‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 8 – RECAP


This episode carries on where the last left off, with the aftermath of Olivia kissing Juliette. The latter backs away, angry, discovering that the couple were grooming her for a threesome. She tells Olivia to leave and gets out of the city as fast as possible, returning to Nashville to write with Avery. She tells him what happened, and he convinces her she doesn’t need to be pushed around by rich people like the Wentworths. Juliette flies to Dallas just to confront the pair and throw carefully calculated abuse at them, and it looks like they’ve been written out of the show. The shocker comes when Charlie turns up at her house to tell her he’s falling in love with her. 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 2 – RECAP


Nashville just keep bringing the amazing episodes. Edge Hill
has been sold and Marshall was fired, in favor of a new label head called Jeff.
He’s a pencil pusher and isn’t too keen on Juliette, as the more mature sound
on her new album isn’t selling enough records. She’s being outsold by ‘The Best
of Rayna Jaymes’ seemingly exploitatively released while Rayna was in hospital.
Juliette is getting irritated by the constant attention on her rival, and
decides to do a CMT special to promote the album. Going back to her hometown
(which is, of course, a trailer park), she seems cool and collected until she
is confronted by old neighbors she grew up with, and old memories, particularly
of her dad, who we find out passed away when she was a kid (drugs?). Meanwhile
she and Avery are getting closer, and I really ship them as friends (with
benefits?). Juliette’s plan works and her single hits #1 on iTunes, rubbing it
in Jeff’s face when she goes to a party at his house. Unfortunately, she soon
finds out it has been knocked straight off #1 by Layla, runner-up on American
Hitmaker (like American Idol), who is younger, more impatient and bouncier than
Juliette. She also performs one of Juliette’s songs at the party, which
apparently was one of her most popular performances on the show. Juliette now
knows what it feels like to be Rayna! 


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