55 Years Until Forever: The Legacy of Randy Travis

Randy travisRandy Travis, Dolly Parton and Janie Fricke via People/Luke Myszka

All celebrities are easily available for the incessant yet commonplace "media blitz" – whether it be positive or negative. With the advent of the Internet and social media, the mere wink of an eye is reported as major news and spreads as if it were a raging California wildfire. One subject of such a recent example is one whom is widely considered a king of country music. The man who marked a potent generational shift in the genre in the 1980s, progressing into the 2000s as a bonafide legend. That man is the legendary Randy Travis. A bonafide religious zealot and inspiration to everyone who hears his lyrics and verbal sermon, Randy has represented more than just the "one hit wonder" on the musical scene. He has successfully produced a song that touches every aspect of one's life whether it is a downfall, a celebration, family memories, sickness, praise of The Lord, regret, or uprising success. And after a courageous battle with unforeseen illness, the legend had just celebrated his 55th birthday on May 4, 2014. With the steadfast support of his significant other Mary by his side, Randy continues to rise above opposition as he always has. The naysayers who claimed his voice was too country for mainstream. The selective media who claimed him to be "old hat" before Three Wooden Crosses ripped the country scene to shreds in 2001, seemingly going on an "awards show tour". 


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Jamey Johnson’s apparently become Randy Travis’ horse caretaker

Jamey Johnson FacebookPhoto: Facebook

Jamey Johnson is one of those guys I desperately wish would release some new music. Unfortunately, apart from his 2012 album Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran, the bearded one has been pretty quiet. 

Oh sure, he's still playing loads of shows, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of new music to come. 

So what has Jamey been up to all this time besides playing lots of shows? Well apparently he's been working hard at watching videos about training horses.

Turns out that after Randy Travis' major health issues last year, Jamey promised that he'd take care of his horses for him. 


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Randy Travis makes rare public appearance

Randy travis Dolly PartonRandy Travis, Dolly Parton and Janie Fricke
Photo: People/Luke Myszka 

Wow! Randy Travis looks really, really good. 

The singer made a very rare public appearance on Saturday when he attended a Dolly Parton concert in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

According to People, Dolly gave her friend a special shout-out.

"There are some people you just love and admire for their talents. Tonight, one of those people are here," she said. "Randy Travis, wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying the show." 


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Fans get their first glimpse of a recovering Randy Travis

Randy travis healthyPicture taken 1/19/14 – courtesy Anthony Maurizio Twitter 

Well hello, Mr. Travis!

Last summer, Randy Travis had a series of medical emergencies that left him in a rehab facility fighting to recover. While he was hospitalized, fans got regular updates, but once he was released to rehab the updates stopped.

There were various National Enquirer stories about people fighting over Randy's millions, he released a new influences album, there was the holiday movie that aired this season that Travis had obviously filmed long before his health went downhill, and at one point Billy Ray Cyrus gave an update on Travis' health, but there really hasn't been much else in the way of official health updates. 

On Sunday, however, fans got their first glimpse of a skinny but surprisingly healthy looking Randy Travis courtesy of a family friend, Anthony.  


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