Luke Bryan Takes Over Columbia, Maryland


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On August, 28th 2013 Merriweather Pavilion was flooded with country music fans and they all had the same goal in common, to see Luke Bryan shake it. Standing in the meet and greet line I noticed everyone seemed to be anxiously awaiting Luke's arrival. Most of the conversations consisted not of his music, but of his incredibly good looks. Part of me felt like saying, "Excuse me, what about his music?" I guess I am old school when it comes to my country music. Luke eventually made his way into the meet and greet which clearly caused major anxiety for every girl in that line. I walked up and greeted him in my own charming fashion… 

"Where did you buy those jeans? Baby gap?"

*laughs* "That's a good one girl!"

Okay, maybe not exactly charming but hey everyone loves a good sense of humor, right? 

Unfortunately, my shenanigans with Luke caused me to miss most of the opening acts. Kelleigh Bannen started the show off. I was able to catch the first song though. I've actually seen Kelleigh perform before and she is one of my favorite female artists. Her voice? perfect. Her style? amazing. Most of you will know her by her most popular single "Sorry On The Rocks." 


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Chart Roundup – Week of September 7th, 2013


Once again, Luke Bryan is at the top of 3 of our charts this
week. ‘That’s My Kind of Night’ remains at #1 on Hot Country Songs and Country
Digital Songs, while it moves up to #15 on Country Airplay. ‘Crash My Party’ is
at #1 on Top Country Albums again after selling 159,000 this week alone. The
single is also still doing well, though it dropped 6 places to #9 on Hot
Country Songs, but re-entered Country Digital Songs to place at #5. Other
tracks of Luke’s from the new record have dropped off the top end of Billboard’s
charts, but ‘Tailgates & Tanlines’, Luke’s last record from 2011, only
falls to #5 on Top Country Albums, while his EP from earlier this year falls 9
positions to #18. 


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Luke Bryan expected to stay #1 on Billboard for second week

Last week, Luke Bryan sold an incredible 527,783 units of his new album "Crash My Party," placing him firmly at #1 on the Billboard 200. This week comes word that he's once again expected to be at #1. 

According to Billboard, "Crash My Party" is expected to sell 159,000 copies this week, which, despite being down 70% from its debut week, is still enough to assure it another week in the number one spot.

This would mean that out of 29 chart-topping albums, this will only be the sixth one this year to spend more than one week in the top spot.


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Luke Bryan crashes the Today Show’s party


In celebration of the Tuesday (8/13) release of his fourth studio album, "Crash My Party," Luke Bryan headed to New York where he performed on the Today Show this morning. 

Check him out performing Crash My Party (above), That's My Kind of NightDrunk on You, and Country Girl (after the jump) for the crazy New York crowd. 


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To answer that fan question: Is Luke Bryan getting divorced?

Luke Bryan
"To answer that fan question" is the part of NashvilleGab where I take the sometimes funny things readers have ended up on the website searching for and actually answer them in a somewhat coherent way.    

Okay, for some reason people have been coming to NashvilleGab a lot lately searching for whether Luke Bryan is getting divorced or is already divorced.

The simple answer to that burning question is: I don't think so.

Honestly, as an outsider looking in I'm not a party to Luke's private life and have no way of knowing these things unless TMZ or breaks the story. I will tell you, though, that as a gossip/news writer I've heard nary a squawk on the subject from those nosy nellies out there who like to pass on this sort of information to me. As far as I know, Luke and his lovely wife Caroline are as happy as two peas in a cozy little pod. With two sons to think about, let's hope they stay that way.

But why the sudden interest in Luke's marriage status? Probably just wishful thinking. I mean come on, the man is a handsome fella with really nice teeth. Apart from the normal sexiness worship, however, if you Google "Luke Bryan divorce" one of the first results that pops up is a bit of fan fiction someone wrote about Luke getting divorced and falling in love with the writer. 


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