Kelly Clarkson’s husband laughs about cheating rumors … Kelly not so much

Kelly and brandonPhoto: Twitter

Kelly Clarkson took time away from puking a dozen times a day to address rumors that her brand spanking new husband, Brandon, is cheating on her and has been for several months.

Recently, two separate women came forward to say that they had been having an affair with Brandon for the last several months. The first woman produced texts she said were from Brandon, which, come on, are pretty easy to fake. The second lady, however, had a more serious claim and said that she was also pregnant with Brandon's baby. Again, it's pretty easy to fake a pregnancy, at least early on, and even easier to be pregnant and claim anyone as the father, but still weird.  

Seriously, where's Maury Povich when you need him?  


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Rumor is Kelly Clarkson is now a married lady

Kelly Clarkson

Congratulations to Kelly Clarkson and her reportedly new husband, Brandon Blackstock as multiple news sources are reporting the unconfirmed news that Kelly and Brandon got married on Sunday, October 20. One Twitter user even mentioned where the happy couple did the deed.  

Blackberry Farm is a picturesque resort in the Great Smoky Mountains about three hours east of Nashville.

OMG! Insider spoke to Kelly right before she allegedly tied the knot and it sounds like they may have gotten a bit of an inside look at things.

Kelly Clarkson Marries Boyfriend Brandon Blackstock 

Leave YOUR congrats below! 

*Our Keltie Knight talked to Kelly just before the big day, join us for all of the latest couples & wedding news on omg! Insider tonight*


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