Wait, where have I seen this before? Billboard launches new Twitter chart

Billboard twitter logoPhoto: Billboard

Is there no originality anymore? 

Last Saturday I had written a story about how CMChatLive.com had this nifty music chart they were doing that kept track of what music people were talking about on Twitter and then put the most-tweeted-about music in chart form and rated it from 1-10. It was interesting because the music people were talking about and tweeting about was very different than what was showing up on the regular music charts. 

CM Chat's description of their chart was pretty straightforward: 

This Country Music Chart is based and sourced entirely from Twitter activity, including Tweets and engagement that detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists.  It can change even while I am putting this post up because it’s based on artist’s most tweeted about new song.  I keep my eye on the data all week long to see if there are any changes day to day.

Very cool. Jessica over at CM Chat had started playing around with the chart back in December

So guess what Billboard just announced today. 

Go ahead and take a wild guess. 


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