Kenny Chesney announces new album – The Big Revival

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney made the decision to take the summer of 2014 off from his massive stadium tours to make sure he got the music for his 15th studio album right. With “American Kids” hitting country radio with 117 stations on add date – and landing at #20 on Billboard and #24 on Mediabase after just two days of airplay – and topping iTunes Country Chart since the digital release, the Luttrell, Tennessean has come to play. Hard.

“The whole point of taking the time to get to a really creative place was to have the room to look at not what we’d done, but where we wanted to go,” Chesney says. “After all this time, if I can’t push myself and give the fans something that inspires them, that gets them pumped up, there’s no reason to just make a record to make a record.” 


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Is The Voice rigged? Looks like the show has its first official scandal

The voice

It seems all T.V. shows have at least one scandal in their lifetime, and now it looks like "The Voice" is having their first one, one that shows the popular competition might just be a little bit rigged. 

Or not. I guess it depends on how you read the fine print. 

The NY Daily News (via Jezebel) got their hands on the contract that contestants are given to sign and it's not pretty. 


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So it turns out country music already has it’s first openly gay star

Charley Pride quote

Ever since the day Chely Wright came out as a lesbian and then made such a big deal about country music as a whole not accepting her because of her announcement, I've been on the lookout for someone I thought might just be able to prove that country fans care about good music and not about a person's orientation. 

Yes, it's been my private mission to prove Chely Wright wrong. 

It's not as if I actually care if someone is gay, because I really don't, but rather I've been hoping that someone would come along who could show the world that the country music fan base isn't just a collection of bigoted rednecks who would hate a person simply because they're gay. Unfortunately, Chely, despite being brave in her coming out and I'm sure being a lovely person in real life, didn't help matters at all by documenting on a regular basis how she felt the country community had turned its back on her. 

Since then, NashvilleGab has featured several different stories regarding gay country singers. It's not like we have a gay agenda around here or anything like that, it just isn't a subject that I or any of my other writers shy away from. 

That said, I've still been looking and keeping my ears and eyes open for the time when someone would break through and be popular and talked about and have great music and would just happen to also be gay. 

Turns out that person is already here. 


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Tell me which lyric from Miranda Lambert’s ‘Automatic’ makes you feel the most nostalgic and you could win a prize

This contest is now closed with Kathie being our winner. Thank you everyone who entered! Keep watching for another great contest from NashvilleGab.

Miranda Lambert’s new single Automatic (iTunes) brings back all kinds of nostalgic memories for me and many other fans, but it’s hard to pick just one that brings back the best memory.

For me it would probably have to be the sun tea in the window. My grandmother always had a huge jar with sun tea sparkling in the window. Good times. Good times.

Which lyric in the song brings back the fondest memories for you? Tell me in the comments and I will randomly pick a winner on Monday who will get to pick a prize from the prize vault.

Lyrics after the jump …


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