Tim McGraw bans Faith Hill from George Clooney?

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Has Tim McGraw banned his lovely wife, Faith Hill, from the set of his latest movie because of George Clooney? 

Can you blame him if he has? 

Tim chatted with Country Countdown USA and talked all about his new flick "Tomorrowland," which also stars gray-haired fox George Clooney. Tim says he and George haven't actually filmed together yet, but it sounds like Tim's taking precautions for when he does get some Clooney time. 


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Ex Tim McGraw band member reportedly planning tell-all book

Uh oh, looks like those non-disclosure agreements I'm pretty sure Tim McGraw had his ex band members sign may not hold up as well as he might have hoped because Radar Online is reporting that one disgruntled ex employee/friend is planning a tell-all book.

According to the report (which is based on a National Enquirer story, so yeah), the juiciest part of the story of the unnamed former band member's book will involve the "homoerotic hijinks" that took place while on tour.

And – OMG! – there's a picture of Tim slapping another man’s bare bottom (enter sarcasm here).


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