Fans get their first glimpse of a recovering Randy Travis

Randy travis healthyPicture taken 1/19/14 – courtesy Anthony Maurizio Twitter 

Well hello, Mr. Travis!

Last summer, Randy Travis had a series of medical emergencies that left him in a rehab facility fighting to recover. While he was hospitalized, fans got regular updates, but once he was released to rehab the updates stopped.

There were various National Enquirer stories about people fighting over Randy's millions, he released a new influences album, there was the holiday movie that aired this season that Travis had obviously filmed long before his health went downhill, and at one point Billy Ray Cyrus gave an update on Travis' health, but there really hasn't been much else in the way of official health updates. 

On Sunday, however, fans got their first glimpse of a skinny but surprisingly healthy looking Randy Travis courtesy of a family friend, Anthony.  


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Randy Travis to appear in Lifetime’s “Christmas on the Bayou” December 14


Before all his major life-changing health issues this summer, Randy Travis did some acting – something he has done quite often over the years. 

This weekend one of his movies is set to air. 

Travis, who portrays local store owner Mr. Greenhall, joins One Tree Hill alums Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton for "Christmas On The Bayou," which is set to premiere on Saturday, December 14, at 8 pm ET/PT on Lifetime. 


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Miranda Lambert wants Blake Shelton to go Biblical on Nashville bar owner

 T-shirt-263x300  Wayne mills
Blake Shelton/Wayne Mills

Well it's happened. The National Enquirer has finally moved away from the stories of trouble in Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's marriage, at least temporarily. 

Now they've moved on to a new story about Blake being ready to murder and/or testify in court against the man who killed his friend, whichever comes first. 


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Brad Paisley’s wife laughs at cheating rumors

Brad-and-Kimberly-Paisley-at-Disney-150021936  Photo courtesy of Disney

Well it seems like the National Enquirer really has high hopes for one day being right about the cheating habits of country stars. 

After spending a good deal of time trying to convince the world that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were all cheating and divorcing, they've now decided to move onto Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

And Kimberly thinks it's great! 


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Tim McGraw bans Faith Hill from George Clooney?

Tim mcgraw_1
Has Tim McGraw banned his lovely wife, Faith Hill, from the set of his latest movie because of George Clooney? 

Can you blame him if he has? 

Tim chatted with Country Countdown USA and talked all about his new flick "Tomorrowland," which also stars gray-haired fox George Clooney. Tim says he and George haven't actually filmed together yet, but it sounds like Tim's taking precautions for when he does get some Clooney time. 


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Ex Tim McGraw band member reportedly planning tell-all book

Uh oh, looks like those non-disclosure agreements I'm pretty sure Tim McGraw had his ex band members sign may not hold up as well as he might have hoped because Radar Online is reporting that one disgruntled ex employee/friend is planning a tell-all book.

According to the report (which is based on a National Enquirer story, so yeah), the juiciest part of the story of the unnamed former band member's book will involve the "homoerotic hijinks" that took place while on tour.

And – OMG! – there's a picture of Tim slapping another man’s bare bottom (enter sarcasm here).


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