How to easily remove a link in a comment on NashvilleGab


Hello and welcome to my little home on the web.

Have you come to NashvilleGab because you or someone working on your behalf placed spam comments somewhere on my little website here that Google is now penalizing you or the company you represent for?

Oh man, that really sucks for you.

Fortunately, we here at NashvilleGab understand your plight and wish to help you as much as possible in this attempt to wipe the web clean of your bad habits, because, you know, NashvilleGab cares about the little guy just trying to make a buck at the expense of our comments section. 

Unfortunately for you, our time is precious and if you want the comment and/or link removed it will cost a removal fee of $10. 

This $10 fee includes:

  • $5 for the time taken away from actual work.
  • $5 for various time-sucking (but fun) activities such as pointing and laughing, neener neenering, etc. 

I'm sure you understand our need to charge for this newly-needed service. 

If you'd like to follow through with removing the link, simply send $10 to my PayPal under and leave a comment on the payment stating what post the comment is listed on and what link you want removed and I will get right on that. 

I've included a PayPal button to make things easier for you, because I'm all about making your life easier. 

If you'd like to know why I've decided to charge a fee for link removal keep right on reading … 


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