In defense of Trace Adkins’ impersonator, Michael Larsen

Trace impersonatorTMZ/YouTube 

A lot has been written about Trace Adkins and the events that transpired last week on the country cruise that ended up with the singer heading to rehab

In fact, I had a lengthy post about what I had dug up about Michael Larsen, the guy who fancies himself a Trace Adkins impersonator and who Trace got into an argument with on board the ship. 

Life being what it is, Trace has far more fans than Michael Larsen and so more people have come out to defend Trace. Well turns out Larsen does have at least one vocal fan and she wrote me this morning. 


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Trace Adkins enters rehab after fight on board cruise ship

Trace Facebook impersonatorPhoto of Trace and impersonator courtesy Facebook/TMZ

Well this story went from funny to sad in no time flat.

TMZ is reporting that Trace Adkins got into a tussle of some sort on Monday with a Trace Adkins impersonator in a bar on a cruise ship headed to Jamaica. 

Have to say I chuckled a bit when I imagined a big ol' Trace fighting a Trace look-a-like on a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean.

Unfortunately, the story goes on to say that Trace, a long-sober, recovering alcoholic, was "really wasted" during the fight and ended up leaving the cruise ship when it docked in Jamaica and is now in rehab. 

Annnnd now I'm sad. 


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