jams


For years all my friends and family have relied on me for all their 'new music' needs. I can't count the amount of private messages I get asking the same question, "I need some new music, what songs do you suggest?" I never claim to be a genius but if there is one thing I know… it's good music. I think it started when I was four years old and I would sing Bob Segar with my grandpa. I was hooked. Summer has now graced us with it's presence and I put together a list of the top 10 songs you must have to complete your summer. These songs are perfect for any party, BBQ or just sitting on a tailgate with a cold one in your hand.

10. Raelynn – God Made Girls

Why? Because summer is not complete without us lovely ladies. Just face it guys, you need us.

9. Luke Bryan – Play It Again

Well, after all it is Luke Bryan. It's just not summer without bumping his newest single, right? However, if you're really looking to party hard I'd suggest "Suntan City" as well. 


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