New NashvilleGab series: #FeaturedFriday

Featured Friday

Hey guys. The music business is a tough nut to crack and everyone seems to know of at least one singer or band that's either new to the music scene or been around forever that really, really needs and deserves the chance for people to hear their stuff. 

Well NashvilleGab wants to help. 


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Want a meet & greet with Miranda Lambert? Adopt a puppy

Miranda Lambert and fan
Most people think that in order to get to meet Miranda Lambert you have to go to one of her concerts and keep your fingers crossed that you might be lucky enough to win meet & greet passes through your local radio station. 

It's turning out, though, an even better way to meet Miranda might be to adopt a dog. 

Miranda's dog rescue efforts are legendary and it seems that she's always bringing home dogs that she's found on her adventures touring around the country. Turns out if you adopt one of those dogs she's rescued you may actually get to meet the lady herself when you come pick up your new friend. 


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