Glen Campbell’s wife and daughter are having a polite battle of words in the media

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Who should be responsible for Glen Campbell's care, his wife or his daughter? That's a question that's currently being discussed in a very public way by those very women. 

Back a couple of months ago, Glen Campbell's wife made the tough decision to move the singer to a long-term care facility. Campbell, who announced  in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, had, she said, deteriorated to a point where it wasn't safe to have him at home any longer.

"There were five of us taking care of him and we were all completely exhausted," Campbell's wife Kim told People at the time. "No one was getting any sleep and we were just struggling every second to keep him safe – we felt like it wasn't safe anymore."  

As someone who was involved in the tough decision to place my father-in-law in a care facility when his Alzheimer's became too much to handle, I can definitely relate to her decision. 


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