Luke Bryan Takes Over Columbia, Maryland


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On August, 28th 2013 Merriweather Pavilion was flooded with country music fans and they all had the same goal in common, to see Luke Bryan shake it. Standing in the meet and greet line I noticed everyone seemed to be anxiously awaiting Luke's arrival. Most of the conversations consisted not of his music, but of his incredibly good looks. Part of me felt like saying, "Excuse me, what about his music?" I guess I am old school when it comes to my country music. Luke eventually made his way into the meet and greet which clearly caused major anxiety for every girl in that line. I walked up and greeted him in my own charming fashion… 

"Where did you buy those jeans? Baby gap?"

*laughs* "That's a good one girl!"

Okay, maybe not exactly charming but hey everyone loves a good sense of humor, right? 

Unfortunately, my shenanigans with Luke caused me to miss most of the opening acts. Kelleigh Bannen started the show off. I was able to catch the first song though. I've actually seen Kelleigh perform before and she is one of my favorite female artists. Her voice? perfect. Her style? amazing. Most of you will know her by her most popular single "Sorry On The Rocks." 


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