Traffic got in the way of Darius Rucker’s Grammy acceptance speech


Traffic sucks, amirite? 

Just ask Darius Rucker whose Grammy acceptance speech didn't happen because he was stuck in the notorious Los Angeles traffic. 

Darius' publicist, Ebie McFarland, spoke to the The State (via ToC), and said the singer, who won the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for Wagon Wheel, missed being able to give an acceptance speech during the show's pre-telecast because he was stuck somewhere in a traffic jam. In fact, he almost didn't make it to the awards at all. 


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Billy Ray Cyrus duet with Dionne Warwick revealed

Billy ray cyrus dionne warwick cover

Just a couple of days ago, I revealed that Billy Ray Cyrus had recorded a duet with singing legend Dionne Warwick. She even appeared in his Seriously Cyrus episode last Sunday. 

Yesterday, that duet was revealed by USA Today. 

Hope Is Just Ahead is the new song featuring Cyrus and Warwick. Recorded at Jamie Foxx’s studio in Los Angeles, the single will impact radio on Monday, February 3, 2014, with a portion of the proceeds from song sales being donated to Do The Write Thing-National Campaign to Stop Violence


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Jennifer Nettles revealing new album cover one piece at a time on Facebook


Update: I've posted the full album cover now.

Jennifer Nettles' new solo album, "That Girl," is set to be released on January 14 and now she's revealing her album cover in puzzle form. Above is what the album cover looks like at the moment, and so it should be completely revealed by tomorrow or the next day I'd think. 

Speaking with the AP recently, Jennifer called the album intimate and more mature. 

"I'm able to show a side that I think's more womanly," Nettles said. "I think it's more mature, and so that's big for me. I think it gives you perspective all around, not just musically but also in my career. I think you get superefficient because you have to be. You don't worry about things that were superimportant before because you have a baby and you just burn that underbrush out. You feel like a huntress."

Jennifer will also be embarking on a solo tour to support the new release. 


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