Miranda Lambert is back in the studio

Miranda Lambert
Looks like it's time to start getting excited for new Miranda Lambert music. 

Back on August 25th, Miranda Tweeted that she was headed back to the studio.

"Thanks for an awesome night last night Raleigh! Back in Nashville. Time to make a record!"

Then on Saturday, she tweeted album news again. 

"Got a great start on a record this week! @blakeshelton this calls for a drink!"

Sounds like she's definitely busy getting back to work on the follow-up to "Four The Record."


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Miranda Lambert ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ – Video Review

Miranda (1)

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With the release of Miranda Lambert’s new video for ‘All
Kinds of Kinds’, this presumably marks the end of the ‘Four The Record’ era.
While Miranda is busy getting started on her fifth album, ‘All Kinds of Kinds’
does that age-old thing of using concert footage, both to advertise the final
few tour dates and because they don’t have the time or the funding to film a
proper music video.

I usually see this as a major cop-out as do most other fans
I notice (makes it really obvious that that single is just designed to milk the
final few valuable remains of that album), but this particular video doesn’t
actually get that criticism from me. They
made an effort here at least. 


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