Meet this week’s #FeaturedFriday artist: Ross Cooper

Ross Cooper

Welcome to this week's #FeaturedFriday. 

Meet Ross Cooper. He's an Americana artist so he's quite a bit different than the Bubblegum Country I am usually drawn to and typically end up covering. I had actually been approached by one of Ross' people about covering him quite a while ago, but with so many requests it's hard for me to get to everyone. It wasn't until a friend told me I HAD to listen to some of his stuff that I finally sat down and listened. 

Let me tell you, his music is so smooth, so different from what I normally listen to that I was definitely glad I had finally gave in and listened. So I wanted to introduce him for this week's #FeaturedFriday, which is actually a good thing since he has a new album, Give It Time, coming out on March 18. 


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