Keith Urban (feat. Miranda Lambert) ‘We Were Us’ – Single Review


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I am not Keith Urban’s biggest fan by any means, but I don’t
think I’m alone in noticing the significant difference in his new material.
More pop-orientated than his previous records, ‘We Were Us’ is perhaps one of
the stronger lyrical efforts on an album that overall lacks substance. That
doesn’t mean that it’s worthy of a big thumbs up from me, however.

The song begins with a really nice banjo melody that upon
first listening holds promise for what’s to come. Miranda also has the first
verse all to herself, which is rare for an artist who is the featured one,
although this delight is muted by the fact they have edited her voice to a
robotic pulp. This leads me to my overriding issue with the entire track, and
that is the production. The chorus is completely over-done, with instruments
going full-pelt, a stupid pop drum beat and “too much atmosphere” (yes, there
is such a thing). It’s followed by a few vocal hooks from Keith, shrouded in
reverb and effects, before his own verse.


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