The Dolphins Aren’t Making Darius Rucker Cry Today

Darius Rucker made it no secret in the Hootie & The Blowfish 1995 hit song “Only Wanna Be with You” that the Dolphins make him cry. As a South Floridian, born and raised, as well as a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, I truly get the sentiment and often join Darius in those sobs of defeat. However, today, in sunny Miami as the Dolphins gear up for their first home game of the NFL season, Darius isn’t quite crying (yet).

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Whitney Duncan gives reality T.V. a try again by joining CBS’ Amazing Race

Amazing race

Many people are addicted to watching reality T.V. shows, but Whitney Duncan may just be addicted to being on them. 

After finishing fifth on the fifth season of Nashville Star and appearing on Survivor: South Pacific back in 2011, Whitney will once again be trying to win on a reality show, this time the Amazing Race. 

The singer announced the news on Facebook today:

In case you wonder where I've been…around the world!! Airing Sept. 26 on CBS! 

She then posted the above picture of her and the rest of the cast. 


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