Rodney Carrington and Carrie Underwood are an item, at least according to my husband


Update: Well that sucks. It looks like a few of Carrie's less jovial fans must have gotten to Rodney and he's had second thoughts about his marriage to Carrie because he's now taken down the post. Sad, I thought they made a cute couple. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Wish I had taken a screen shot of the original post to put in the deleted one's place.  

This is funny. Being that I'm the mighty protector of completely useless facts and country music trivia, my husband likes to get one over on me by breaking country music news to me and likes nothing more than telling me a story I haven't already heard. 

So here's his latest shocking tidbit. Apparently comedian Rodney Carrington and Carrie Underwood have recently gotten married.

Let the LOLz commence.


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