Katie Armiger discusses her terrifying ‘Safe’ video, songwriting evolution & her striking red hair–EXCLUSIVE


When Katie Armiger sings, she captivates her listeners, beckoning them to follow her on a remarkable musical journey. Her voice possesses that signature country cry, able to harmoniously pluck heart strings and empty out those emotional wells of deap-seated pain. On her current single "Safe," a blazing ballad co-written with Mallary Hope, the powerhouse digs into her adept songwriting to create a vivid story, unabashedly claiming her spot as the next woman of country.

But her songwriting hasn't always been so pointed. "I started in this industry when I was so young. I signed onto my label now when I was 15. There’s such a difference in perspective and life experiences," she shares with NashvilleGab, exclusively, of her own songwriting journey. "There are things you just don’t understand."


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