LeAnn Rimes gets buzzed trying to buy condoms

LeAnn RimesTwitter

Well this post didn't turn out how it was supposed to. 

Last week, VH1 had released the first promo video from LeAnn Rimes' new reality series. I figured I'd post the promo today, but strangely it's now gone and I can't find a working copy anywhere. The promo wasn't really a promo but rather clips from the first episode, so VH1 probably changed their mind about having the clips out there for people to make fun of. 

Anyway, I went over to YouTube to see if there was a copy there and there wasn't anything there either. I did, however, find this funny video of LeAnn getting buzzed while trying to buy condoms. 


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TMJ forces LeAnn Rimes to cut show short

LeAnn RimesPhoto: Twitter

LeAnn Rimes has had her fair share of mouth problems (Yeah, I could enter a joke here but am holding back) over the last couple of years, and even sued her dentist at one point

And it looks like she's still having problems with that area of her body. 

On Saturday, LeAnn took the stage at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma but had to cut the show short due to jaw pain. 

After the show, she tweeted

I can definitely feel her pain … vicariously anyway. 


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