2014 GRAMMY Spotlight: Kacey Musgraves



Ahh Kacey Musgraves. The most innovative and fresh thing to hit country music since the pick-up truck. Okay, bad anology. But you catch my drift. Kacey Musgraves puts a huge twist to what was deemed "tradtional" country. 

She burst onto the scene in remarkable fashion when she co-wrote Miranda Lambert's hit "Mama's Broken Heart" (which just so happens to be nominated for best country solo performance). But it would be her own debut album 'Same Trailer, Different Park' that would put her unique, albeit subtle writing style into the limelight. She writes about topics that are often looked at as controversial. Topics that not too long ago, country music had all but turned a cheek to. But Kacey pushed those edges and it is her astute way of turning profound lyrics into smooth, relatable meaning that have people welcoming her with open arms.


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